Sunday, November 27, 2011


Fantastic weekend :)

First up, attended Mei's wedding at Rochester last night and it was a cosy affair - first al fresco wedding i've ever been to and i'm loving it.
no run-of-the-mill ballroom dinners for me when it comes to my turn, definitely!

there were three boxes you could put your angpows into - the first one read "For a Baby", the second one read "For a House", and the third, "For Wayne's Ipad3". Haha!

Instead of the usual photo album thingies, they hung up their pre-wedding shoots on twine. Nice!

the newlyweds!
wayne's from chicago, mei's singaporean, and they both now work and live in beijing..
talk about being international!

ex-colleagues from Sentosa!
missing all those awesome times on the island :(

mishmash of food on my plate but anyhow, the duck shepherd's pie is to die for.
and so is the butternut pumpkin soup! slurrrrps.

with my gorgeous ex-boss. if you think her familiar, that's cos she read the news on Ch5 and then later, at Channelnewsasia, for almost a decade. hehh.

managed to sneak a pic with the blushing bride before the dinner ended!

and instead of usual wedding favours, the bride's sister baked a range of cookies and you could put whatever you wished into the takeout boxes they provided you with! cute!

wore this to the dinner and sis said i was giving out Samantha Jones vibes -.-

with the x'mas present from the boy :)

in other unrelated news, was super inspired by one of my models, XM, and went to youtube videos of nail art - she had done her galaxy nails using the tutorial and it looked super professional! pity i forgot to take pictures of her artwork but she said she'll do it for me when i'm ready, hehehe. 
and so i found this vlogger called "cutepolish" who does the most adorable nails ever.
thought i'd share so here goes!

the moustache nails are damn ke ai!! and so are the hello kitty ones hahaha.

and then there are awesome DIY nails like these:

and XM's galaxy nails that i am in love with but am too lazy to try out on my own :x

already have some idea of what i want my CNY nails to be, hahaha. damn bimbo to be thinking ahead for this i know. bah.
shall research more and see!

off to gym now to get rid of all the dimsum i had for brunch.
hope you girls enjoy the collection tonight! ;)



Anonymous said...

Hi! Where did you get the black dress from? The one with the red thin belt :)

missypixie said...

anon1: hi! i got the dress from BYSI! belt is my own :)

Anonymous said...

Did you get it recently?? It's nice!

missypixie said...

hmm not really i think i got it about a month or so ago!

Rebecca said...

Hi Sharon! She's Suzanne sth isn't she? I agree with you. Damn gorge and with a lovely voice to boot. She's hawt!!!

missypixie said...

Anon2: yes she's suzanne! And she's really nice too :)))

Anonymous said...

hi there!
are you girls selling the skirt that's paired with the TESSA GREY cotton offsie tee?

Anonymous said...

Hi! Is Mariah ruched bodycon stocked in at KJ?:)

missypixie said...

anon3: yes we will be selling it in the following weekend or so! do look out for it! ;)

anon4: nope it isn't i think!

Anonymous said...

hi when will casis be coming.we waited so long already.
Next time pls dont strecth a backorder especially since some of us wouldnt want to join the backorder if its gonna be extended.I for one join the baackorder as it was just nice for a occasion and then it got extended and i have not heard a word about it.pls do openn a second batch of backorder not extend one as some of us wouldt want to join if its so long.thanks

missypixie said...

Anon5: hi dear, understand your concerns with regard to this matter and we do apologise for the long wait for cassia.

Just to clarify, there was only one batch of backorder that we placed orders for but our supplier unfortunately got our orders wrong and are sending over one batch first. Hence the two batches. We had wanted to send out an update but all our supplier could give were open-ended answers and we were unable to confirm anything on our end :( truthfully, it was the floods in Bangkok that contributed to the delay in this backorder as there was trouble getting the goods out from the factory to the city centre. It was an act of nature and its unfortunate that we could not do anything to speed up the backorder. We sincerely apologise for that!

As with all backorders, terms and conditions are clearly stated - buyers are to join only if comfortable with the wait and unforseen delays. We strongly urge everyone not to join backorders if they require the item urgently as we are often unable to certify the actual dates of arrival. This is something that we and our suppliers are still working on and we hope that you all will be able to give us some time to iron out the kinks in this supply-demand chain.

We definitely do not delay backorders or extend it deliberately - we do hope you all understand that. Delays and screw ups frustrate us as much as it frustrates buyers, as it lowers our credibility as an online business. We try our best in making sure every backorder goes on smoothly but accidents do happen and we're terribly sorry about that.

That said, we will be mailing the first batch of Cassia out and will get the second batch in as soon as we can. Apologies once again for the disappointment and we'd love to get your patience and kind understanding in this matter. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

thank u so much for attending my enquiry for casis.much appreciated thanks

Anonymous said...

Hi Sharon, can you post a clearer picture ofthe black bysi dress?

Anonymous said...

Gooooo MP :) You girls are awesome :)

missypixie said...

anon5: thank you for your kind feedback as well! :)

anon6: could you leave your email so i can mail you a picture?

anon7: thank you dear!! we do our best :)

Anonymous said...

I like the half moon nails! Gonna do it for prom:)

Can I check if you that trendyzone is at the 4th level? Going to find maybe tmr!

missypixie said...

Anon8: yeaa do it for prom! :) I'm thinking of doing it for CNY too. And yupp trendyzone is at the 4th floor!

Anonymous said...

hi! are you guys able to bring back this pair of sandals? Like perhaps with a slight wedge so that it can elongate our legs haha :)

missypixie said...

anon9: sorry dear but we currently do not have a footwear supplier as the last one bailed out on us :( will try our best to find one in the coming year! thank you for your suggestion anyway! :)

Anonymous said...

where did you get the leopard flats? The one with the black dress :)

missypixie said...

anon10: hi dear its wedges and i got it from charles&keith some time ago!