Sunday, October 9, 2011

naruwan: part one!

back from taiwan!
third time to that country and still, never sick of it.
just that the weather was horrid this time round and it poured every single day! my willow loafers were soaked through and through and i had to throw it away in taipei.
heartpain max :'(

the first time we went, he was a zookeeper. look who he is now, hahahaha!

en route to our usual hotel, on board freego, with flat airplane hair.

han she business hotel at ximending!

headed straight for his favourite ah chung mee sua. 
he had it five times this trip! faints.

washed it down with our fave pudding milk tea!

then it was eating/shopping/eating/shopping galore.

went to check out Chef Showtime restaurant, as recommended to us by one of the boy's clients who couldn't stop raving about it - walked a good twenty minutes in the rain to get to the location - and thankfully it was worth it!

chef prepped a starter platter for us!

i could eat this dish FOREVER!!


pan-seared beef that literally melted in our mouths - it was that good!

attacking the dessert platter..

and after that was done, we cabbed down to our favourite night market - shihlin!
watched variety shows in the cab! woohoo kudos to technology.

and the eating started again -.-

most of the games at shihlin were gone due to the renovation so we had to call it a night, sigh.
ended it with mahjong bingo. the aunty at the stall remembered us from last year, haha!
the boy tried to win a hellokitty pillow for me but failed :(

day two - off to danshui!


seeked refuge from the rain at some random noodle stall.

and ate many many many other things throughout the day.

went to check out wufenpu in the evening!
spotted this chic girl in the train and the only picture i dared take of her was of her shoes.

went into this shop that sold loads of awesome knitwear! wanted to head back after walking out of the area but it was raining so heavily, we had to abandon said plans so no awesome knits for me, boohoohoo!

went to raohe night market, which was quite a disappointment really.
think shihlin still tops our list!

so we headed back to shihlin again for the night, haha. mad are we.
i swear the taiwanese do the best shaved ice.

and this was what we bought back to the hotel for supper to accompany us through the variety shows till 3am -
we did this routine every single night.
Such is Life!

will leave day three and four for another post!
till then, a sneak peek of what i wore to taichung - highneck fitted dress by willow.
donned the one in gunmetal as a top :)

off to dinner and to catch Real Steel later with the boy and his mates!
have a fab week ahead y'all! :)



Desiree Choo said...

Aw man, I miss Taiwan, I miss wufenpu!

Looks like you had fun there!!! But a pity that you had to throw away your shoes though. :(

Anonymous said...

love the high neck piece! manufacture it as a shift dress that's not fitting please???

Deborah said...

i love the upcoming willow dress!!!!!!!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Ooh, nice willow dress! What colours does the dress come in?

missypixie said...

Desiree: yeaa taiwan's just one of those places you can keep visiting!! :)

Anon1: we'll look into that but for this piece its more of a bodycon item :)

Deborah: yayyy! We love it too!!

Anon2: it comes in black, buttermilk cream and wine red as well!

Anonymous said...

Hey Sharon, you looked like you lost quite abit of weight! Congrats :))


missypixie said...

jer: i think its just cos i know my angles better now! don't think i lost weight after all that eating leh :(( but thanks anyway for making my day, haha!!

Anonymous said...

Hey what's the shade of your nail polish? Love the colourrr


missypixie said...

yui: thanks!! im not sure what shade though :( its gel polish and i got it done in bangkok! sorry to not be of any help!!

Anonymous said...

Does the bodycon dress ride up when you walk?

missypixie said...

anon3: hi dear! im not too sure 'cos i didn't wear it as a dress at all, but i think it should be alright! didn't have any problems with it as a top at all :)

missypixie said...

anon2: sorry dear my bad, it doesn't come in cream! comes in taupe instead :)

Anonymous said...


is the min black sandals still avail?