Wednesday, November 9, 2011

so what if you catch me, where would we land?

still feeling the effects of a 21-hour workday yesterday - came home in the early evening to everyone's surprise ('cos im hardly ever home before midnight) wanting to get some shuteye but the nephew just wouldn't let me :(

so here i am, way past my urge to nap, but still feeling like i should hit the sack. mm-hmm.

some leftover pics from antoinette's that day with kel!

asked her to pose as a mouse in my teacup. 

outfit for tea and shopping thereafter.

where i bought the awesomestest pair of black chunky heels.

have been looking for these for the longest time and best thing of all, they don't hurt a bit!
finally im having some good shoe luck!! i hope i don't jinx it by typing it out, eeks.

wore it with Lola Skater in Black :)

caught Warrior with the boy on Saturday in my new leopard preeeeens.

and then on Sunday, it was out with the G2 girls for dimsum brunch at Royal China to celebrate the little one's coming of age, hahaha.

missing sue, who's livin' it up in new york. faster come back already!

happy birthday little one! ;)
may you have more time to gym with me. hahaha.

and that, concludes my happening weekend.
this weekend, not so happening.
time to rest and recharge and tidy my overflowing bills/letters/receipts/closet/whatever - my "order in chaos" theory has been failing me lately and i need to do something about it.

on a sidenote, we're choosing our flat unit next week! 
it won't be so soon till we get our own space but we're already discussing bits and bobs of how we'd like our place to be and saving pictures of home designs that work :)))
exciting times, exciting times.

have a fab week ahead y'all.
this weekend's collection's gonna be fab, i promise!!



deborah said...

love the knit cardi!!:)

Anonymous said...

Where did u get the nude cardigan paired with Tyan red? Is it an upcoming piece?

Anonymous said...

Where did you get your black chunky heels from? It's lovely!

lc said...

i love the knit cream cardi! where is it from!! :D please let us know, thank you!!

missypixie said...

deb: i love it too! hehe :)

anon1: hi dear i got it from taiwan!

anon2: heels are from trendyzone, far east! im wondering if i should get another pair just in case this one spoils :x

missypixie said...

lc: i got it from a wholesale market in taiwan!

Anonymous said...

Love your leopard flats! Are those from Trendyzone too?

Anonymous said...

Hey Sharon! Are the leopard prints shoes heels? I've been looking for a good pair for ages! Mind sharing where you got them from? Thanks! :)

Anonymous said...

Whr u bought the orange skirt?

Anonymous said...

which part of sg will your unit be? exciting times ahead indeed! :)

missypixie said...

anon3: hi dear they are not flats, they're wedges actually :) got it from charles&keith just recently!

anon4: they're wedges from charles&keith! quite comfy for the first two hours of wear! then it becomes slightly painful in front. haha. but nice anyway!! :)

anon5: orange skirt is from bangkok!

anon6: if everything goes well, i'll be staying in sengkang! are you gonna be my neighbour? hehe.

Anonymous said...

where are your brown shoes from? the peep-toe booties haha idk what it's called

Anonymous said...

do you know where to get nice wedges for prom?

missypixie said...

anon7: hi! i got these shoes from far east plaza! can't remember the shop name though :(

anon8: i think you can try pedro or charles&keith? newlook has nice shoes but i think they're way too painful.. good luck in finding your perfect shoe and have fun at prom! :)

Anonymous said...

what about prom dresses? any pieces from you guys or know where to get?

Anonymous said...

bianca suitable for prom?

Anonymous said...

when are you guys going to have another 'missypixie's day out'? :)

yy said...

hi there where did you get that brown bag in the same outfit shot as the leopard print shoes?

missypixie said...

Anon9: we do have some party dresses coming up but not sure if they are what you are looking for..perhaps you can try places like Warehouse or Topshop? Think they have quite a few prom-worthy stuff right now! Oh you can try Robinsons or Tangs too :) hope this helps!

Anon10: yupp I do think so! Match it with classy earrings and nude stilettos and I think you should be all set for prom!

Anon11: we have yet to find a suitable location for our next day out :( will update you girls if we do!

missypixie said...

YY: hi! the brown bag is from miumiu :)

Anonymous said...

the black chunky heels is the black heels with the ankle strap??? I have been looking for something like that too!! and mary jane flats. can never find nude mary janes:(

Anonymous said...

haha what mary janes. I mean t-strap flats!

missypixie said...

Anon12: yup its the one with ankle straps! :) i think u can get t-bar flats from trendyzone too leh! Not sure if they have nude though..if I see it I'll let u know! ;)

Anonymous said...

sorry so many questions!! but should i get bianca black or nude?

Anonymous said...

Thank you!^^ That would be really good:)
Do you think the chunky heels and t-strap are those classic designs that'll forever be there? I am not free to go out before dec!:(

missypixie said...

anon10: i would go for nude!

anon12: im not too sure about that though.. maybe you can get someone to get it for you? it fits true to my usual shoe size :)

Anonymous said...

hi there :)

Is missypixie hiring or looking for any interns over the holidays? :)

anon12(LOL) said...

Thank you:) If you are going there to get a second pair, could you help me ask if there will be stocks in dec please? I will zoom down on 1 dec to get it:( All my friends aren't free too. EXAMS:(

missypixie said...

anon13: sorry for replying so late dear, missed out this comment but nope, we aren't looking to hire more help as yet. thank you for asking!! :)

anon12: hey dear i havent had time to get down to far east yet but if i can i'll ask and let u know :) no guarantees tho'!