Wednesday, December 7, 2011


y'know, i'd very much like to blog about my weekend trip to genting, about all the fun i had bullying kids at bumper cars, getting giddy with the boy after Spinner, singing our hearts out ala Super Idol at wee hours of the morning, catching cheap movies every single day, winning and then losing my money at the nicotine-filled casinos -

but my hard disk drive crashed last night and i haven't been able to recover it fully. i don't know if anyone, in my shoes, would be as devastated as i am because i haven't been able to sleep thinking of all the data i might lose forever - all my psd files, work documents, songs, pictures...
and don't get me started on my vacation photos. 
gone, all possibly gone.

thinking of all these just makes my heart break. i swear this is worse than a bad break-up.
i am seldom dramatic like this so when i am, you know this is really tearing me apart.

can't get to sleep yet so i'm up again trying to download some recovery programmes in hope of saving more files than i could last night... think a trip to sim lim might be in order.

so nope, not in the mood to blog.
not yet.

no xoxo,


Anonymous said...

Oh dear... I hope you'll get most if not all of it back. I know i would be absolutely crushed too if that happen to me. But worry not... there's always memories and many chances to make more! Cheer up babe!


missypixie said...

tam: thanks dear! i left my disk in the hands of some computer guy at funan and i hope he can recover at least 80% of it! fingers crossed! :)