Saturday, December 10, 2011


this week ain't so good cos i caught a bout of flu from my parents
and am now sounding like a cross between a frog and man.
A very deep-throated man.
You must imagine this does no good for me cos i just spent the entire week
flouncing around in girly dresses.
I swear a few people actually turned around just to check the source of my voice.

Went to a few meetings this week with sponsors
(and yes, we will be showering you girls with vouchers soon!)
and suppliers to approve last min CNY designs.
Finally they are all on their way :)
Also spent most of the week plotting to steal the following:

a rose pink miu miu bracelet from Sharmie.

She got it as the top prize for our Missypixie Girl contest this year
(check out the details HERE)
and i have been lemming after it all this while.
am going to hatch an elaborate plan between me, becks and Ber to sneakily
take part in the contest and win it. MUAAHAHHAHAHA.
I really should. My wardrobe consist of 50% MP clothes, 50% others.

Like the past week's outfit:

wore CONNIE magenta with black and navy. such a lovely pop of colour.

if i wear it with a forest green top, would i look like an eggplant?

Marmalade revamped its menu and added this:
Seared scallop linguine with tiger prawn bisque.
it looks good, but was kinda bland.

wore upcoming WILLOW dress - ISMAY in purple :)
i am stuck in this high neck, exposed shoulders phase.
I naturally gravitate towards such clothes in all store
and then my wardrobe starts to all look the same.

went shopping for wedding stuff!
gotta love the baby 'xi' words!

and then slowly you will realise i am not smiling,
cos the throat is killing me and i cant sleep every night :(

its a pretty neutral outfit so i thought it would look nice
with a fresh bright coloured bag :)

and then, wore my new wine coloured midi as a dress yesterday.
I almost always do this with my midi/maxi skirts.
I will try it as a dress first, with a cute belt,
before wearing it with a plain basis (ie. a solid coloured tank/spag top/offsie)
then moving on to printed and more complicated details.
This makes for min 3 new outfits :)

sneak peak of our wedding invite fashioned after a boarding pass :)

and lastly, voila!

just got the pics yesterday and i still don't look like me.

If you know me, you would realise i am actually a pretty slack bride.
Most brides plan down to the last details,
I am vague about MOST details. haha.
But the only diligent thing that i did was to take care of my skin
and go on a frantic diet plan.
But coupled with work, flying schedules and falling sick at the wrong time,
going to gym is getting pretty hard.
So i improvise by eating healthier!

#1 Cut out on sugared drinks.
I usually ordered a sugared drink to go with my meals,
at lunch and dinner.
So thats at least 2 cans a day? Or sometimes i get back home,
and its bloody hot, then i grab another one.
And all these add up to empty calories.
So i just cut them out, totally.
I order chinese tea or hot green tea if I am having Chinese or Jap.
If not, i will ask for iced water.
Or worst come to worst, I have been known to pull out my own bottle of water
and eat it with my bak chor mee.
i don't know how long it will take to show any results
but in any case, this is probably the easier way to cut out sugar & calories.

#2 Share the mains.
the BF and I are trying to slim down before the big day
so dinner out these days are pretty quiet affairs.
I just tried it yesterday and i thought it worked pretty fine
if we ordered just one main course and share it.
Weirdly enough, even without the side dishes and such,
it was still pretty filling.
But obviously this works only if you don't overcompensate
by ordering 4 side dishes, 2 desserts and what else.
And also if your boyfriend doesn't need to eat a kg of rice to be full.

I have not gotten to the point of totally not eating fried food and such
but with the sore throat, i am actually self-censoring.
Now, if only i can stop sounding like a half man half frog creature...

much love,


Kitty said...

Wow!! Totally love your wedding dress! :)

Alice said...

In ur wedding photo . U look like ur sis ..

Alice said...

The photo which u wearing the wedding gown.. u look like ur sis ..

Anonymous said...

Is the navy blazer gonna launch soon?

Nat said...

hello, you look really great in the wedding picture! please drink more water. take care of your throat and yourself! :)
a question..where did you get your mustard bag from?

Anonymous said...

When will the purple dress be launched? :)

missypixie said...

kitty: thanks!! i chose it cos of the back details :)

Alice: haha, yah i know. I compared, we do look alike!

missypixie said...

anon: sorry nope thats my personal piece from BYSI!

Nat: mustard bag is from a flea i went to a few years back! thank you! will try to get well!

missypixie said...

anon1: launching next week :)

Anonymous said...

Was the blazer bought long time ago?

Anonymous said...

You look beautiful in ur wedding photos(: Is the long midi skirt in your neutral outfit going to be launched soon?

Anonymous said...

Hey Kelly!

How do you take good care of your skin? Any tips?

missypixie said...

bought the blazer sometime back in end sept?

anon2: thanks! we actually launched the skirt, RENA nude, sometime back! i only dug it out recently to wear, haha.

anon3: hello! i have a rather long skincare routine to squeeze into comments, haha. will blog about it the next time? :)