Saturday, December 31, 2011

days of feasting,

and still more to come.
not that im complaining but all the calories, ugggggh!!!

definitely going for a run tomorrow morning.

glad that i met up with soooo many groups of friends over the span of two weeks - JC mates, Uni friends, guitar babes... and not forgetting time with the folks and heart-to-heart talks with the sistership. 
x'mas definitely makes good time for catching up and with so much love from the people all around me, i really, really, should count my blessings :)
overdue pics from some of the xmas meetups!

dinner at dan ryan's with the peeps.

the domesticated XM who painstakingly took 15 minutes or more to cut up the roast chicken for all of us.

typical photo of the two of us and yes, i am THAT terrified when people come so near to me.
even more so when its kellyong. shudders.

group pic!

the to-die-for molten cake. 
death by chocolate man.

and then an impromptu ktv sesh! i can never resist ktv sessions, heh.

with our dearest ah girl :)

becks and andy deep in some lomantic duet. hahaha.

last minute meetup with the G2 girlies for dinner and drinks at dempsey!

i swear margarita's has one of the best mexican food i've ever had.
definitely popping by again!

off to ps cafe for more sangria!

got free truffle fries because they got our orders wrong, heheheheh.
what's not to love!

and lastly, random outfits of the week.

absolutely diggin' my new necklace.

2012's just a day away and i just want it to come quick because honestly, the last of 2011 hasn't exactly been smooth-sailing for me. i don't know and won't know what the new year holds, but all i can say is that i hope faith will pull me through - come what may.

"Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, 
Courage to change the things I can,
And wisdom to know the difference."

On a sidenote, can't wait to go grocery shopping tomorrow for a major cookout on new year's day with the family! Totally looking forward to burning down the kitchen woohooo!

Have a happy new year y'all :)


Monday, December 26, 2011

2 days of Christmas

A long weekend in our case = TWO. TWO whole days of not checking emails.
TWO. Instead of one.
Now i feel pathetic. sighs. :(

My Christmas week started off non-Christmasy.

I spent about 10 mins happily randomly sticking 'xi' stickers
on huge oranges.
Only for the BF to tell me, he painstakingly spent twice the amount of time,
aligning the stickers at the center of each orange, before carefully pressing them down.

overload of red, chinese-y stuff.

old school wedding cakes. gosh, i love the choc rice roll.
absolute fav.

work outfit on tuesdays.
BELLA black top & CONNIE magenta shorts.
when i bought both items in the same trip,
i already knew i was going to style them that way for the phoshoot.
You can do it too with any bright coloured bottom, so the lace part
peeks out and you can see the details :)

outfit to meet the girls for dinner at town.
but in the end, got tempted by mahjong and went home instead. HAHA.
and yes, i am in the forest green phase.

cupcakes for xmas.

and a very unhealthy dinner i am sure
i am not supposed to be eating before the wedding. :(

sighs. the kind of things i do for friends.

SHARMIE!!! i ate it!!!! i like ours better leh.

Christmas dinner outfit.
super damn sad after dinner cos i somehow managed to stain the bottom hem
of TYAN mint with black oil or something and it wont wash off. :(

and its snowing/foaming.

start of buffet dinner at Traders.
I am not much of a hotel buffet person, so i guess it was okay la.

end of buffet dinner.
plenty of durian paste + durian agar agar = overkill.

made our own durian puff by cracking open the puff
and stuffing more durian than necessary into it. haha.

yes yes, i am wearing the forest green top AGAIN.
with a bright red bag.
Very Christmas-y, no?

and ta daaaa! end of Christmas week :)

much love,

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

where the wild things at.

gotta blog before the whole backlog of pictures consume me!

leisurely brunch and shopping with the sisterhood on a monday :)

then we celebrated sue's birthday without her (weird, i know).
was craving for korean bbq so off we went!

coincidentally, we were all in blue!

except weigan -.-

twin powers feifei and fangfang. haha!!

new crepe toga top that i am in love with. 
can't tell whether its the colour or the material i'm adoring but who cares!

new arm candy too. yums.
ignore the arm hair please. hahaha.

had a field day meeting suppliers last friday - got a 'lil giddy looking at colour charts and such but we're so so stoked to see so many new designs in production! can't wait for the samples to arrive!

made this lattice top in white and cobalt, plus a whole range of CNY colours!
me and kel are fighting over which colours to get, bleah.

anyhow, my flats gave way one day (always happens to me -.-) 
thank god for Rollies in the office!
if you still don't know, we are selling these amazing babies on our site - roll-up ballet flats that fit into any bag. god knows how many times i have bought shoes because my blisters were too painful to bear/my shoes gave way... kel can testify to that man. with these Rollies hopefully i don't have to waste money buying random shoes ever again!

wore the snakeskin Rollies out after that. i'm a usual size 37 and i can wear both S and M, but i think M is a comfier fit.
we're not selling this print yet but if you girls are into printed ones, let us know!
ehhh realised you can't see much of the print here.. yikes. will take a close-up next time :)

met the Vases for dinner after a loooong time!

went to Nabins under the recommendation of hanis the policeman.

ambience was not too bad,

food was so-so,

but don't get me started on the service.
it was so damn bad, i don't think i have been to any other place with such horrible service staff!
not going there ever again.

sang ourselves silly till 2am to coldplay/katy perry/ladygaga, haha. 
awesome time catchin' up, as always.

and before i end this post abruptly, i am proud to present -

my new pair of sandals from genting that i lovelovelovelovelove!
okay i say that for every new pair of footwear i own, but erm, this is true love. i swear!

have a blessed week ahead y'all and don't forget to head over to our Facebook fan page here to vote for your favourite Missypixie girl! can win Missypixie vouchers leh so votevotevote away ok!