Monday, January 16, 2012

happily ever after

I am officially a Mrs. :)
Even though my skin is like crap from the makeup,
my sleeping hours are in a mess from the past few days
and my hand feels different cos of a sparkly,
I am indeed happy. Yes, I am :)

A HUGE shout-out to my girls
(yes, i am becoming like YC (the BF upgraded)
super naggy. hur hur)
thank you for making my day perfect :)

i asked for feathers in my bouquet, haha.

i didnt get a lot of pics of myself, but here is my special outfit shot!

i feel super 'ye shanghai' in this shot.

new family!!

hugging xm is like hugging a bamboo pole. she is soooooo slim.

so is Becks. sighs.

thank you xm & Jasmine for the pics :)
the official ones are not ready so i am making do with the random ones
we all took everywhere that day!

The morning after:

the bridal suite

our bedroom opens out to the pool!

a handmade card by our solemniser.

she is really sweet!

breakfast in bed. My breakfast, cos YC was having a hangover. MUAHAHAHA.

mini mini Heinz bottle. So cute.

love polaroids.

Rewind back to pre-wedding, i had a really special hens party,
courtesy of Masego, The Safari Spa!
The kind folks there arranged for a massage session for my bridal party
to pamper us before we go on my wild hen's night :)
I will be blogging more about that in another post so look out for it!

Lastly, hello happily ever after.

i think Mella is right. I fell in love with you all over again
after seeing you drunk, cos you were simply too funny.
here is to many many more years of finding more things about you to love :)

much love,


Anonymous said...

sweet :) congratulations! I hope I can be as happy as you two one day :))

Anonymous said...

you really look like a princess in your bridal gown hahah :):) congratulations and have a blessed marriage! :D

Deborah said...

aww congrats kelly!!!!!! :) here's wishing both of you a blissful and everlasting marriage!!

missypixie said...

thank you babes!

nurulia said...

heartiest congratulations to you and YC, Kelly :) i can't believe time has passed so quickly; seems like only yesterday i met you in 2008, sister of cindy ong, at IE! hahaha. reading this post made me cry :') here's wishing you a blissful future ahead!

Anonymous said...

Congrats Kelly! =) share yr love story of how you met someday ! ^^


Anonymous said...

Omg!!You look so gorgeous in that dress.

Jenny said...

congrats! you look absolutely gorgeous!


Anonymous said...

congratulations on the start of a new journey in life :)
you 2 look very compatible!!!

SL said...

Congrats Mrs Goh!! May you and your husband enjoy a lifetime of happiness, laughter and joy. Sincerely happy for the two of you!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on your wedding, Kelly! Wishing you two a blessed marriage :-)
Oh btw, is xm your sis-in-law? The girl in the 'my new family' photo looks a lot like her!

Anonymous said...

Congrats! =) Whr did you get the two elephants!! Cute max. =)

missypixie said...

nurulia: haha, why cry!! its a happy thing :)

Gen: my love story is super cheesy. HAHAHAHHA.

Anon: thanks!

missypixie said...

Jenny: thank you thank you!

Anon: haha, cos we both got small eyes :)

SL: thank you dear!

missypixie said...

anon: yup, xm is YC's brother's longlonglong-time gf. Cant wait to terrorise her as family soon. muahahaha.

anon: elephants are from BKK, cant find them anymore though :(

Anonymous said...

Congrats Kelly ! you look so pretty on ur speical day ! Can i ask where is ur wedding held as i am planning to hold my wedding next year and i quite like the bridal suit as seen in your post :)

missypixie said...

we held it at Crowne Plaza Changi Airport :)

Anonymous said...

thank you girl ! :) was there much theme you can choose for and how was the service like? sorry to ask so much questions.. :)

Anonymous said...


ling said...

congrats kelly! you looked gorgeous on your wedding! may you live happily ever after :)

missypixie said...

anon: hmm, i think there were about 4 themes to choose from, not a lot but i like the ballroom cos it has a high ceiling and its pillar-less :) you can consider it if you do not have a lot of tables!

service was pretty fine! the banquet manager was esp accomodating :)

missypixie said...

anon & ling: thank you thank you :)

mesmerized said...

Hey Kelly!
Congrats again [bumped into u @ Butter during ur hen's night ;) ]and u both look awesome together!
Here's a toast to u both and wishing u guys ever lasting love & a bountiful of children! :P

MIchelle Oh xx

missypixie said...

mich: yah!! haha, i keep bumping into you everywhere! :) thank you for the well wishes!

missypixie said...
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Anonymous said...

was wondering where is the hotel you held ur wedding and the bridal suite? (:

missypixie said...

we held it at Crowne Plaza Changi Airport :)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! Wish you a blissful marriage! :)

aNgEL.... said...

Hi! You r such a gorgeous bride!! :D
Which studio/bridal studio did u take ur pre-wed bridal shoot from? They look amazing !

Anonymous said...

hello kelly! how many tables did you all have for your wedding? i'm looking at crowne plaza as well!

missypixie said...

thanks! we used White Link and i had about 20 tables. I think they can take up to 25? do check!

Anonymous said...

May i know the name of your MUA and PG in whitelink?
Thanks muchie!

missypixie said...

hello! i used Sandy for my makeup and Guolong for the photos! Guolong is really friendly and he has some pretty good ideas, as for Sandy, she is rather cool so if you want someone motherly or chatty, you might wish to ask for others :)

Anonymous said...

hi Kelly,

do you mind sharing your package for Crowne Plaza? did you manage to bargain for any extras? as well as the kinda favours, invites and themes they've got, i've only seen 2 themes.

(you can email me at