Monday, October 3, 2011

oh you baby boy :)

BKK sourcing trip last week and my greatest find was...

SIEW MAI - Thailand style.
Instead of dipping in chili, they actually serve it with
bits of fried garlic sprinkled
(or in my case, dumped) over the siew mai,
and a saucer of vinegar for you to dip it into.
Oooohh nom nom nom goodness.

another highlight of the trip, good dinner with better company :)

sneaks of our ruched bodycon dress coming up.
I absolutely love this design cos you can never see your tummy
with all those amazing ruches in front! i am not kidding!!

plus u can pull the length of the dress up or down,
depending if you are naughty or nice :)

what i wore on thunderstorm friday, which cheated,
and rapidly turned into scorching friday, hence totally ruining my knit dress efforts.

can you guess what is it? :)

off to baby isaac's one year bday!
wearing KELLY floral corset cos i was feeling happy.

all spent after the cake cutting.

yes! he loves me!

nope, not quite loving my sis. HAHAHAHAH.

Then surprisingly, went out to town on a Sunday for errands.

lunch at Oriole's.

Phily cheese&steak sandwich, tastes like pizza. Blah.

but you really gotta try this, beef cheek pasta.
the beef were sooooo tender, they really melt in your mouth.

Sharmie is still in taiwan for her hols, so bear with me if email replies
are slower this week! its a one (me) and a half (ah girl cynthia) women show!

much love,


Anonymous said...

is the knitted dress coming out next launch? and how many colours are there?:):)

liqin said...

Hi kelly!

When will mp be launching the runched dress? It looks so nice! And is the black knit dress from mp too? :)

Anonymous said...

Is the knit dress in black an upcoming pc?if so,any other color?thanks!

Anonymous said...

Hi! Love the ruched bodycon dress! When will it be launched? And what's the length and colours for it?:D

Anonymous said...

Hi, can recommend some nice places to eat at Bangkok? Will be heading there soon and it's my first time. Thank you! :)

missypixie said...

hey girls, the knit dress is my own personal piece from New Look, we are not selling it! haha :)

as for the ruched dress, it will be launched in black, navy and cream, i dont have the length for it off-hand but i think it reaches til my knees if its fully stretched!

anon4: hello dear, try Vanilla at Siam Paragon for affordable pasta! actually, all cafes at Siam Paragon are pretty decent, depending on your budget? and if you are more adventurous, do try the roadside stalls cos the food is so simple, but so nice! esp the chicken wings!

nat said...

hello is the white dress from mp? imma interested in getting it! and the orange skater dress is sold out even before i've gotten it? why booo )':

Anonymous said...

Where's the siew mai from? Platinum mall?

Anonymous said...

really enjoy reading your blog, please update it more often! :) and just a qn, what color of shoes matches almost any outfit? lots of people say nude or brown/camel colored shoes, just want to hear your opinion :)

ax said...

Hi babe! Where Did you get the clutch? The duo tone one. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

can u pls manufacture the knitted dress as willow collection? :)

Anonymous said...

Issac is so cute!!

missypixie said...

nat: white dress was from topshop! we launch on sundays la, need to look out for it!

anon5: yup, from platinum dimsum stall!

anon6: thank you! i will go with nude shoes actually :)

ax: got it from Hongkong!

anon7: kinda hard to manufacture knit dresses, no one would wanna wear it in SG weather! (except for me la. haha)

anon8: thank you!

jen said...

hello! mind recommending some places for buying nice shoes that won't burn a hole in your pocket? =)

Anonymous said...

Hello Kelly! Your nephew is so cute! And I am just curious, the 50s contrast dress Sharon wore for her last post won't be launched this weekend right? :) cos I will be out of SG for the weekend and I really wanna get that piece!

Anonymous said...

Hi! Will the skater dress be too big for a small UK6?

missypixie said...

jen: hello dear, i think trendy zone has a good variety! downside is that, you probably see alot of others wearing the same pair as you :(

anon: no worries! we are launching it next Sunday actually!

anon: hi dear, it might be bit loose depending on your bust area :)

Anonymous said...

Hi dear, will you be bringing in any v-neck inner slips or petticoat, or do you know where I can get one? I've tried looking at lingerie stores and FEP but they don't seem to have it. :/

missypixie said...

hey babe, i dont recall seeing v-neck ones before :(

Anonymous said...

Hi. Are Daphne and Licia from the latest collection available at Kiss Jane?

missypixie said...

yup, you can find them at kissjane citylink!

missypixie said...

oops, i mean KISSJANE bugis! haha, confused.