Thursday, December 1, 2011

It never rains, but it pours

I came home from a bridesmaid meeting session,
with a heavy feeling in my heart.
Not cause of the meeting (that was fun)
but cos of the emails I know i have to face.

I was telling Ann,
I don't mind the mails, of cos i dont mind them.
They are a measure of how well we are doing.
But i really get affected when I get mails that
i simply cannot answer.
I am not ranting about anyone in particular,
or complaining or trying to be an ungrateful brat.
I know customers mean everything to us in this line,
but i really need to explain certain problems
that are not within my control.

1. Lost normal mails.

I am really very sorry if the item doesnt get to you.
I know you paid good money for it, and when you dont get it,
that sucks.
But the problem herein lies with the delivery service, not us.
We mail the items out as requested, to the address as stated.
We check and double check the addresses when we write them
and even emailed several customers each week to remind them
about their missing unit number or even a postal code that doesn't tally.
(you might have even gotten one of those mails from us!)
And when we do all we can here, pack the item and mail it out,
the responsibility then shifts over to Singpost.
And during transit/sorting/delivery, any one of those instances,
should the postman/sorting officer/delivery people not be careful
and drop a parcel, sort it elsewhere or sent it to the wrong mailbox,
we cannot do anything about it.
We won't even know where did they go wrong.

this is the standard Singpost reply i get EACH TIME i send them an enquiry.
If its normal mail, its not traceable.
If i call them, then i simply get the verbal version of the above.
Which I understand. A normal c4 manila envelope out of the thousands they get daily.
How could they ever track it down?
And in return, how could we ever find the parcel?
So my point here is, if your normal mail goes missing,
I am sorry. I am not being callous,
but the thing is, I can't help you.
I could email. I could call.
But the reply would still be variations of what you see above.
So to avoid all this heartpain and my increasing blood pressure,
how about you opt for registered mail?

2. Backorders.

I know some people are saying that we are deliberately extending backorders
to gather more orders and in the process, delay the orders of those who placed theirs first.
I spoke to other blogshop owners and yes, this is a common complaint.
Let me clarify.
Why in the world would we do that?
Why in the world would I voluntarily like to receive plenty of emails each day,
chasing for different backorder items and coming up with plenty of apologies for all?
Why would I not want the items to reach ASAP so i can send them
all out immediately, garner goodwill amongst my customers
and make them all happy?
Some customers keep asking us why we do not open backorders for popular items.
THIS is why.
Cos when we do so, and the backorder gets delayed for some reason or another,
its our fault.
Then there will be those who think we are just extending it
to get more orders along the way.
What we do is this.
We place a FIXED amount of slots with our suppliers for the backorder.
Thats why you see 'Sold Out' under the backorder items.
Cos all slots are taken.
We only ever increase stocks when the supplier herself ordered more of the item
and we decide to order more from her.
Within the same batch, due to arrive all at the same time.
Should the new batch take longer,
we open Batch 2. Thats why you see Batch 2 for some designs.
We were unfortunate to get loads of delays with our recent backorders,
miscommunication between factory producing dress vs factory producing belt.
The floods in thailand causing the supplier's factory to close down production.
A lack in material which was not told to us,
until 2 weeks later, when we enquired.
You see?
I can't even do an update cos when i ask my suppliers,
they gave me vague answers like,
its coming this friday. if not, then next friday loh.
And how can i tell my customers that??

All I can say is for everyone to please be patient.
Trust that we are doing all we can to get the items asap to you
(even paying extra for airfreight instead of shipping it over,
all borne by us, and not passed on to you)

Okay, enough of the month's saddest post ever.
I am going to focus on happier things,
the upcoming Christmas, Wedding, CNY,
love from friends and family.
All this shall past, and in a year's time,
do they matter anyway?

Had my most happening Friday in a long while last week!

the most unlikely outfit for drinks and clubbing,
but heck, I really went in a midi skirt. To club.

1-Altitude at One Raffles Place.
Amazing view.

Contrary to popular belief, i DO recycle my clothes.

finally fulfilled my Coffee Bean eggs ben craving.

went Tawandang at Dempsey for dinner.

the pork knuckle was great. But that was the only highlight of the dinner. :(

I find the whole place terribly overpriced
(it averages at $50 per pax for zi char food?!)
and the rest of the food so-so only.
Plus the live band makes for bad conversation sessions.

wore ESTHER in black. I totally don't regret getting this in both colours.

MP in this month's CLEO! totally loving this pic.
thank you gab & deb!

prepped for a meeting on wednesday, but totally missed it
cos was too swamped with work.
wearing new WILLOW item though!

we sketched the design on the plane with Ber,
and she actually took it on the scrap paper
we were playing hangman on, and manufactured it.

Sharmie is off to Genting for a weekend,
so will be heading to office alone with ah girl tomorrow.
ahhhh, cant wait for the weekend to be here.

much love,


Amanda said...

Omg I love that dress!! Please say it's launching within the next month or so :)

And I totally enphatise with your predicament, there is so much you and Sharmie can't control! Though I don't buy from MP as much as I like to, you might be happy to know you're the ONLY online shop I buy from now. Keep on doing what you girls do and the loyal customers will stand by you!! :D

Anonymous said...

did anyone say you look abit like the ice skater kim yuna? ;)

Anonymous said...

Cheer up kelly :) Lots of customers can be unreasonable but lots of them also understand :) Keep up the good work MP!!! <3

Anonymous said...

Cheer up! (:

missypixie said...

amanda: we are launching it next week! :) and thank you for the kind words, haha!

anon1: nope, you are the first!!

anon2 & anon3: thank you thank you! moment of low cos its late at night, but i am all up and bouncing now!

Anonymous said...

Hell yeah, kelly! Missypixie is the only blogspot that I go to! Loving everything bout missypixie! From nice shopowners, to products & also, your models! Heehee.

missypixie said...

anon4: gee thanks!!

Anonymous said...

loving that dress(nude/black)! u girls really brought and design pretty stuff.

it is gonna launch next week? or this weekend?

missypixie said...

within the next two weeks for sure!

Anonymous said...

Hi Kelly, understand you travel to bkk rather often. wld like to find out if you are aware whether bkk shops e.g. those in platinum mall etc are open during cny?

gen said...

hi kelly! fwah I recognized your black flats! from Mondo right? =P I rmb-ed asking you eons ago where did u buy them and I went to get one yourself! you bought more than one pair right ? =P HEE. I'd alr thrown away mine cos they're wearing apart but I'm heading down to FEP to buy another pair again! :D

Anonymous said...

U girls are doing an awesome job! Hate on those haterssssss! Y'all think so easy, y'all open blogshop la!

And of course, lovin' the mod dress!!!
Lub, Ber

missypixie said...

anon6: i think most of them are open, but the stocks you see won't be that great cos those who get their stuff from China would just be repeating old stocks :)

gen: erm yah. I actually bought more than a few pairs - embarrassed- hahahhaa.

ber: you are shameless. come here promote own dress. HAHAHAHAHHA.