Thursday, February 9, 2012

the lion sleeps tonight!

I know this is super backdated but I have been keeping the best things for the last!
I am only blogging about this now because we have FREE massages to give away this weekend :)))

I had the most interesting hens’ party just before the wedding,
in fact it was an idea Sharmie and I toyed with but didn't think was work-able.
We initially planned to hold a mani/pedi party
and have a group manicure or pedicure session to pamper ourselves
before heading for dinner and drinks.
But the thought of not allowing anyone to step on our pretty post-pedi toes
while dancing is kinda impossible, so idea trashed.
Then, lo and behold! Masego The Safari Spa comes knocking!
We were approached by super friendly Shu Juan from Masego Spa,
which is a subsidiary of Mary Chia Holdings Limited.
If you haven't already heard of it,
its the first and largest Safari-themed concept spa thats located at SAFRA Jurong,
focusing on signature spa therapies that are inspired by the use of natural products.
Seriously, when I heard about it, I thought it was soooo cute to have a safari-themed spa.
I mean, you usually get the normal soothing neutral-themed ones, and suddenly,
someone does something different and you get safari. Haha.

Shu Juan suggested having a group massage hens party for my entire bridal party
so we could pamper ourselves before heading for a wild night out
and it was probably the best idea i have gotten.
I was super stressed out the week before the wedding cos i have been a lazy bride
and all the last minute impossibles were happening right then
that i was dying for a massage, just that I didnt have time to plan one,
so it was seriously god-send.

We arrived at Masego in the evening, all ready!

All the private tents planted next to each other, like little huts :)

Our special suite! They combined 2 tents into one large one so that
all of us could be in the same tent during the massage.

my last moment of singlehood! Haha.
We were all asked to fill up a form that listed our problem areas (ie neck, shoulders, back)
and the assigned therapist to each individual will actually take note of the particular area
you indicated and pay more attention to it!
No kidding because all my friends who did the same massage said their therapist all concentrated on different spots and when we analyzed it further, it was cos they all had different problem areas.

in our safari-themed robes!

I was offered the Mandi Lulur Body Massage which is a traditional beauty remedy for the royalties
in Java just before their weddings. How apt!

it consists of ingredients like turmeric, sandalwood, rice and milk powder, lemon and yoghurt
which are used as natural exfoliant and can help whiten and detox the body.

The massage itself was pretty dedicated and thoughtful.
My therapist paid loads of attention to particular spots that were problematic,
like my shoulders and lower back.
She also mentioned that regular massage can improve the blood circulation
and help with weight loss
so I wasted no time in asking her to go straight to my thighs. Haha.
After that, she did the scrub which was warm and smelt like lemon yakult (???)
and when I went to rinse it off, my skin was crazily soft and smooth.

The rest of the bridal party, with the exception of Sharmie
(she got another special massage!)
had the traditional Indonesian Herbs Spa Remedy.
From what I gathered, it was really special because they got little heated muslin cloth bean bags
that the therapist used to gently hit their entire body. It was the first time for all my girls
and I think they all loved that part.
Even massage junkie Lynn said this was one of better massages she had in Singapore. :)

i presume this is what we would have looked like since i was half naked
and totally unable to take a picture of us in the tent. haha.
*picture courtesy of Masego The Safari Spa

post-massage wellness desserts : )

all of us, super relaxed with glowing soft skin!

with Shujuan and the outlet manager : )
they have a wall mural of giraffes, and we chopped off the head in this pic.

So after waxing lyrical about the whole massage session, this is the best part:
We are giving away FREE Masego vouchers for either a
30-min Relaxing Safari Back Massage OR
30-min Invigorating Safari Foot Massage.

Every purchase this weekend will get a voucher in their parcel so feel free to use it!
And if you wish to call them up about their other massage offerings,
you can get them at 6790 1661. Or check them out at
I really think its a pretty cool venue for some girls' party. Haha.

Lastly, the kind folks at Masego gave us some vouchers for use but
Sharmie and I decided to spread the love and give them out to our blog readers instead.
Leave a comment and tell us why you desperately need a massage with your email address
and we will pick 2 lucky winners to walk away with a $100 voucher each from Masego!

EDIT: we will pick the 2 winners on Sunday!
much love,


Jacqueline said...

Wow! It seems like you girls really had a great time there massaging! It's good. How i wish i could have that too after my days of not sleeping well, aching back because of burning midnight oil just wanting to score well for my examination.

