Monday, December 26, 2011

2 days of Christmas

A long weekend in our case = TWO. TWO whole days of not checking emails.
TWO. Instead of one.
Now i feel pathetic. sighs. :(

My Christmas week started off non-Christmasy.

I spent about 10 mins happily randomly sticking 'xi' stickers
on huge oranges.
Only for the BF to tell me, he painstakingly spent twice the amount of time,
aligning the stickers at the center of each orange, before carefully pressing them down.

overload of red, chinese-y stuff.

old school wedding cakes. gosh, i love the choc rice roll.
absolute fav.

work outfit on tuesdays.
BELLA black top & CONNIE magenta shorts.
when i bought both items in the same trip,
i already knew i was going to style them that way for the phoshoot.
You can do it too with any bright coloured bottom, so the lace part
peeks out and you can see the details :)

outfit to meet the girls for dinner at town.
but in the end, got tempted by mahjong and went home instead. HAHA.
and yes, i am in the forest green phase.

cupcakes for xmas.

and a very unhealthy dinner i am sure
i am not supposed to be eating before the wedding. :(

sighs. the kind of things i do for friends.

SHARMIE!!! i ate it!!!! i like ours better leh.

Christmas dinner outfit.
super damn sad after dinner cos i somehow managed to stain the bottom hem
of TYAN mint with black oil or something and it wont wash off. :(

and its snowing/foaming.

start of buffet dinner at Traders.
I am not much of a hotel buffet person, so i guess it was okay la.

end of buffet dinner.
plenty of durian paste + durian agar agar = overkill.

made our own durian puff by cracking open the puff
and stuffing more durian than necessary into it. haha.

yes yes, i am wearing the forest green top AGAIN.
with a bright red bag.
Very Christmas-y, no?

and ta daaaa! end of Christmas week :)

much love,


Anonymous said...


where did you get the forest green top you wore in the last photo? :)

Anonymous said...

Hey there! Where did you get the black sandals. It's pretty darling :)!

Anonymous said...

do you guys still have the CONNIE magenta shorts? would like to get them!

missypixie said...

Forest green top is from Berskha! Sandals are from pazzion and CONNIE magenta is all sold out :)

Anonymous said...

Where did you get the forest green skirt? And your wedding cakes look good!

Anonymous said...


hi dear, may i find out where did you get the green skirt from?

missypixie said...

Got the skirt online! Merry christmas too :))))

Anonymous said...

Hi dear! May i know when will the pieces from the latest collection be available in Kissjane? :) Would like to try some on

missypixie said...

If they are still available, they will be at Kissjane outlets from tomorrow evening onwards! :)

Anonymous said...

please bring in the scallop hem shorts again :>

missypixie said...

ah sorry, am afraid we won't be bringing it in again!

Anonymous said...

is the green maxi skirt from love bonito?

missypixie said...

yup it is!

gwen said...

omgosh where did you find those wedding cakes!! i can't seem to find them anymore.. or maybe i just haven't been looking in the right places. ._.

missypixie said...

Haha, took me sometime to find them too! You can get it at Blk 929, tampines street 91! :)

BeBelia said...

Hi dear, can i check with you which forever 21 you bought your gold flats in your previous post?
i like it very much.. =))

missypixie said...

I got it from the 313 outlet :)

Anonymous said...

hey babe! is TYAN maxi material thin? I'm afraid will have VPL or make my butt looks too heavy. and is it available at KissJane? if yes I can go try on before buying (:

missypixie said...

Hi, you can try it on at kissjane outlets. Only the rust ones are left :) and nope, I do not have VPL when I wear it!

Anonymous said...

thanks for the reply babe! issit possible to call and reserve for the day cos I don't wanna go down only
to find that it's sold out ): yes I'm looking at the rust ones! :D

Anonymous said...

restock tish in wine red pretty please? :)

missypixie said...

hello! i dont have their numbers but you can email to to ask them to reserve it for you! i just checked my sales report and i think its sold out at citylink :)

anon: ah i wished i could restock it too but the supplier ran out of material plus CNY is coming soon so the factories are going on a loooonnnng break!

Anonymous said...