Sunday, October 30, 2011

flip-flop weather

Obviously, didnt manage to go to BKK this week
cos of the floods.
Its worrying me to bits cos stocks are stuck there
and our cargo are all over the place. Gosh :(

Spent the week in SG doing as much as I can
before the BF books in for reservist.

i usually dress based on proportions,
like if the top is tight, then the bottom should be flared to balance it out.
So in this instance, I kept the bottom fitted with a slouchy navy tank
and a delicate necklace to keep the look sweet :)

Went to House of Seafood at Bedok block 88 for crabs
only to realise it has moved!!
so uprooted and went to find it at Changi instead.
Freaking ulu.

its right beside the airport runway
so every few mins or so, you end up yelling cos the planes
are taking off or landing. muahhaaha.

oooh, nom nom.

the black pepper crab is so damn good,
and its actually kinda funny that they placed it back into the shape of a crab
before serving it to us. haha.

surprise before we left:
a bunch of bunnies eating rice! is that supposed to be okay??

super vintage looking car in the carpark.

finally got to wear peterpan collars cos they are everywhere this season.

its kinda sheer so i layered the tank dress over it.
seriously, this tank dress has the lowest cost per wear
amongst all my outfits (together with my denim shorts)
I wear them both so so often!!

wore prints on Friday cos even though the sky looked gloomy,
i REFUSED to be deceived.
Wore tube and shorts and this printed throwover cos i couldnt think of what to wear
and i thought, better to go back to black and white palette :)

then in true MP fashion, sharmie turned up in the SAME COLOUR COMBI,
complete with prints & similar footwear as well.
Wheee, welcome to our girlband poster shot. Hahaha.

giving disgusted look to the BF's reservist phone.
I almost forgot and told him to check us in at Muthu's Curry
and he went, okok, wait ah, lemme find my check in button.

finished this in a jiffy.
FYI, one small fish head curry is seriously still too much for 2. :(


wore plain black tank dress with CASSIA rust blazer.
you can still get it via backorders HERE!

brunch buddies at House.

Chang's 7 layered pancakes. Looks good but tasted really blah.

freeform eggs are much better.

the BF had..this weird fluffy toast stuffed with berries and yoghurt i think.
it was weird in a nice way. :)

and then spent the bulk of my yesterday running away from heavy rains in town
and watching countless soccer matches.
YAY to Man Utd!

much love,

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

so we'll close our eyes and pray.

after a long thumb-twiddling, brain-racking, pros-and-cons-weighing session via a multitude of whatsapp messages, bbms and phone calls to one another, the airlines, insurance agents and whatnots, we decided to forgo the trip tomorrow in view of the rising waters in BKK.
sigh. so many backorders to settle and manufactured items to be collected but we can only sit here and wait it out :(
better to be safe than sorry i guess. 

to all our customers - apologies but the backorders for this collection cannot be confirmed yet until the situation there gets better! do be patient and wait for us to get things up and going again ok :)

in other disaster-related news, an earthquake shook turkey just earlier in the day. thankfully dad and mum are in the central area so they're still safe. keeping my fingers crossed and praying that they don't get caught in any aftershocks!
gosh. one disaster after another - i've always wondered if this is mother nature's way of keeping the world's population in check?

anyhow, when mum's not at home, i like to play mum.
went grocery shopping by myself and made breakfast the very next day for van and i.

pancakes, runny eggs and panfried ham.

sent a picture of this to the boy to show how domesticated i actually am (ahem, ahem), and all he replied was, "how come your pancakes so black one".

randomly, bought this chiffon shrug off a sale rack and am lovin' it to bits :)

in an upcoming willow item - casual wrap front dress in navy.
still deciding if i should also get it in heather grey, hmmm.
love that it comes with side pockets! 

long day ahead tomorrow for kel and i as we try to settle all mails before Deepavali.
have a good mid-week break all of you! :)


Sunday, October 23, 2011

yes, no, maybe

When you work in fashion, dressing up is important.
You are almost required to look stylish, trendy, hip etc.
should you bump into anyone and tell that you are in fashion retail
only to have them eyeball you cos you don't look like it.

I used to go BKK in all my 'cui' glory.
Basic tank top, denim shorts and a cardi that has seen better days.
I favour specs over contacts, no makeup
and a wild topknot you won't mistake for a stylish bun.
And I didn't care.
Who cares? All I wanted was to buy stocks, go back to hotel in one piece
and have room service for dinner
(i was traveling solo and very anti-social)
Until one fine day, when I was in a regular supplier's shop
and some other Singaporean blogshop owner stepped in.
She was in a plain black maxi (MAXI! I gasped)
had some random necklaces and rings
and wore a straw hat. A FREAKING STRAW HAT. IN THE MALL.
She looked fan-freaking-tastic.
My supplier dreamily said 'hi' to her
then whispered to me,
"How come you don't look like that na, Kelly?"

Cues stunned silence. Heartbreak.
That was the last day i wore glasses to BKK
(not counting pre-LASIK weeks)
And til now, I always make sure I dress better when i go over,
put on some light makeup, choose a cardi without stains/holes.
I have said it again and again,
but we are only young once and there is no better time but now
to try all those weird trends and prints and cuts
and dress better so we can feel better about ourselves :)

wore GRACIA blue cuffed up and tucked it.
I like how it slouches and in my opinion, all shirts look better cuffed.

then on Friday, was a classical FML outfit moment.

wore my boho white skirt, trying to channel some summery vibes
even though the weather was wonky.
Only to have it POUR on me when i was 10 mins away from office
and in the end, gotta get a cab to get me there.

close-up of the details.

then spent the rest of the day sulking in my grey shrug
cos it was too cold. sighs.
(shrug is from taiwan, gift from sharmie!)

cant help but think this colour combi looks so pretty. haha.

wore a completely MP outfit. (whats new!)
Upcoming rose skater dress by WILLOW with NIK belt.
and my mother still wonders why I shop elsewhere.

I often wonder myself too.

much love,

Thursday, October 20, 2011

if we could taste rainbows.

i better blog before i forget about all these pictures and risk getting nagged at by my friends involved.. onslaught of overdue pics ahead. here we go!

pam's birthday dinner at little red house!

awesome sweets from la patisserie, all thanks to sue :)

happy birthday bims! be a year wiser ok! ;)

followed by drinks at the merry men.


outfits // new shoes.

and the sistership gathering just two days ago - dinner at overeasy, after-dinner stroll to mbfc, then late night coffee at fullerton bay. 
clearly, beer and coffee do not mix! i couldn't sleep till 4am that night :( 

and i finally got my nails done in my favourite colour combi!! yayayayayayy.

just sent dad and mom off to turkey last night so the house's gonna be ours for ten days or so! woohoo!!
shall plan a little cookout or a baking sesh or a silly picnic at the balcony.. anything that my mum would have frowned at, hehehe. 
-rubs hands in glee-

off to gym!