Saturday, November 5, 2011

in my galaxy

I have been feeling pretty book-ified this week.
All thanks to a whole bunch of e-books my sis offloaded on me
and oh boy, i was in geek heaven.
Its like a whole bunch of unread books, all just waiting for me.
I simply can't wait. :)

Anyway, i have been a diligent blogger this week,
taking photos all week long!
(erm, except for tonight's dinner that i finished eating,
then there was this stricken moment when i realised
i completely forgot to take any pics. oops)
The BF is away on reservist so i am filling up my social life
with loads of friends gatherings.

got into this long discussion with sharmie over which colour to take
cos if i am taking one, she will opt for the other
in case of our girl band syndrome again. hahaha.
Nothing like an expensive looking cardi to glam plain tank dresses up :)

then realised yes, we took the same pics of close-up
but don't care. Since i took it already,
might as well show it.
Maybe some ppl wanna see it in black? whahahahha.

wore RUTH black the next day when it was blazing hot
and i had to view samples. Bad choice
cos i had so many things to tie/button/take off/try.

Then happiness! we took a day off work on thursday
to run MP errands and treat ourselves to high tea :)

finally could wear my blazer cos it was rainy.
and my new fav shorts of the month - ESTHER!
(yes, i got it in black and cream. haha)
Since i am in all neutrals, i figure i will throw in
a bright clutch for a spot of colour.

i have been looking for this crochet hem peekaboo effect for the longest time.
Finally, finally, finally i got my shorts. YESSSSSSSSS.
In case you are wondering, its on backorders still
for black and cream, so you can still order one
before it goes out of stock!

went to... Antoinette. Weirdly, was quite packed
for a thurs afternoon hence our conclusion.
Nobody needs to work in SG.

you will see more of sharmie's outfit soon, in her post!

am super loving her nails! ultra glittery.
think i am in a sparkly phase.

see, both of us - diligent bloggers.
me taking a photo of her taking a photo. Ah.

had blueberry pancakes, fluffy for once!
its getting harder to find good pancakes :(

and caramelized bananas with french toast,
heavily recommended by Lynnie.

as usual, took the first shot before starting to eat,
then its nom nom all the way.

wore TYAN mint as a skirt today and i really like its swishy-ness.
in fact, i like it so much I am going to re-make it again for CNY.
muahahahha. not sure if i should do it in Mint,
but will do it in Rose once the material comes in!

had dinner at Modesto's. The pasta was really good
(hence, erm, no pics cos i gobbled it all up)
and when the i belatedly realised my mistake,
my friends all offered their yet-to-be-touched pizza slices,
rearranged it to make one whole,
just for me to take a pic again.
Good friends indeed. haha.

Pity the service was really disappointing,
they kept returning back to the table to ask if they could clear the plates
(when there was still food on it)
or if we wanted to order/get more food/have desserts
(the sub-text being, if not, please get lost)
so I cannot sit there, not do anything and just drink water is it?

For once, I have no idea what I will be doing for a Sat afternoon
but am actually looking forward to nua-ing the day away.

much love,


Anonymous said...

Hi there! Where did you get all your tank dresses?? Have been searching for one but couldnt find :(

missypixie said...

anon: i got them all from topshop last year! think they release it every few months or so :)

Anonymous said...

OMG! Can't wait for TYAN to be remake! Will you still be having cream, black, burnt orange?

missypixie said...

black for sure! but haven quite decided on the other colours :)

Anonymous said...

Please consider remaking TYAN in yellow? Like bright yellow? Cos I really want it in that shade!

Anonymous said...

hiiii where did you get your blazer from? :)
keep blogging!!! love MP.

Anonymous said...

Omg can't wait for TYAN! Please remake it in rose!! :)

missypixie said...

Erm, probably won't do it in yellow babe, that's kinda hard to sell!

Got the blazer from Topshop!

Anonymous said...


The blazer u got it from Topshop is it still selling? :) nice piece! :)

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


can you girls manufacture blue for tyan?

and some tops that are suitable to wear w maxis? like bustier or more formal tops so we can maybe wear them for Christmas / year end parties?

Thank you :)

love missypixie btw!

missypixie said...

dont think the blazer is still selling, i got it a year back!

As for TYAN's colours, we will decide when we see the colour charts, heh heh. Will keep in mind the tops idea!

Anonymous said...

bolder colours for tyan please! some skin tones don't take very well to pastels :(

Anonymous said...

Hello! Do bring back the TYAN soonnnn!!:) cny's too far away:P burnt orange's niceee:)

Anonymous said...


im super torn between esther black and esther cream. :( which colour to get?

missypixie said...

hmm if you are worried about mixing and matching, i would say black! then you can just wear it like any pari of black shorts, just that they are prettier :)

Anonymous said...

any bo for vera skater dress in pink? REALLY WANT IT!!!

Anonymous said...

if i have a fair skin tone should i get esther cream or black? what size are you wearing?

missypixie said...

we have no material for the Rose colour right now :( have to wait for supplier to confirm before we can open BO!

if you have fair skin i think you should go with black! the crochet details will then be more obvious against your skin :)

Carissa Lin said...

hey dear,
i know it's a rather late but what's the name of the top in the third picture and from which collection? looks really pretty! :)

missypixie said...

hi, its called RUTH but i can't remember which collection its from! probably around this period as well :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Kelly!

Are you willing to sell RUTH? Any more instocks?

missypixie said...

Andrea: sorry, no more stocks left and I won't be selling my piece :)