Sunday, November 27, 2011


Fantastic weekend :)

First up, attended Mei's wedding at Rochester last night and it was a cosy affair - first al fresco wedding i've ever been to and i'm loving it.
no run-of-the-mill ballroom dinners for me when it comes to my turn, definitely!

there were three boxes you could put your angpows into - the first one read "For a Baby", the second one read "For a House", and the third, "For Wayne's Ipad3". Haha!

Instead of the usual photo album thingies, they hung up their pre-wedding shoots on twine. Nice!

the newlyweds!
wayne's from chicago, mei's singaporean, and they both now work and live in beijing..
talk about being international!

ex-colleagues from Sentosa!
missing all those awesome times on the island :(

mishmash of food on my plate but anyhow, the duck shepherd's pie is to die for.
and so is the butternut pumpkin soup! slurrrrps.

with my gorgeous ex-boss. if you think her familiar, that's cos she read the news on Ch5 and then later, at Channelnewsasia, for almost a decade. hehh.

managed to sneak a pic with the blushing bride before the dinner ended!

and instead of usual wedding favours, the bride's sister baked a range of cookies and you could put whatever you wished into the takeout boxes they provided you with! cute!

wore this to the dinner and sis said i was giving out Samantha Jones vibes -.-

with the x'mas present from the boy :)

in other unrelated news, was super inspired by one of my models, XM, and went to youtube videos of nail art - she had done her galaxy nails using the tutorial and it looked super professional! pity i forgot to take pictures of her artwork but she said she'll do it for me when i'm ready, hehehe. 
and so i found this vlogger called "cutepolish" who does the most adorable nails ever.
thought i'd share so here goes!

the moustache nails are damn ke ai!! and so are the hello kitty ones hahaha.

and then there are awesome DIY nails like these:

and XM's galaxy nails that i am in love with but am too lazy to try out on my own :x

already have some idea of what i want my CNY nails to be, hahaha. damn bimbo to be thinking ahead for this i know. bah.
shall research more and see!

off to gym now to get rid of all the dimsum i had for brunch.
hope you girls enjoy the collection tonight! ;)


Thursday, November 24, 2011

behind the scenes: Maybelline Fashion Shoot

Being the diligent blogger I am,
here i go, blogging at 1am in the morning,
barely 2 hours after i just got off the plane.

Nothing much happened last week,
with the exception of the Maybelline shoot we did
with the winner of the Maybelline/Missypixie contest, Rachel :)
Had plenty of fun laughing at the antics of the makeup artist, Larry,
who was super friendly and amusing,
and of our photog who cracked us up with the name of his dog.
More on that later.

First up, this is what i wore to the shoot!

BELLA cream with my new sparkly flats.
I don't know if you have the same problem
but i am forever stuck in the same dilemma with crochet/lace.
If it comes in black and cream, i can never make up my mind to get which colour.
And by the time I am done dithering, like 3 days later,
i usually give in and just get both colours. Ugh.
In case you were wondering,
yippeeees :)
look out for it this weekend ok?

our bagful of goodies for Rachel :)

makeup artist arsenal of tools.

had a guest, Frosky!
okay, here goes the story..
when we heard his name, me and Sharmie were going..
Frosky, froSKY, like bit weird, maybe the photog was going for the
russian names version, like tchaikovsky ya know?
Then during the shoot, Sharmie started singing,
FroSKY the snowman, was a jolly happy..
and the photog said excitedly,
"yah loh, yah loh! i named his after this song!!!"
and we went,
"huh?? but..but the song is FrosTY!! not FroSKY!!!"
He said,
"ah yah, same same."

priceless look between Rachel & Larry, hahahahahha.
we were all joking about how they look like some married couple
doing wedding photoshoot.

One very happy Larry, and a mildly worried Rachel.

Sharmie with our Maybelline Volum' Express The Falsies Mascara!
apparently they did a version just for ASEAN eyes alone,
thats how dedicated they are.

read on to take a look at this wonderbaby!

this is Larry doing the makeup tutorial thats going up on Youtube soon.
You have to watch it cos he dispenses pearls of wisdom like..
when u first take out your mascara wand, dab it a little on a clean tissue
to remove the excess product. This helps to avoid clumping.
And then, wave it a little for about 3 seconds for the mascara to dry a little
before applying it on your lashes. Then it will hold the curl.
Like really??!!! i never knew!

and see the effect!!

Larry like some proud parent.

but actually here is the totally unglam shot of him,
trying to look less tall beside Rachel, wahahahhaha.

love her eye makeup as well :)

and Jimmy the photog (and his FroSKY name, haha)
was kind enough to accommodate with random photos!
Here is Avril from Maybelline with us :)))

and us like happy parents with Frosky.

he has his OWN WINGS. SO CUTE CAN.

then lazy le, hahahhaa.

lastly a shot with Rachel!

and there goes the end of a really long photoshoot session. Phew.
and cos I am half brain dead from the long day today,
and work i still need to rush before sleeping,
here is the quick summary of outfits from the past week.

a high neck romper coming up this weekend :)

i wore it with NIK red belt cos i wanted to break the whole black suit look.

did my french maid look with a collared shirt and skater dress!
best way to get more mileage outta your existing wardrobe - mix it about!

and thats it!
good night folks!

much love,

Sunday, November 20, 2011

and we'll make stories out of heartbreak.

howdy peeps, how was your week? :)

mine was spent in a blur.. brought the little one to his weekly class,

had our favourite lamian of all times,

chose our dream unit,

wore my new offsie tee (which our model Andrea also bought),
i swear the material's just too comfy!

kept myself warm in this crazily-wet-in-the-evenings weather in various outerwear,

(wearing soon-to-be-launched Zara inspired slouchy throwover)

went for a shoot with the winner of Maybelline's New York Pop Photo contest,

and got myself a picture with a dog in a bag!

pics are with Kel so she'll be blogging about the shoot sometime later :)
we had quite abit of fun during the shoot and we hope Rachel and her friend did too!

also, dug out this floral tulip skirt from the back of my closet and wore it out, only to find that the seam at the back had split and i had to walk around with two safety pins near my ass -.-

anyhow, the boy ended work early on Friday, which is once in a very blue moon, so we decided to go dating!
went to Hard Rock for dinner - my first time there! which explains the touristy pics.
very suaku i know.

went for a bout of shopping before catching Immortals yesterday and the boy got me this:

lovelovelove it to bits - will preview it when im ready to use it! haha!

'twas a good week, except some words/comments that brought us down midweek and gave our egos a brutal bashing.. i didn't want to blog about it but heck, this is my space and i think i have every right to rant like everyone else with a blog does.
there are so many people to please and sometimes we are just unable to make every single one happy. we're human just like you - with bad days, PMS, feelings, emotions, work blues - and i think most of the time people lose sight of that fact. im not saying this for you to cut us some slack nor for others to sympathise but perhaps, when asking for something, some manners ought to be put in place first? 
we do the best we can but when our best isn't enough for you, then i guess this ain't our fate.


time to work even harder for the year-end. here we go!