Hopefully everything is worth while and definitely need a relax and pamper myself to such things!

email -

jael said...

oh my! massage looks heavenly good.!! i desperately need a massage because i aim getting married in a month;s time!!!!!!!

Desiree Choo said...

I need a massage cause I've been staying up late for the past 4 weeks since after my SIP, no kidding, because of my FYP. My Final Year Project consists of 60 pages that has to be done within a short period of time. (and we can't exceed the no of pages!! So imagine the horror when my friends and I hit to 90 pages! :( ) And now I need to get ready for 3 tests in just 3 days time!!! HELP. :(

Juanna Hope Sia said...

the massage looks really good! good reason for desiring this massage: i have been in the social services (social wk) line for almost 5 years, work involves lots of prob solving for people, hearing their probs and running all abt. as a result of the hectic wk, the stress and also for 3 years of the 5 years studying part time while wking full time, my shoulders and back is tensed. have tried another massage place but doesnt work and so im hoping if i am picked for this, i will have a possible remedy for my aching muscles! i need some muscle liberation! :p

Anonymous said...

Hello Kelly and Sharmie!!:)

You girl looked really radiant after the massage!

I am certainly psyched to visit them after hearing about it on your blog:)

Also, it's my boyf's birthday this saturday - not to mention it'll be Valentine's day soon too! It will really be splendid and memorable if you'll kindly pick me for this special giveaway:) I'll be the most amazing birthday treat for him and valentine's day celebration for us:)

Thank you loves!:) happy valentine's day! <3

Love V,

Deborah said...

i wna win the voucher cos i juts started my first full time job and reeeeally need a good massage to relieve me of the stress!! heh :)

Anonymous said...

22 years of my existence and never have I had any massage of any kind before and I would really really love to try it! Besides, it's near my house too. I dint know such a nice place exist in Jurong! =X

Due to intense school work (clickity clanking in front of the laptop) and helping my cousin with her upcoming wedding, I am left with lots of backaches and neck pains =(

Hope I can be the random lucky reader! Thank you :D


Anonymous said...

22 years of my existence and never have I had any massage of any kind before and I would really really love to try it! Besides, it's near my house too. I dint know such a nice place exist in Jurong! =X

Due to intense school work (clickity clanking in front of the laptop) and helping my cousin with her upcoming wedding, I am left with lots of backaches and neck pains =(

Hope I can be the random lucky reader! Thank you :D


Anonymous said...

just like kelly (then), i'm a bride-to-be and is uber stressed!
the safari theme spa is definitely what i need awwww =)

Anonymous said...

YAY I'm the first! Hopefully I'll be as lucky to win the vouchers too (: I'm really in need of a good massage from juggling work, school and piano all at the same time! ): especially from piano. My grade 8 exam is in a month's time and my shoulders are aching from all the practice! Pretty please I MUST get the voucher heehee thanks!

Eileen said...

I am so happy when i get to know that you ladies will be giving away the massage voucher after reading the post! because i seriously need one gd massage now for de-stressing =((

first, my bf has gone Europe for exchange 1 wk ago, leaving me all aloneeee in singapore. and the worst of all, my valentine day is gone! *agony*

second, i'll be graduating next yr so i've been frantically looking for internship to "spice" up my resume and it doesn't seem to go well for me now too =((

third, all my assignments are piling like mountain due to all the writing of CVs, cover letter etc. and i'm lagging behind for my studies.

with the 1+2+3 problems --> eye bags, pimples and stiff body -.-

so plsss let me have the $100 voucher! :D
(pls forgive me of my long complaints, as my usual self is not this way!)

thank youuu! <3

my email is

Anonymous said...

Hi Kelly,

Firstly, congratulations on your marriage and may you have a blessed one! I have been working at the National University Hospital as a nurse recently and the shift work has been really taking a toll on my body, especially my neck and leg areas.

I hope Sharmie & you would give me a chance to try out this massage. Thank you.

Andrea said...

Having a soothing massage is the best way to relax and let loose after a long hectic day at sch and back pains from wearing heels just for the sake of beauty!(:

feliqque said...

I desperately need a massage cause I'm stressing out big time at school! and also, I've never had a professional massage before! It would be nice to finally have a first time (:

feliqque said...

