Friday, February 17, 2012

yellow diamonds in the light;

had a couple of really awesome times in the weeks that passed.
nothing like food, friends, and the company of people that truly matter :)

backdated outfit pics!

in an upcoming knit dress that's super well-cut!

met up with the t5 babes for a post-reunion dinner, where we got chased from place to place 'cos we were taking our time to catch up with one another and discuss our travel plans, hehe.
missing the times when everyone was still present... can't wait for the Masters students to come home soon!

then it was imperial treasure with ting and shuz.
the egg white with truffles was heavenlyyyyyyyyy!

and by chance, another clique from our sec sch was having their gathering at the next table -
who could miss a photo op like this?!

so there, class of 2001!

plus, the boy brought me somewhere new over the weekend!

food was so-so but the view made up for it :)


so in return, i brought him somewhere new as well - glad he enjoyed the stay!

in Mischa Pink for the day!

dinner at one of its in-house restaurants, which was surprisingly goooood.

"You come to love not by finding the perfect person, 
but by learning to see an imperfect person perfectly."


brunch with the g2 babes and then checking into festive hotel this weekend, woohoo!
much to look forward to.
have a great weekend yourselves girls! TGIF!



Anonymous said...

is the lace skirt an upcoming piece? :)

Anonymous said...

Hello! Where did you get the black lace dress from in your first picture? And the necklace worn out with your friends to dinner?

Anonymous said...

Hey Sharon, love the knit dress. Hope I don't miss the launch on sunday! Cheers!

missypixie said...

anon1: hi dear we sold something similar before but this personal piece is from cotton on :)

anon2: its a skirt! and its from cotton on :) the necklace is from bangkok!

anon3: yay great to know that! but we are not launching this knit dress yet.. sometime later this month perhaps! do stay tuned!

Anonymous said...

where did you buy the crossstitch dear? (:

missypixie said...

anon4: got it from spotlight, after much hunting around! damn hard to find cross-stitch kits nowadays :(

debbie said...

hi kelly and sharon, what did you keep for yourself from the latest collection? cheers (:

Anonymous said...

hope you guys can continue manufacturing more wardrobe staples like Tessa offsie and Tyan maxi! :) Super love collecting the different colors hahaha.

missypixie said...

debbie: kelly kept Freja lace top! as for me, I haven't decided on anything yet! :x

anon5: great to hear that! we'll continue making affordable basics for you girls! :D

Anonymous said...

Can you consider bringing back once pieces such as the Vera romper from last year? Wore mine out and received loads of compliments plus the material is MAD comfy!! I even wore it onto a flight and slept for 4 hours!

Anonymous said...

any backorders for MON and ANNE WINE? i missed all those items sigh :(

Anonymous said...

Hello hello,

I love your tube pants jumper/romper in the last few pics. Is that a missypixie piece I missed or due to be launched soon? :) If not, could I find out where you got it from? I love it!

missypixie said...

anon6: oh yes i do remember that romper! will consider bringing it back! :p

anon7: don't think we will be able to get BO for Mon! As for Anne, its still pending so do add yourself to the waitlist or stalk our FB page as we will announce it on our status if items become available again due to deadbuyers :)

missypixie said...

anon8: hi dear! i got it during a shopping trip in bangkok more than a year ago!

Anonymous said...

Is DELICE BLACK sheer? I'm afraid it'll be sheer....... :( And can you consider to remake SHONA FOREST split sleeve chiffon shirt in another material that is not sheer?

missypixie said...

anon9: hi dear, i dont think Delice Black is sheer at all in my opinion! and as for Shona, i'll take your suggestion into consideration! :)

Anonymous said...

DELICE BLACK is stated to be sheer in the descriptions right :(

missypixie said...

anon9: oh its not! we were actually referring to the same item in white.. it isn't sheer for the black :) apologies for the confusion!

Xiuyu said...

hey! I realized you girls are carrying really nice clutches! Can I know where do ur get them? Please bring in such nice goodies for missypixie! believe it will receive a great feedback! (:

missypixie said...

xiuyu: hi dear! the nude/black clutch is from missypixie actually! other colours are still in stock :)
the red one is from YSL! we'll be looking at manufacturing more clutches this year so stay tuned!!

Anonymous said...

Hi sharon :)

where did you get the heels you wore with Mischa Pink?

thx ^^

Anonymous said...

Sorry to offtrack alittle. Where is the dessert place? Thankyou

Anonymous said...

Hey sorry offtrack alittle. But where is the dessert place? Thankyou

missypixie said...

anon10: heels are from trendyzone at far east plaza!

anon11: the dessert place? its the same restaurant i had dinner at - gattopardo at hotel fort canning :)

Anonymous said...

sorry I meant the one with your gfs. haha