Thursday, February 2, 2012

we are dreamers, and more

3 more, 3 more days to the end of CNY
and basically, no more valid reason to play MJ on weekday nights
(hello fellow gamblers, sharmie, YC and ber)
or gorge myself silly on pineapple tarts simply because..
oh well, they were just sitting there.
:( SAD.

As per all CNYs' good long break, I am moving back to work mode for MP
and starting to do up plans for this year
at our (ah-hem, ah-hem) AGM. Haha.

Sharmie and her fav mind maps.

staying true to CNY theme,
I have not worn black yet!

first time giving angpows.

EMMA white, coming up this weekend!
i know, i have tons of little white dresses.

closeup of bib details.

and a slew of randomness:

attack of the giant ramen.

Plus, instagram just takes the nicest photos no?

and lastly, because i am in a show&tell mood,
my version of happily ever after :)

my sis's duo tone manicure that everyone said looked as if
she had been digging in mud. Poor sis.

we were laughing like crap cos...
the shoe wouldn't fit into my feet!!

friends for life :)

sorry, the boys get the cheesy moves.


Leon's expression of incredulity - priceless.

i was super popular with isaac baby that day.
Must be the poufy skirt.

my very youthful mum-in-law!

there you go, 4D punters.

my dad who won't stop tearing the whole day.
And then, made me tear as well. BAH.

here is a shot of the ballroom for those who were
considering Crowne Plaza :)

i think we were laughing cos all YC said was..
"eh walk slower, walk slower!!"

hi there, friends.

Will post my video up once my videographer gives me the link!
He is busy and I am lazy to upload myself. Muahahahha.

much love,


Anonymous said...

I LOVE THAT ASYMMETRICAL DRESS! Please say it's an MP piece!! :D

The bodice of your 2nd gown is so gorgeous :))

Deborah said...

you look sooo gorgeous! loveee all your gowns, so pretty! congrats once again kel!! :)

Juanna Hope Sia said...

emma bib dress comes in size? love the white!

natalie. said...

hi kelly, congrats on the wedding, you make a beautiful bride! i have a question on one of the bags you're carrying, is the black/white one a celine trapeze? thank you!

Anonymous said...

Where did you get the assymetrical dress? SO PRETTY I WANT! :)

missypixie said...

Anon1 & 2: the dress is from cotton on :)

Deb : thank you!!!

Juanna: sorry it only comes in one size!

Natalie: nope, it's from charles&keith!

Anonymous said...

Hi kelly, did you get your cotton on dress recently or a while back? I want one too! :)

missypixie said...

Hmmm pretty recent! But there were limited sizes left I think? I am wearing xs so quick, check it out!

Catherine said...

hello kelly! congratulations on your marriage. very pretty bride indeed! :D wishing you both a lifetime of bliss :)

btw what material is the emma bib dress made of?

Anonymous said...

May i know how much is the asymmetrical dress? : )

Anonymous said...

Hw abt the C&K bag? Was it recent s well???

missypixie said...

Catherine: it's made of soft shirt like cotton, comes fully lined :)

Anon : I can't rem the exact price cos I got it with other stuff but it shouldnt be too expensive!

Anon: yup, just bought the bag last month :)

Anonymous said...

May I know where you got your shoes from? Worn on cotton on dress and emma..

missypixie said...

charles&keith and trendy zone respectively!

Anonymous said...

Hi babe is the emma dress in KJ?
& i just got the Gemma in navy, its awesome but would prefer it to be shorter. KJ told me that there's only 2 pieces there, it is true? LOL.

missypixie said...

yup, EMMA is stocked in Kissjane outlets, but i am not sure what are the colours or qty left! As for GEMMA, the general feedback is for us to make dresses longer! Cos if you want it shorter, you can alter it, but if you want it longer, you can't attach more fabric, haha.

missypixie said...

yup, EMMA is stocked in Kissjane outlets, but i am not sure what are the colours or qty left! As for GEMMA, the general feedback is for us to make dresses longer! Cos if you want it shorter, you can alter it, but if you want it longer, you can't attach more fabric, haha.

Anonymous said...

hey babe realised that missypixie sends out mailer to inform after launch. Would appreciate if you girls can send an email a day before launch, because we cant stay by the laptop all day and keep refreshing your site.

missypixie said...

Hello babe, we actually send the mailers out before the launch but it takes the server some time to fully deseminate it to the entire database :) in any case, this year we are looking at scheduling a fixed timings for the launches so you girls would know it!

Anonymous said...

where did you get your pair of sandals from? as since on the ASYMMETRICAL pink dress

missypixie said...


Anonymous said...

when you bought it? hope they are still selling!

Anonymous said...

is the sandals in rustic woven?

missypixie said...

In Jan :)

Anonymous said...

Hello Kelly, love your wedding shots!! Where did you eat the ice cream? Looks superrrr yummy!!

And your "Mrs Goh" card is very cute!! :)

Anonymous said...

You use the same lip balm as me ;) isn't it nice and moisturizing? Not to mention cheap!! I used to get it at a heartland shop for only $2!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Kelly! Is the thin belt from c&k? The one you're wearing with the pink dress

missypixie said...

anon: hmm, i am not sure if its rustic woven but it kinda looks like that!

anon: had it at baskin robbins at NEX :) and the MRS GOH card is sharmie's handiwork! heh heh.

anon: yup! i used to use Burt's Bee, but after a while, i still think Vaseline works the best, especially as a lipstick base so you dont get ugly cracks.

anon: hello! nope, that belt was a freebie from don't know where. haha.

yyt said...

what are the colours for EMMA bib dress? (:

missypixie said...

yyt: hello! the colours are already up on the site - :)