Sunday, November 20, 2011

and we'll make stories out of heartbreak.

howdy peeps, how was your week? :)

mine was spent in a blur.. brought the little one to his weekly class,

had our favourite lamian of all times,

chose our dream unit,

wore my new offsie tee (which our model Andrea also bought),
i swear the material's just too comfy!

kept myself warm in this crazily-wet-in-the-evenings weather in various outerwear,

(wearing soon-to-be-launched Zara inspired slouchy throwover)

went for a shoot with the winner of Maybelline's New York Pop Photo contest,

and got myself a picture with a dog in a bag!

pics are with Kel so she'll be blogging about the shoot sometime later :)
we had quite abit of fun during the shoot and we hope Rachel and her friend did too!

also, dug out this floral tulip skirt from the back of my closet and wore it out, only to find that the seam at the back had split and i had to walk around with two safety pins near my ass -.-

anyhow, the boy ended work early on Friday, which is once in a very blue moon, so we decided to go dating!
went to Hard Rock for dinner - my first time there! which explains the touristy pics.
very suaku i know.

went for a bout of shopping before catching Immortals yesterday and the boy got me this:

lovelovelove it to bits - will preview it when im ready to use it! haha!

'twas a good week, except some words/comments that brought us down midweek and gave our egos a brutal bashing.. i didn't want to blog about it but heck, this is my space and i think i have every right to rant like everyone else with a blog does.
there are so many people to please and sometimes we are just unable to make every single one happy. we're human just like you - with bad days, PMS, feelings, emotions, work blues - and i think most of the time people lose sight of that fact. im not saying this for you to cut us some slack nor for others to sympathise but perhaps, when asking for something, some manners ought to be put in place first? 
we do the best we can but when our best isn't enough for you, then i guess this ain't our fate.


time to work even harder for the year-end. here we go!



Anonymous said...

hello sorry if this is the wrong place to ask haha but just wondering if geraldine will fit a uk12? thanks:)

Anonymous said...

the lamian looks good, where is it at? :) and may i know when will you be launching the white offsie shirt?

missypixie said...

Anon1: hi dear think it be a snug fit for a uk12! its best you use the measurements for a more accurate gauge :)

Anon2: ooh its at imperial treasure lamian xiaolongbao! i always go to the one at marina square :) and offsie tee should be launched sometime next week or so!

Anonymous said...

anon2 here. yay awesomeeeee! will there be any other colors for the shirt? hopefully the knitted cardigans (similar to Mya) will be launched soon too, been waiting for more than a month for it alrdy. :S

missypixie said...

Anon2: yup the offsie tee also comes in black, cobalt and heather grey! :) as for the knitted Mya, we're still waiting for the factory to be done too! It sometimes takes quite a while! :(

A said...

hey i love your lime green dress. where is it from?

Anonymous said...

How much will the offsie tee cost? It's cute! Can the prices be lower pleasee :( I always want to buy more things from every collection but I can't because I have to control my spending. Buying 2 would already cost me about $50 :'( Everything is so pretty!

missypixie said...

A: thanks! I got it from BYSI but it was some time ago!

missypixie said...

Anon3: hi dear we'll set the price lower for this as its a basic top! We have kept prices to a minimum but sometimes rising costs of material make it hard to do so :( we'll try our best to be affordable we promise! :)

Anonymous said...

hello! your brown bag looks nice, may i know where is it from? Thanks! (:

missypixie said...

Anon4: thanks!! Bag is from miumiu :)

Anonymous said...

Your nephew is so cute!! Will you girls consider manufacturing more jumpsuits? It seems like jumpsuits are no longer in lots of stores :( and they are great for my work wear actually!

missypixie said...

anon5: thank you dear i'll let him know you said that! he'll be very happy, haha! we tried manufacturing jumpsuits but the cost is very high due to the amount of material used :( we don't have any in store right now but if we come across any amazing jumpsuit design we'll definitely consider! :)

Anonymous said...

Black sparkly dress suitable for prom? Isn't the material a bit casual? Haha

missypixie said...

anon6: yup i do think it suitable for prom - up close, the good material (mix of thick cotton and tweed) and its tinsel touch do make it rather fitting! i would wear this to a glitz event myself actually :) that said, it really depends on the individual and how she wants to shine on that day :)

Anonymous said...

Hi:) asking abt the dress too! Is it rather poofy? Haha like it emphasizes the hips right? Like a tulip skirt?

missypixie said...

anon7: hi dear! Yes its tulip shaped, slightly poofy! True to the picture :)

Anonymous said...

Anon3 here! Thanks! :D I'm looking forward to this weekend's launch! What will you girls be bringing in?

missypixie said...

anon3: we will be launching the offsie tee! :) also, the ZARA inspired shrug i previewed in this post, as well as a black highneck romper in kelly's latest post. of course, we also have nice dresses and loads more gorgeous stuff in store la! :))) stay tuned for Sunday ok!!

xy said...

hey! may I know where you got the necklace you wore in the first pict? With bella cream and black pants. :)

missypixie said...

xy: you mean kelly's? think she got it from bugis village or something but that was reaaaaaaaally long ago!