Thursday, March 29, 2012

not all who wander are lost.

back from my fourth trip to taiwan - people think i'm mad for returning to the same country every year but trust me, there's something about the hospitality and warmth of the taiwanese that keep me going back. 
the lack of a language barrier, the food oh glorious food, the cheap shoes (!!) and knitwear (!!!!) and the easy ways to get around the country - if i could choose another place to live in besides good ol' singapore i guess the answer's crystal clear :)

this time, we veered away from our usual hotel and stayed in a new establishment, but still in the heart of ximending.

full length mirror at the lobby; great for outfit shots, hehe.

out and about in taipei!

my standard order - small bowl, no coriander!

one of the few times that we actually take public transport together :)

their ding tai fung's better than ours, i swear.

favourite shilin.

losing quite a bit of its charm after the renovation :(

we go to the same stall for our annual fix of mahjong bingo, haha.
the aunty recognises us already!

do you know that taiwan has the most number of convenience stores in any country?
i love how they can just sit in the store to finish their drink/sandwich/cup noodles and chitchat while at it.

bought a whole load of these doraemon sponge cakes home 'cos they were really nice and fluffilicious!
this was before i bit off its head.

off to kaohsiung!

more night markets to explore :D
ruifeng was quite an eye-opener - if you're planning to visit kaohsiung, don't forget to head there!

throngs of people.

liuhe night market.

monster octopus tentacles!!

the boy got hooked on these caramelised sweet potatoes. damn yums.

cycled out in the middle of the night for supper!
in upcoming leather strap top by willow :)

first time we rode a bike up a ferry and explored an entire island on wheels!
such are the travel experiences i'll remember for life :)

hello, cijin island.

hearty breakfast to start the day - who knew i was going to use so much of my arm power doing crazy watersports in kenting?! 

had the most awesome jetski ride of my life - at some points while tackling the crashing waves i thought i could have died.

my siaozabor hair is testament.

spent the last two days back in taipei catching up on all the food that i will miss for another year, playing another few rounds of bingo, and re-visiting favourite places.

one last k-session for the road. 
their ktv is damn cheap and the sound system is damn power!
wish we had such places here... i can go sing every other week man.

last meal before heading to the airport,

with my newfound friend in tow ;)
byeee taiwan, see you again!

outfit shots for the week:

upcoming chiffon pleat maxi skirt in a gorgeous jade green!

gotta love the defined pleats!

in upcoming mullet hem dress in black, and trimmed chiffon dress in cream which falls so darn nicely.

been getting feedback from girls that our sizes run too small - we're looking into making sizes this year so hurray to that! 
if you are a uk10/12 and are unsure if you can fit into a particular item, don't fret, just email me at and i'll be able to better advise you as i'm around that size as well :)
hope this will help some girls who wanna make informed decisions before purchasing from our site!

have a happy weekend!