Saturday, December 17, 2011


Am still coughing from last week and still sounding like crap.
It has gotten to a point that i pretty much want to give up talking.
Have been running pre-wedding errands the past few weekends,
hence lack of good food and interesting places to go.

spent my weekend in my new fav forest green top :)

and random finger-candy that me and Sharmie picked up
just before heading to work.

Spent most of the week in BKK doing our last sourcing trip for the year
and I am proud to announce the arrival of TYAN ROSE!!

we will be launching it this Sunday so do look out,
cos i am really not re-making this again.

its insanely simple, but i love this full white mini dress

especially the gold zip!
(nope, we are not manufacturing this!)

glitter nails to match my shoes :)

and you can so see the difference between me and Mella.

took monkey years to do my eyes today.
all the coughing makes it hard to keep my hands steady.

but finally! finally it got cold enough for me to wear my new knit sweater :)

felt like a furry lamb the whole day.
Plus i kept shedding little tufts of fur in the car. wahhahahahhaha

lastly, for self-amusement, i call these:
Scour pads, Christmas edition.

we are calling for more entries for our annual MP girl contest!
tons of fab prizes await and you can head over to our Facebook fan page HERE
for more details.
its crazily simple. one outfit picture with at least one missypixie item.
send it to us at
and wait for us to post it up.
Once its up, get your friends and friends of friends to 'LIKE' the outfit
and the one with the most votes win!

trust me, you will LOVE the bracelet
(which is under lock and key at sharmie's house now
cos everyone in the office is plotting how to get it.
well, except for ah girl. She is too bo chap. hahaha)

much love,


Anonymous said...

Hello Kelly!! I think one of your rings is from Rubi right? I have the same ring!!

And yay for Tyan rose!! When will the preview be up? :)

Anonymous said...

YAY! FINALLY! What colours have you got for Tyan this time round? :))) Omg I hope I don't miss the launch AGAIN. Pleasepleaseplease make it an early one!

Anonymous said...

Hi, may I know where you got your forest green top & white knit sweater from? Thanks :)

Anonymous said...

how long did u take to achieve such wavy curls after u perm? and also how often do u perm ur hair? I really love how naturally flowy it is:)

Anonymous said...

hi may i know where u got your gold ring and criss cross ring from?

Anonymous said...

Will u be remaking tyan mint?

HooksandPirates said...

Hi may I know where did you get your gold flats? It's lovely! Been searching for it for the longest time! :)

Anonymous said...

Haha i'm in a sparkles phase too! Love love the gold flats that you have. Where did you get them? Oh and any other maxi skirts coming up on MP? :)

missypixie said...

Anon1: hey babe I got them from DIVA actually! Haha. Preview will be up once Sharmie is done with the pics :)

Anon2: we have black, rose and brick red! We can only post it up when Sharmie is done so do give her some time!

missypixie said...

Anon3: hello! I got the green top from Berskha and the knit one from Topshop!

Anon4: thank you! I originally have wavy hair already so I think it's easier. I last permed in oct I think, and before that was dec :)

Anon5: rings are from DIVA!

missypixie said...

Anon6: sorry! not remaking tyan in mint :(

HooksandPirates & anon7: gold flats are from forever21! For now, we don't have any more maxi skirts coming up.

Anonymous said...

I assume there'd be no BO for the skirts once they sell out? :( :( I keep missing the launches since there's no definite time! Launch before dinner time please!

Btw you're looking pretty! Love the hair!

missypixie said...

Thank you! Hmm it really depends on demand and availability of material! We also want the skirts to arrive before CNY so that's another factor!

Anonymous said...

where did you get the white dress from!! love it! :)

Anonymous said...

will you extend the contest? I'm hoping to join aft getting something from this collection!

Anonymous said...

In reply to my first ques, do u wash your hair everyday? i heard that for curly hair, we are not supposed to wash our hair everyday so that it isnt too drying. Is tt true for urself?

missypixie said...

got the white dress from Femme-X at cine!

no worries about the deadline, you can submit your photos anytime and if its eligible, we will post it up still. Just that those girls currently have a headstart!

anon4: oh yes, i wash my hair everyday, haha, cannot take it if i don't. :( hmmm, i feel that its still okay?

Anonymous said...

yes babe, pls extend the deadline for the contest! im interested to join too! will submit within these 2 days, is that okay?

feliqque said...

hi! if it's okay with you, could you share the price of the white dress? (: cause i'm thinking of getting it but will not bother going to cine if the price is over my budget! haha thanks alot!!

missypixie said...

Yup no prob! U can still submit entries to :)

Feliqque: oh no!! I got it with a bunch of other things and I can't remember the exact price offhand. Erm, it could be $49 or $55?

Anonymous said...

Heyy where did you get your purple shorts from? (:

missypixie said...

the one in the last outfit? its from some random store in thailand!