Sunday, October 16, 2011

naruwan: part two.

oh gosh extremely knackered after a 10-hour-or-so outdoor shoot for our lookbook today; wish someone, anyone actually, would give me a good rub down and foot massage pronto :(
got a couple of really nice pics from the shoot and i can't wait to sift through them! 
woohoo all thanks to deborah and her boy gabriel for the awesome time today. we'll share the pics once we get 'em sorted! in the meantime you can check out gab's work at hardworking guy who's juggling his studies at our alma mater as well as his hobby - respect! :)

so... because i'm really tired now i'll let the pictures do most of the talking.
looking at the taiwan travelogue makes me wish it was just an hour away, dangggg.

day three, breakfast.

shopped at every adidas outlet possible.

en route to jiufen!

and finally got to eat one of those "bian dangs" they sell on the train!!!

it was raining so freaking heavily that our brolly was deemed useless - the boy bought us some raincoats instead and i couldn't stop laughing at the fact that we looked like walking cotton candies.
fyi, he bought me one in pink. so there.

got so soaked that we left jiufen in less than an hour :(
the only saving grace was that we found din tai fung and had the best DTF meal ever!

day four: off to taichung!

on the way to sun moon lake.

after a long and sleepy bus ride, we finally got there!
thank god the weather was fab.

went on a short cruise around the lake.

afterwhich we checked out fengjia night market. quite happening!

bought this fruit beer from 7-11 that was amazingly gooooood, i finished the entire can in one sitting. whoops. anyone knows where i can get this in singapore?!

last day; getting ready to leave the hotel :(

last meal in taichung :((

last photo in taiwan :(((

i'll be back!
till then.



Deborah said...

hardworking blogger!!
we had fun today too! :) rest well girls :):)

Anonymous said...

hi, will be selling the skirt soon?

missypixie said...

deb: thanks for all your help babe! heh hope you had a good rest too! :) you and gab can massage each other, haha!

anon1: this skirt is one of our first manufactured designs :) don't think we have any left! sorry! :(

Anonymous said...

BO for maroon jumper knit pls

missypixie said...

anon2: will try!