I desperately need a massage cause I'm stressing out big time at school! and also, I've never had a professional massage before! It would be nice to finally have a first time (:

Si Li said...

Hello Kelly!! I need a massage badly cos my new job has me lifting heavy things everyday, bending up and down to retrieve items plus the chairs at works aren't suited for long hours at the desk!! Would really like the massage voucher to ease up the stiffness in my neck and back plus calves so I can work out longer at the gym to fit into all of MP's apparel!! :)

PS: do you mind screening my email address?

Jessica said...

It's my last semester in uni and I've been really stressed because of my thesis :| I need a break and a spa would be the best treat for my body!

Missy Lynn said...

Days before my period, I would be called "Ah Por" due to the achy and weak lower back of mine that keeps be from walking upright!

And yes... those tensed up shoulders of mine cause by hunching over the laptop needs a whole load of loving!

I would so love to have a great soothing massage to knead all that aches away :)


Missy Lynn said...

Hi there! So sorry but i didnt include my email *paisei*


Qian Ting said...

Hi I am an year one uni students & due to prolonged usage of laptop & sometimes helping out in household chores, I have been experiencing shoulder aches since months ago & started using salon pus even at the age of 20 hahaha. My sweet boyfriend will massage my shoulders to relieve the aching, however he is now in NS & seldom can do so, he will be in camp on vday too, so I hope I can win these vouchers so we both tired souls can then go for a nice massage when celebrating our belated vday :)

My email:

Thanks so much for generously hosting this giveaway for us! <3

Jaslyn said...

Hi Kelly and Sharon!
Have been your loyal customer for a long period of time! Really hope to win the massage vouchers so that I can be able to bring my mum for a massage on her birthday! Thanks for hosting such a giveaway!

Anonymous said...

I have not been to massages before and would like to try! Especially since its recommended by you guys! :) looks great and I could use some after 11 hours of work each day!


Anonymous said...

I would like a massage..... not for myself, but for my boyf. or should i say, htb (:

he's been complaining of back aches, but despite that he still faithfully comes to fetch me after my night lessons (thrice a week) which really is quite a feat for someone who usually sleeps around 10. and my lessons only end at 10 so by the time he finally reaches home it's 11! & he starts work at 8am :(

our anni is coming up (end of this month) and it would be such a lovely treat if i could bring him for
some pampering.. he wouldn't approve of me buying spa vouchers for him because he knows i have too many financial obligations (& thus he tries to provide for me as much as possible), so it really would be such a treat to get the voucher! (:

P.S you girls are so sweet, thanks for the generousity in the giveaway!

Anonymous said...

I'm dying for a massage coz I've been so drained at work! Im quite the massage junkie but havent been able to go for one recently because no time. This would be a godsend for me to take a break, recharge and go back to work a better person.

Plus! I had the most wonderful date at the night safari before, so this will be a good way to reminicise ;)

Anonymous said...

Hi Kelly and Sharon! :)

My sister and I have been supporters of missypixie and have seen how it has grown to such great heights today! I'm in year 2 of my uni life currently and have been feeling the burns from getting late night sleep. But on top of that, I really hope to get a chance to treat my mum to this massage after her long hours of work everyday. This is especially significant to me as I'm not earning my own keep yet to afford a good treat to my mum:(

Still, I would like to thank you ladies for this nice giveaway. Keep rocking misspixie! :)


eileen said...

my boyfriend has always beenthe one giving me massages for my bad back, so much so that heis having problems with his back aswell. i will love it if i'll be able to give him a surprise treat with the voucher!

please choose meeeee! thank you :) am looking forward to the sunday launch!


Anonymous said...

I just came back from a 2-week Europe Trip where my bf proposed to me- most memorable moment of my life! He was also my hero who hand carried our luggages without complains.
How nice would it be to end of this fantastic holiday by winning this spa voucher and use it to beat the tiredness from the trip! It will be such a nice treat to thank my wonderful bf as well :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Kelly, I remember you having a Michael Kors bag. May I know how much was it? :) Thanks! Looking to get it as a present.

missypixie said...

hello, it was a present so i am not too sure how much it is! you can check out the store at Orchard now though!

missypixie said...

PICKED THE 2 LUCKY GIRLS!! will be emailing you both shortly so do check your mailbox :)

for those who didnt win, don't worry! more giveaways coming up soon :))

Anonymous said...

HI will you be bringing in bustier tops? :)