Sunday, February 26, 2012

sticky sticky days

the hot, humid, crazy weather is giving me a splitting headache :(
its precisely such days that make me not wanna dress up
and just throw on a spag top with denim shorts, flipflops
and bum around.
am not quite in the mood to blog about Taiwan yet,
so here are some other pics from my week!

Remember the Candilicious Nails review that we did previously?
(if not, click HERE to refresh your memory!)
Shanice got us back this time round
to try out her new designs!

Like what you see? :)
I opted for a lace details with mini florals
cos I wanted something neutral to go with my outfits in taiwan.

and Sharmie being Sharmie,
did something really cool in geometric prints!

she also had all these cute 3D add-ons
that unfortunately we can't attempt in our course of work.
I would probably lose one every 2 days in some parcel, haha.

A full design gelish manicure would cost somewhat around $100 at most places
but here is a way to get them cheaper!
Shanice is offering a full set of design manicure
as per what you see on us above, or you can choose from more designs
over at her blog:
at just $58 for ALL BLOG READERS!
You can also find more updates on her Facebook fan page right HERE.
Simply whatsapp or call her at 94314895
and quote 'MISSYPIXIE' to enjoy this offer.
It lasts for the whole month of March so do go ahead and book your slots now!

her contact details once again :)

and some post taiwan outfits!

been dying to try wearing a cardigan as a top
to max out its uses and finally did so with ADEL blue.
yes yes, i know i look like superman, haha.

in DELICE white, cos black and rust are sold out
and i can't help it, i gravitate towards white!

lastly, tried being ballerina with ANNETT swing skirt in champagne.
when weather is too hot, i can't be bothered to think about dressing up!

Celebrated YC's birthday this weekend,
finally woke up really early for brunch.

we went to Epicurious at Robertson Quay
that didn't take reservations and warned us to be early,
in case the pancakes and eggs ben were sold out.

so being a typical kiasu Singaporean,
i had to try the 'limited quantity' pancakes.
It tasted like hotcakes (which is my idea of nice pancakes)
with a small small serving of fruits.
But at $8 a portion, i have no complaints!

had eggs ben as well and ...
omgosh the poached eggs were to die for.
they were perfectly done, not too uncooked til you see
those white membranes, nor too cooked
til the entire yolk is solid.
It was just...perfect :)

forced myself awake at 840. o.O

wore my new Topshop floral romper.
am insanely in love with it.

here's to many many more Sunday breakfasts with you :)

okay, my head is giving me grief so i can't
find anymore nice words to properly articulate myself.
therefore, bye, see you another time.

much love,

Thursday, February 23, 2012

lust list.


droolworthy items in ivory, prints aplenty, flowy pieces, adorable rompers -
and a pair of sandals fit for summer.

its friday, i'm in love.


Friday, February 17, 2012

yellow diamonds in the light;

had a couple of really awesome times in the weeks that passed.
nothing like food, friends, and the company of people that truly matter :)

backdated outfit pics!

in an upcoming knit dress that's super well-cut!

met up with the t5 babes for a post-reunion dinner, where we got chased from place to place 'cos we were taking our time to catch up with one another and discuss our travel plans, hehe.
missing the times when everyone was still present... can't wait for the Masters students to come home soon!

then it was imperial treasure with ting and shuz.
the egg white with truffles was heavenlyyyyyyyyy!

and by chance, another clique from our sec sch was having their gathering at the next table -
who could miss a photo op like this?!

so there, class of 2001!

plus, the boy brought me somewhere new over the weekend!

food was so-so but the view made up for it :)


so in return, i brought him somewhere new as well - glad he enjoyed the stay!

in Mischa Pink for the day!

dinner at one of its in-house restaurants, which was surprisingly goooood.

"You come to love not by finding the perfect person, 
but by learning to see an imperfect person perfectly."


brunch with the g2 babes and then checking into festive hotel this weekend, woohoo!
much to look forward to.
have a great weekend yourselves girls! TGIF!