Wednesday, November 2, 2011

this one's for you and me, living out our dreams.

the work week passed by in such a hurry that i only have one outfit shot to show for it.

the weekend was much more awesome though!
went to catch Boxing Boys with the boy at esplanade on saturday.

statement necklaces do such wonders in jazzing up an otherwise plain outfit!
when the boy saw me he asked if i won some competition because 
"how come you are wearing your medals on your neck?"
Very Funny.

went slightly off the beaten track and had peranakan fare for dinner instead!

whenever i eat peranakan i am always remembered of  'xiao niang re' and want to break out into the theme song... but i digress. 
food there was quite shiok! :)

Boxing Boys was quite a letdown though. thought there'd be much more showing of muay thai as an art form and more semblance of dialogue/humour but it fell flat on both.
even the hotbods couldn't save the show.
oh well, think i'd definitely pay more to watch Wicked when it comes!
and to make ourselves feel better after the performance we had this for dessert, hehe.

went for the 13cells halloween event on sunday night with the boy and his friends!
first time visiting a cemetery that late in the night and it was a'lil freaky.

with his corpse bride.

with one of the characters who (unsuccessfully) scared us.

not much of a fright night afterall... at the end of it we were more tired from all that walking we had to do from station to station than anything else -.-

so knackered that we slept in on our off day and only headed out to watch three musketeers in the evening.

and 'cos its been raining like mad cats and dogs recently, i found a chic cardi that keeps me really snug in the dreadful weather!
decided on the cream one eventually 'cos kel wanted the one in black.

i kinda feel "atas" when i wear this cardi, no kidding. think its cos of the interlocking chains at the neckline and the slightly woolly texture, haha. very chanel-esque!

chains are easily removable so if you like it plain, just snip it off will do :)
should be launching this piece this weekend so do lookout for it if you like what you see!

off to update my running tracks for the month.
have a great week ahead girls! ;)



Anonymous said...

Ooh the cardigan is nice! And where did you get your statement necklace? I am trying to use them to make my basics more interesting!

Anonymous said...

Hello, where did you get the necklace Becks wore with Florence? :)

Delvy said...

lovely outfit.. :)

Anonymous said...

where did you get your white bag from???

Anonymous said...

any idea what i can wear to my d&d with the theme "back to the orbit days"?

btw you look nice in all maxi skirts!

missypixie said...

anon1: i got my necklace from topshop :) yup i'm also trying to buy more of them.. think DIVA has quite a few that are not too bad too!

anon2: hi that necklace was from BKK!

delvy: thank you for your kind comment!

anon3: bag is from miumiu :)

anon4: thanks! maxis are good for days when i don't shave my legs! hahaha!

as for your D&D theme, woah its abit hard man. for me i think i would wear what i wore when i was a teenager - cropped tee with baggy jeans/bell bottoms, or a tank top with skirt and those japanese baggy socks with platforms - those were all the rage back then! not sure if you are from the same generation as me though, haha! if you don't wanna dress up too much you can probably just wear highwaisted shorts, tuck your shirt all the way in, wear high socks and be the school nerd!

all the best for your d&d and have fun! :)