Tuesday, January 3, 2012

same old brand new year

And so, its Year 2012 already.
I was just looking back at the older entries,
and could still remember exactly what was happening in Jan 2011
and then, how could it be 12 months later now?!
While 2010 was a year of change, 2011 was pretty smooth-sailing.
We ported missypixie from a livejournal site over to
I fulfilled my resolutions for fashion and beauty
but sadly failed at the health section, muahahahha.
We met new sponsors and have a few more exciting tie-ups coming up.
I went for a short holiday to Hongkong
and only splurged on one major purchase.
And lastly, especially nearing the end of the year and my wedding,
I learnt more about loving someone and being loved.
Now come 2012.... I am still working on my resolutions. haha.

couldn't find anything to wear one fine day
and finally settled on a plain black maxi with a printed throwover
tied as a top :)
note to self: must max out cost per wear of every item.

Super excited that day cos we were going to visit Shanice,
owner of Candilicious Nails, a home-based nail salon.

She even had a special room made just for her customers.
And i super love her house's decor.

Family of nude polishes, my favs.

We were there to do full gelish manicures (courtesy of Candilicious Nails)
and for the uninitiated, gelish manicures are normal manicures done on your nails themselves
but with a special kind of polish that dries under UV light
and remains chip-free for approx 3 weeks.
Sharmie and me are FANS of gelish manicures.
They dry almost immediately (and you can dig inside your bag for your phone,
or go pee and do up your buttons or zips without smudges AT ALL)
its crazily convenient and if you are like us,
ripping apart cargo boxes every 2 weeks or so,
chip-free is good. VERY VERY good.

she has the full range of polishes to choose from
and this is fantastic, cos some places only bring in popular colours
like red, nudes and pinks and you miss out on the fun glitter ones.

colour swatches.

couldnt decide between bright red or glitter gold. (yes again.)

and then she started removing all my dead cuticles while i continue deciding

settled on bright red. muahahhha.

drying under the UV light.


super pleased with our nails :)

and they really remain shiny all the way for 3 weeks.

you can contact her at the above details to arrange an appointment!
or check out her nail designs at candiliciousnails.blogspot.com

Best thing of all? We are giving away Candilicious Nails vouchers for use this weekend!

a usual gelish full manicure will usually cost $60 or so at the major nail places.
BUT Shanice is charging only $35 for hers!
And with any proof of purchase from missypixie, you get to enjoy $10 off upon flashing this voucher.
So....a full gelish manicure now costs $25.
Its freaking cheap.
Its so cheap I want to share cab with Sharmie and go down all the way to Yishun
and still get my nails done cheaper than if i do them outside.

Met Ber for our super belated xmas lunch, haha.

went to Delicious at Scotts Square

tried their rustic mushroom soup, it was kinda salty
but had many bits and bobs of mushrooms for chewing.

their chili con carne fries portion was HUGE.

duck confit spagetti. not too bad!

but their crabmeat linguini pales in comparison to Marmalade's.

They are rather affordably priced, at about $15 for each pasta dish
but for the pretty decor and ambience, the meal was rather disappointing.
And we also missed their banoffee pie that was supposedly to-die-for
so maybe we will be back for desserts next time!

unglam pics of them chewing.

finally started passing out my invites :)
plus a close-up of Ber's super chio nails.

BKK travel mates yo!

Then its gift exchange:

super funny because we all got each other toiletries for travel
and a notebook for recording notes. MUAHAHAHAHHAHA.

Also, got hooked on soups from the sore throat era.
Went to Paradise Inn, supposedly famed for their soups.

it was pretty comforting, as all good Chinese food should be :)

Lastly, this is what i would have wanted to wear for first day at work!

GERI red peterpan top with my navy shorts.
would have because..i forgot to bring GERI home and had to wear smth else instead. -_-
in any case, i already planned a few other CNY outfits around it already. haha.

and here is something small for everyone for this Sunday's launch!

it would be given with any purchase from this Sunday's launch
in celebration of Chinese New Year.
Hope you girls like it :)

much love


Anonymous said...

is the white dress gna be launched?

Anonymous said...

Hi where did you get the white dress you wore for the Xmas dinner? Thanks :)

Anonymous said...

Love the carrier bags!! Maybe you girls can consider making reusable bags/simple cotton totes too?

Would the lattice top Sharon previewed be up for sale this week? :D

missypixie said...

the white dress is my personal piece from topshop and yes, we are launching the top this weekend :)

Anonymous said...

maybe can consider manufacturing the white piece of dress that u gotten from Topshop?? I think it looks gorgeous on you ! =)

Anonymous said...

Hi! where did you get the notebooks that say "i'm not a perfectionist.."? Love them!

Anonymous said...

hi! any maxi skirts coming up?:)

Anonymous said...

Hi! Can I please ask where you bought the notebooks? I have been searching for them( the ones that say im not demanding I'm a perfectionist etc) since I saw them in Her World during Christmas! Thanks:)

Anonymous said...

Where are those funny notebooks from!

missypixie said...

Yup, we are in the midst of manufacturing it!

No maxi skirts coming up but we do have a maxi dress!

Notebooks are from A Curious Teepee :)

Anonymous said...

hi! would rae lattice top go well with tyan? if so, what colour would go best with tyan mint?? thanks for your help in advance! :)

missypixie said...

Yup! I would think Rae white would look pretty good with mint cos im planning to try that combi too! Haha

Anonymous said...

re: the nail voucher, how does it work? will you send it to us together with the items we purchase? thxx

missypixie said...

hello! for the nail voucher, you have to print it out and provide proof of purchase from missypixie before Shanice will allow a redemption :)

Anonymous said...

hi, will the purchase has to be from recent collections to be able to redeem the candilicious nails voucher?

missypixie said...

yup, it has to be from our past 2 collections!

Anonymous said...

Hi where did you get the printed throwover from? Are you selling it?

missypixie said...

we sold it previously, its out of stock and we won't be bringing it back :)

Anonymous said...

Hi then are you selling the piece that you are currently wearing? I don't mind paying the full price for it. Thanks!

missypixie said...

sorry im not!