Wednesday, January 25, 2012

somemore CNY please?

this year's CNY days are too weird.
Monday, Tuesday and wham bam, its work day.
Sighs. So not in the mood to work.
4 rounds of mahjong again, anyone?

backlog of trigger happy pics from last week:

there is no way macaroons can look ugly, really.

my very expensive $10 mushroom soup.

blueberries pancakes thats are STUFFED, STUFFED full of blueberries.

also got LORRAINE in black, haha.

nothing to do in office, so we curl hair. -__-

tumble of curls!

at our first meetup at RC macs.

this is ah girl being very paisei cos she cheered really loudly
and held up her paper like a bingo winner simply cos her list of meetup people all arrived first.

wore AMANDA for the second meetup - must stick to MP theme. Haha.

and then...its CNY!!!
i like CNY more than Christmas, i can't quite say why
but the atmosphere is all different.

my very bright red nephews.

hello, hubby.

full lace dress! coming up soon for Vday :)

the gold zip back detail.

and lastly...

sneak peek of our EMMA bib dress!

can't wait to launch it, i am dithering between white and peach :(

much love,


Anonymous said...

your skin colour is very pretty! do you swim often?

happy new year to all at mp :)

Anonymous said...

Will u be sellin the pink pleated skirt? Other colours?

missypixie said...

anon1: haha, i think its the lighting? and nope, i don't swim very often, maybe once a month? Happy new year to you too!

anon2: we sold it previously and won't be bringing it back anymore!

Anonymous said...

Which cafe did you guys eat at? Looks amazing!

missypixie said...

its Antoinette at Penhas Road :) dont get the mushroom soup, not worth it!

Anonymous said...

What would you recommend, then? :)

missypixie said...

get the burger royale (which was what i had) i polished it in a jiffy. Or maybe cos I was just starving. Haha.

Anonymous said...

hey kelly! what size are you wearing for Lorraine top? TIA (:

missypixie said...

I wear small and it fits perfectly for a uk8! If you are a
10, you can try medium :)

Anonymous said...

Ah the bib dress!! Can't wait for the launch of it!!!! :D:D:D:D

Anonymous said...

LoveBonito's Alethea??? Very pretty piece right! :)

berlinda said...

Hi Kelly!

Can u (or rather) either u or sharon, blog about how u manage your hair? u guys have super healthy, silky, gorgeous hair!!! can blog about hair care next time if you run out of things to blog about? ;)

Anonymous said...

Hi Kelly! Your curls look amazing.. May I know which brand of curlers you use?

missypixie said...

Anon5: coming next weekend!! For valentine's :)

Anon6: yup! It is indeed!

Berlinda: Thank you!! I don't do much haircare though it's one of my resolutions this year!

Anonymous said...

Hi when will the laced dress be launched? :)

missypixie said...

anon7: its from Rowenta! You can get it from Courts or Best Denki.

anon8: launching on 5th Feb :)

Anonymous said...

hey kelly :) just a little feedback for missypixie:

- the pictures are a bit "grainy" when I hover over to zoom in on the details :( maybe try shooting in a higher resolution or sth? 'cause when I wanted to cart out Lorraine top, it was a bit hard to see the details haha! carted it out in the end after seeing you and sharon wear it on your blog and it looks nice :D

- do consider manufacturing more of missypixie's willow in sizes! as I wanted to cart out the 50s contrast dress too, but I don't really fancy the smocked back :(

thanks for reading :)

missypixie said...

anon9: hey babe, does that happen for the detail shots as well? cos we usually enclose some extra closeup pics of the details and i just tried hovering over them, they looked fine! Or is it just me?!

and YES!! this year we are planning to make sizes to cater to more people so no worries!

Anonymous said...

hey kelly, thanks for acknowledging my feedbacks! :) I really appreciate it.

as in, compared to other e-commerce sites, like eg LB, when I hover over the pictures to see the details and stuff, MP's pictures appears a little more "blurish" and "grainy" compared to LB :/ its just a little difficult to see the finer details this way, especially for clothes with lace or embroidery. Its more obvious for darker clothes, like lorraine black. ahhh I really hope my explanation is okay enough for you guys to understand what i'm trying to say >< hehe.

anyways, its not a major issue for me, i usually just refer to you or sharon's outfit shots, if you do post them up. :D just a leeeeetle feedback for MP heh

Anonymous said...

oh! just to add on. I think maybe the problem lies with the photos' resolution... maybe the photo quality was compromised or sth when you saved it as a smaller file or uploaded it to the site? haha just saying :p

Anonymous said...

congrats on your marriage!!

Anonymous said...

oh and btw if i dont rmb wrongly, you went for lasik right? may i know where you got yours done and what is your kind of surgery as well as the price? thanks!

Anonymous said...

Hi! Does the lace dress have any sizing or is it free size? :)

missypixie said...

Anon9: hmmm I think it's just me cos I asked Sharmie and she agrees with you too! Haha. We will check this out with our web guys!

Anon10: I did wavefront I think? And it was at The LASIK Surgery Clinic at Paragon. But I don't think that place is good enough cos I had quite a bit of complications so i suggest you look elsewhere!

missypixie said...

anon11: nope, it doesnt come in sizes! :)

Anonymous said...

Can you restock RAE Lacet top please? BO?

Anonymous said...

Hi kelly! i reallyreally adore the white long sleeved lace dress that you wore! but i was too late for the launch today, so it was OOS :( i went to both KissJane outlets but they were OOS too.. if there is an extra piece, issit possible if i purchase it right away? my email is :)

-anon 11

missypixie said...

anon11: hello! sorry but all pieces are already up on sale on the site! depending on demand, we might have a backorder for it :)

Anonymous said...

Okay thanks so much! hopefully there'll be a backorder! :)))