Sunday, October 30, 2011

flip-flop weather

Obviously, didnt manage to go to BKK this week
cos of the floods.
Its worrying me to bits cos stocks are stuck there
and our cargo are all over the place. Gosh :(

Spent the week in SG doing as much as I can
before the BF books in for reservist.

i usually dress based on proportions,
like if the top is tight, then the bottom should be flared to balance it out.
So in this instance, I kept the bottom fitted with a slouchy navy tank
and a delicate necklace to keep the look sweet :)

Went to House of Seafood at Bedok block 88 for crabs
only to realise it has moved!!
so uprooted and went to find it at Changi instead.
Freaking ulu.

its right beside the airport runway
so every few mins or so, you end up yelling cos the planes
are taking off or landing. muahhaaha.

oooh, nom nom.

the black pepper crab is so damn good,
and its actually kinda funny that they placed it back into the shape of a crab
before serving it to us. haha.

surprise before we left:
a bunch of bunnies eating rice! is that supposed to be okay??

super vintage looking car in the carpark.

finally got to wear peterpan collars cos they are everywhere this season.

its kinda sheer so i layered the tank dress over it.
seriously, this tank dress has the lowest cost per wear
amongst all my outfits (together with my denim shorts)
I wear them both so so often!!

wore prints on Friday cos even though the sky looked gloomy,
i REFUSED to be deceived.
Wore tube and shorts and this printed throwover cos i couldnt think of what to wear
and i thought, better to go back to black and white palette :)

then in true MP fashion, sharmie turned up in the SAME COLOUR COMBI,
complete with prints & similar footwear as well.
Wheee, welcome to our girlband poster shot. Hahaha.

giving disgusted look to the BF's reservist phone.
I almost forgot and told him to check us in at Muthu's Curry
and he went, okok, wait ah, lemme find my check in button.

finished this in a jiffy.
FYI, one small fish head curry is seriously still too much for 2. :(


wore plain black tank dress with CASSIA rust blazer.
you can still get it via backorders HERE!

brunch buddies at House.

Chang's 7 layered pancakes. Looks good but tasted really blah.

freeform eggs are much better.

the BF had..this weird fluffy toast stuffed with berries and yoghurt i think.
it was weird in a nice way. :)

and then spent the bulk of my yesterday running away from heavy rains in town
and watching countless soccer matches.
YAY to Man Utd!

much love,


deborah said...

pretty you :)
during the lookbook shoot i told gab abt you and sharon always ending wearing the same kinda outfit.. both of you were in stripes that day!! hahaha :)

Anonymous said...

hi! will MP consider selling basic tank maxi dresses? like black, heather grey, navy blue etc :) similar to those you layered with cassia blazer! :>

Anonymous said...

hi where did you guys get the brown sling bag in the cecilia-red shot?

lynn said...

my nose is huge. i need rhinoplasty nao.

missypixie said...

deb: yah la!! we always turn up like some girlband. it happened so many times le -_-

anon1: sure, if we see them, we dont mind selling them!

anon2: belongs to our model, i forgot where she got it from. haha

lynn: you think too much. haha.

Anonymous said...

hi where did you get your sandals from? the one paired with your long black maxi tank :)

Anonymous said...

rabbits aren't supposed to eat rice :O may i ask if someone owns them? or they're like abandoned?

missypixie said...

sandals are from pazzion!

anon4: yah! i thought so! they are not abandoned, i think someone from the restaurant owns them :(

Anonymous said...

is missypixie launching the grey bandage skirt? if not, may i knw whr u got it from? ty :D

missypixie said...

no dear,not launching it! its from BKK!

Anonymous said...

Hi the peter pan collar blouse a MP piece? May I know when will u launch it? And it's the tank dress the edie black tank dress?

missypixie said...

hello, the peterpan collar top is a previous MP piece actually :) as for my tank dress, i got it from Topshop sometime back. But EDIE can be a good alternative!

Anonymous said...

Where did you get your prada black clutch and how much is it going for? :-)

missypixie said...

hi, its from London and it was a gift so not too sure about the actual price!

Ningxin said...

hi Kelly! =) Will you be having backorders for the skater dress in your newest launch? >.<

missypixie said...

hello ningxin! not at the moment! i am waiting for the rose-coloured fabric to come back before i decide if i should do a BO!