Monday, October 10, 2011


The weather is seriously wonky these days.
I am not complaining if its raining (cos that beats sweating like mad)
but its troublesome when i gotta do mails or stock-ins.
All that standing in the rain flagging for cabs
with tons and tons of plastic bags is no joke, really.

Plus, it better not be wonky next Monday
cos i am doing the wedding photoshoot and i am stressed like mad.
I wish i am one of those brides who know EXACTLY what they want,
right down to the last detail,
but i am just kinda...vague.
I know what elements i want, but not the exact way I want it.
So now, its like this mish-mash of words -
balloons, grassland, path, skyline, stairs etc
and i try to bash them all together to fit.
horrible :(

anyway, thanks to rainy tuesday,
i get to wear all my fav stuff in one outfit.

nude knit throw-over, my trusty tank dress and wonderwoman boots.
I love this pair of shoes. It makes me feel invincible.
And that i can step on everyone's toes. Literally.

next day was bright & sunny so i wore sunshine yellow!!
(another colour of our 50s ribbon dress :) )
some people wont dare wear yellow but i dont know why,
i kinda like the cheeriness of it and have you seen the runways?
Yellow is THE colour for spring/summer 2012. Yesssssssssss.

many many mini pleats. i like.

went kinda andro on friday cos i was running outta ideas.

my new mannish loafers. hurts like HELL.

sharmie bought kitty iphone stickers from taiwan!

new accessories galore.

took us 50 years to get one proper shot.
all those ppl in starbucks must think we are nuts.

sorry for the randomness of this pic,
but i just had to show it.
Why would someone shape the rice in a pyramid??!!

sneak preview of our upcoming panel dress in teal!
i wanted to wear the white one for my bday actually way back in July
but had to surrender the sample pc back to suppliers. :(

Lastly, before i end off,
you gotta hear about the Maybelline New York Pop Photo Contest!!!

First, you go to Maybelline Singapore's FB page,

Click on the "Win a MissyPixie wardrobe.." tab on the left.

Choose your favourite outfit shot and upload it!
Its really SIMPLE.

And...the top winner gets her own fashion spread!
Yup, complete with makeup, hair, photog, the full works and
of course, outfits sponsored by us!!
(who knows, you may get to keep your fav outfit from the shoot!)
I don't know about you but when we were planning the prizes for the winner,
even I was excited, haha.

There will also be 4 lucky runner-up prizes,
where you can walk away with $100 worth of Maybelline products.
I mean, how easy can it be?

Just take your favourite outfit shot
(i recommend that you get a friend to snap it for you or use a self-timer
cos it would definitely look nicer than our usual mirror shots!)
Make sure you look chic, and your outfit can be seen clearly,
post it up on Maybelline Singapore FB fan page,
gather all your good friends + friends of friends + the entire world you can think of,
and get them to VOTE. FOR. YOU. NOW.
You can re-vote every hour, so if you are really patient,
go ahead and log in every hour to vote. hahahaha.

Its still not too late cos the contest ends on 21st oct
so quick quick quick.

much love,


Anonymous said...

where u got ur nude knit throw-over?

Anonymous said...

Hi, are you gonna launch the nude shrug that you wore in the first pic? :)

missypixie said...

hello! its from BKK, we are manufacturing it :)

Anonymous said...

yay! im looking forward to it! when will it be ready?hehe thanks!

Ningxin said...

hi Kelly! :) I love the yellow dress which you donned in yr post! Will it be released soon? ^^

missypixie said...

hello ningxin, its actually the same dress sharon wore in navy/red :) we will be launching it this weekend or next!

Anonymous said...

love the shoes in the first outfit. do you mind sharing where is it from?

missypixie said...


missypixie said...

oh wait, do u mean the boots? its from fep! haha

Anonymous said...

oh which shop in fep? havent been here for a long time! you always get awesome buys from fep! haha

missypixie said...

haha, trendy zone dear! plenty of affordable shoes there!

Anonymous said...

may i know where you got your loafers from?

Anonymous said...

what colors are there for the knit throw over? thanks :)

missypixie said...

loafers are from topshop, colours for knitwear not confirmed yet!

Anonymous said...

Hi Kelly...the panel dress is nice!! What are the other colours for the dress?

Anonymous said...

Hi, may I know if the min black sandals are still avail?

Anonymous said...

will there be BO for agatha black? Love it !

missypixie said...

hello, we have the panel dress in white, magenta and blue!

sorry, MIN sandals are all sold out and we wont be having backorders for AGATHA black!

Anonymous said...

received my dotti red today! so prettyyyy :D

Anonymous said...

pls manufacture the knit throwover for MP! wld totally get it!

Anonymous said...

where is the grey shorts from??