Sunday, October 23, 2011

yes, no, maybe

When you work in fashion, dressing up is important.
You are almost required to look stylish, trendy, hip etc.
should you bump into anyone and tell that you are in fashion retail
only to have them eyeball you cos you don't look like it.

I used to go BKK in all my 'cui' glory.
Basic tank top, denim shorts and a cardi that has seen better days.
I favour specs over contacts, no makeup
and a wild topknot you won't mistake for a stylish bun.
And I didn't care.
Who cares? All I wanted was to buy stocks, go back to hotel in one piece
and have room service for dinner
(i was traveling solo and very anti-social)
Until one fine day, when I was in a regular supplier's shop
and some other Singaporean blogshop owner stepped in.
She was in a plain black maxi (MAXI! I gasped)
had some random necklaces and rings
and wore a straw hat. A FREAKING STRAW HAT. IN THE MALL.
She looked fan-freaking-tastic.
My supplier dreamily said 'hi' to her
then whispered to me,
"How come you don't look like that na, Kelly?"

Cues stunned silence. Heartbreak.
That was the last day i wore glasses to BKK
(not counting pre-LASIK weeks)
And til now, I always make sure I dress better when i go over,
put on some light makeup, choose a cardi without stains/holes.
I have said it again and again,
but we are only young once and there is no better time but now
to try all those weird trends and prints and cuts
and dress better so we can feel better about ourselves :)

wore GRACIA blue cuffed up and tucked it.
I like how it slouches and in my opinion, all shirts look better cuffed.

then on Friday, was a classical FML outfit moment.

wore my boho white skirt, trying to channel some summery vibes
even though the weather was wonky.
Only to have it POUR on me when i was 10 mins away from office
and in the end, gotta get a cab to get me there.

close-up of the details.

then spent the rest of the day sulking in my grey shrug
cos it was too cold. sighs.
(shrug is from taiwan, gift from sharmie!)

cant help but think this colour combi looks so pretty. haha.

wore a completely MP outfit. (whats new!)
Upcoming rose skater dress by WILLOW with NIK belt.
and my mother still wonders why I shop elsewhere.

I often wonder myself too.

much love,


Yovani Turner said...

u look gorgeouss :))

Anonymous said...

The rose skater dress is so pretty! And is the boho white skirt upcoming piece from MP? :)

missypixie said...

yovani: thanks!

anon: yup, love the rose colour!! and the white skirt is from New Look actually :)

Anonymous said...

there's rose color for the skater dress?! din noe that and bought the blue one from kissjane last week :(

missypixie said...

anon1: haha, don't worry, you can get the rose one as well :))))

Anonymous said...

totally in love with the rose skater dress! can't wait for it to be out soon! pretty please!

any other colours? ((:

missypixie said...

black, forest and blue! think it should be out next Sunday :)

Anonymous said...

hope you girls start manufacturing in sizes! about time to cater to girls that are uk8/10 and not stick thin :(

missypixie said...

we are doing sizes, especially for bottoms! but actually 8/10 can wear our stuff, sharmie is a 10 and she usually has no problems!

anon1 said...

yea i'm an 8 and i love missypixie cos i usually can fit in :P

Anonymous said...

Hello will the rust coloured CASSIA blazer be at kissjane? -J

Anonymous said...

Consider manufacturing the knit shrug? It look good (:

Gladys said...

Please please please open more backorders for Daphne!!! And also consider opening more backorders in general? You girls launch such pretty items but they sell out so fast! :)

Anonymous said...

Kissjane already has e skater skirt?

Anonymous said...

hey babe..

This is kinda unrelated to ur post. Was wondering if there will be a pre-order or something for nicole black frm ur latest collection? Attending a frd s wedding late dec. Hoping to land my hand on a piece before the big day!


missypixie said...

CASSIA is not in kissjane outlets but we are trying to raise backorders for it soon! also in the process of manufacturing the knit shrug, end nov!!!

gladys: hello dear, we are opening BO batch 2 for DAPHNE red only though and yup, trying to do more BO s too!

missypixie said...

anon: yes, we will sometimes stock exclusive designs for KISSJANE weekly :) i think this dress is all sold out in all colours at both outlets though!

Candice: hey babe, we are trying to do BO for it so do look out for it :)

Anonymous said...

Hey would like some advice! Im currently thinking of doing LASIK but not too sure of the risks & downsides. Any advice! TIA!

missypixie said...

oh gosh babe, i am not the best person to ask actually! i have the weirdest LASIK experiences, haha. I would suggest you go for a consultation with a reputable clinic, i believe the first consultation is free!

Anonymous said...

when will GRACIA blue cuffed up be out? thanks!!

missypixie said...

hi, its already on sale! i just cuffed the sleeves up myself :)

Anonymous said...

When did you buy the new look white skirt?

missypixie said...

i got it on sale, around 1.5months ago?