Friday, January 20, 2012

please press play.

epic week.

kel's wedding, a throbbing head the day after from a culmination of wine + beer + whiskey, frantic rush to grab our new stocks and shoot them for the last Spring collection for the month, then it was packety pack pack, stocking up here and there, and meeting up with some customers to get their festive wear for the season :)

i kinda OD-ed on my CNY outfits this year :\ got myself Rae Plum, two maroon dresses and a lace shift from the zara sale - decided it wasn't enough so i blew the rest of my budget at Forever New with another four items to boot. eeeeek!
ended up selling off one of the pieces to my sister, wahahaha, i guess that's what sisters are for ;)

some outfits to share:

me in Tish Grey!

new bling shoes for the new year!

dug out this really old work dress... sometimes i do miss corporate wear, haha.

got Mila clutch in Camel as well as Black!

love how roomy it is.. i can actually bring my netbook home in this clutch y'know?
randomly, am proud to announce that i'm keeping my 2012 resolution of decluttering my bag... friends can testify to how much junk i bring around because of that dreaded 3 words - "just in case". i used to lug around two wallets, one keypouch, one camera pouch, my FULL makeup pouch, tissues, wet tissues, umbrella, waterbottle, sunnies, organiser, pens, extra pens, and any other "just in case" stupid shit that makes my bag weigh about 5kg. no kidding.

tadahhh look at the stuff i carry now! i can finally carry a clutch on a daily basis :D

wore Lorraine Black to the meetup yesterday! :)

if you don't already know.. Tangerine's gonna be the next "in" colour so be prepared to stock up on this shade! love how the colour just pops.

digressing to some leftover pics from kel's wedding - we were rushing to and fro the entire day so didn't manage to get many pics by ourselves. these will do for now till the official photos come in!

i think me and chang can be the next papaya sisters or something.

and lastly...

im lovin' my CNY nails! 
may it bring me luck during mahjong/blackjack/whateverCNYgames.
can't wait to have a proper week of rest come CNY.. hope you girls will have a fantastic festive season too!

many xoxo,


Anonymous said...

Where did you get the bag from in the first pic?! How much does it costs?

Anonymous said...

hello!! may i noe what size u wore for the black lace top?

missypixie said...

anon1: hi dear i got it from a random shop, its just an inspired proenza so it didn't cost much :P

anon2: im wearing M!