Saturday, January 28, 2012

dong dong chiang!

how was your cny, peeps? :)

mine was nothing short of quality family time, feasting, gambling, and alcohol.

pre-cny drinks at boiler with the sistership and friends!
in my new favourite romper.
doesn't matter that the boy thinks it looks like pyjamas -.-

oiling our stomachs before the onset of mister johnnie ;)

dajie and her bestie

me and van with newfound drinking kaki emily

fun, fun night. yay to sisters and girlfriends!

cny eve - river angpow with the folks.

then it was the Official lunar new year!
spent the first day in a blur - catching up, playing cards, entertaining the kids - so much so that we only had time to take photos at night when we returned home.

third CNY with baby K! how time files man.

third CNY with the boy as well :)

with dearest momsie!

and the one whom i share a room with.

the next generation of cuzzies - so cute!!

and us, who've aged :(

spent the rest of the night playing drinking games with my dad's age-old martell.. even dad wasn't spared. haha! we waited for baby K to get to sleep before we headed out for a late night movie with the cousins.
just like the old times, i like :)

CNY day two.
thank god i didn't meet kel 'cos we'd both look like twins -.-
(white lace dress + Mila Black clutch!)

the adults were all hogging the mahjong tables and the kids were all asleep so we snuck out for some ice cream!

i win hands down at scariest face. confirm.

ice cream chefs - knew the owners from my FYP and i dare say their ice cream's pretty rad!

went back to office on the third day to settle outstanding mails and had our AGM (ahem, ahem) yesterday to plan the year's outlook for the brand... feel free to hit us with any suggestions/constructive feedback so that we can soar to greater heights this year yea! :)

can't wait for more mj/steamboat parties/ktv seshs/louhei this weekend and next with family and friends, all in the name of the festivities! 
9 more days to the end of CNY... till then, enjoy!



dear/little/days said...

Your mummy looks so youthful, very pretty! ^^

Anonymous said...

Is the romper upcoming on MP? :)

Anonymous said...

Hi, can you restock/have BO for RAE lacet top whenever possible, please?

Anonymous said...

Hello missypixie! Just a suggestion, maybe you can bring in more UK12 sizes? It's so sad to see your beautiful outfits but they only fits UK 6-8. Hee! Happy CNY! (:

missypixie said...

dear: i also say! heh. i'll let her know you said so! ;)

anon1: nope sorry! i got it from forever new!

anon2: the factories are all closed for CNY and production won't start until march or so.. we'll have to wait and see!

anon3: yes we are looking at doing sizes this year so hopefully we can cater to more girls! stay tuned ok!

Anonymous said...

hi there,
is the white lace dress a piece from missypixie? mind sharing where you got it from?


Anonymous said...

That's good. Hip hip hooray to girls like me UK12 & above! (:

Anonymous said...

Hi, is your white lace dress a missypixie item? It looks different from the one worn by Kelly as her dress is full length sleeves as compared to yours :) Anyway does the upcoming lace dress come in sizes or free size? :)


Anonymous said...

woah can't believe you know the owners of icc too! must be cool doing fyp with them, especially darren hahaha.

Anonymous said...

RE: RAE lacet top
Hi, thanks for replying! Hope to hear the good news from MP!!

jesslyn said...

hey sharon!

where did you get your floral dress from?
it looks effortlessly prettyyyyy on you!

missypixie said...

anon4: i got this lace dress from zara!

anon5: the one that kel is wearing is the one we are launching and it will be free sized! :)

anon6: yup yup both of them are very nice guys!

jesslyn: you're too kind! its a floral romper actually, and i got it from forever new! ;)

Anonymous said...

Hi will this week's Valentine's day collection be at Kissjane by Thursday? I'm flying off on Friday morning so would like to get the lace dress Kelly previewed for my holiday!

Anonymous said...

Babe! Is your studio up for rental? If yes, which email add should I email to?


missypixie said...

anon7: hi dear so sorry but the lace dress is only available in black at the kissjane stores! the white is sold exclusively online for now!

anon8: thank you for your interest but we aren't renting out our studio.. sorry!!

Anonymous said...

Hi, is the midi dress with assymetrical end from missypixie?

missypixie said...

anon9: are you referring to the dress that kel wore? its from cotton on!