Sunday, March 4, 2012

and it'll be just as quiet when i leave.

the boy's been up to his neck at work recently so i've been meeting friends, spending time with family, devoting more time to work and gym, catching up on grey's, enjoying me-time. 

its times like these i wish i had more to do than just these... been thinking about what more i can do with my life - teach adult piano? pick up a new sport like golf or tennis? learn how to cook/bake? take up a design course? go learn a new language?
the possibilities are endless - think i just have to take the first step and everything will fall in place. mmmm.

anyhow, photobomb of the weeks that passed!

Saturday brunch with the G2 babes.

the best emo friend, decked in missypixie, whose phone got left in a cab and was never returned
- i sincerely hope the dishonest person will get her own phone stolen someday. 
karma baby, karma.

Festive hotel with the family!

the silly boy loves hotel stayovers so much that he awoke the next morning all of a sudden, looked around at the room and asked, "is this a singapore hotel?" 
replied "yes!" to himself, and then flopped back to sleep.
hahahahahahaha. kids do the darnest things.

wild honey with the boy last weekend; breakfast food for dinner.

dimsum and coffee catch-up with the T5 gang; plans in store for social activities together!
cooking with mervyn next week, anyone? :)

my funny friends.

outfit pictures from everywhere.

can't decide whether to get this dress 'cos there are birds printed all over it and i'm not a huge fan of birds?!
love the cut and colour tho'.

extended my lashes in bkk so hello there, peepers! 
will post a more obvious photo of my long luscious lashes next time, haha.

10 more days to my annual pilgrimage to taiwan!
this time, besides taipei, we're gonna explore kaoshiung and kenting! hopefully we'll be able to bike around the harbour, enjoy the freshest catch, slot in some watersports activity somewhere, and check out more night markets.

can't wait to head back to Chef Showtime restaurant - just thinking about the seared beef we had the last trip is making me salivate... and then there's my favourite fried mushrooms, shaved ice, spicy fishballs, battered squid at shihlin... oh goshhhhhh the countdown starts NOWWWW!

have a good week ahead y'all! :)



Anonymous said...

where is the blue skirt from? is it a missypixie piece?

Anonymous said...

Where you got your red heels? Nice :)

missypixie said...

anon1: nope not a missypixie piece :) its from forever21!

anon2: got it at a steal in bangkok!

Anonymous said...

Which Topshop were you at when you tried on the bird dress? I really love it!! Do you remember the price? :)

And where did you get the demin polka dotted bustier from? Super nice!!

Thanks babe!! :)

Anonymous said...

Please tell me there's going to be a bo for kara black.... :( a few mins after 5pm and I couldn't check mine out! Sadness!!!

pearly said...

kenting is very pretty, pity we caught it at the end of the typhoon last year, couldn't enjoy some of the sights. remember your sunblock & bug repellent! go to the National Museum of Marine Biology and Aquarium if you can, very interesting!

Xin said...

Where did you get your white and black tote bag from? And is the bird printed dress from topshop- how much is it? Looks lovely on you (:

missypixie said...

anon3: i tried it at the outlet at raffles city shopping centre!

and the polkadot bustier is from forevernew - i love it toooo but its so short, its so hard to pair it with bottoms! :(

anon4: we'll try our best to BO this design ok!

pearly: thanks for the info babe! will definitely try to soak in the sights and sounds of kenting! :D

anon5: thanks for the kind comment! the tote is from m)phosis some time back! and the birdy dress is from topshop - its $79 if i recall correctly. the cut is really cute!

Anonymous said...

Hi Sharon, if you don't mind my suggesting so, you can always layer the polka dot top over a sheer black top! My friend does that and pairs it with demin and it's layering in Sg, without much heat! :)

Anonymous said...

Nooo.... you mean there's a possibility it cannot be bo-ed? Boo!! haha! I really really like the black one!

Anonymous said...

Hey Sharon & Kelly, I remember there was once when one of you did the table for another.. It's a paris sticker on the table desk.. May i know where did your get your the sticker? (:

Anonymous said...

hello sharon! can i know where did u do ur eyelash extension in bangkok? am heading there next weekend! thanks.

missypixie said...

anon3: woo thanks for the suggestion! i don't have any sheer black tops though.. will try and see next time, provided i don't look fat with all the layering, heehee!

anon4: we can only try to see if we can restock it i think! do wait for the good news, if any! :)

anon6: i think the Eiffel tower decal was bought from TYPO at wisma!

anon7: i did it at the Beauty Hall at Siam Paragon - its this nail salon called Take Care. the eyelash extension's really good 'cos they do it strand by strand and the lashes are pretty soft - nothing of the kind of quality you get in shops at far east and such! its about 1500baht though, not cheap, but you definitely get quality :)

hope you'll have a gd experience there!!

Anonymous said...

Are you guys planning to remake tyan maxi? :) would love to see it in a nude or a buttermilk/cream-ish shade!

Anonymous said...

Where did you get the black romper from? Thanks! :D

Anonymous said...

hi, can i ask if it is possible if you all will be remaking tyan rose maxi skirt? have a sudden urge to wear such maxi skirt and i didnt get to buy it in dec as i was overseas ;(

missypixie said...

anon8: hmmm not sure about remaking Tyan because we've remade it 2-3 times already! we're unable to determine if the demand is still strong because there's a minimum quantity we require to remake that piece! :(

anon9: romper is from missypixie a long time ago! :)

anon10: unfortunately the factory has run out of the Rose fabric so no Rose pieces anytime soon! :(

missypixie said...

anon3/Xin: sorry girls, the birdy dress is from Dorothy Perkins, not Topshop! My bad! :x

Anonymous said...

i would vote for a remake for tyan maxi! ;)