Friday, March 23, 2012

bid farewell to discomfort with ChocoMarvel!

not sure about the majority of girls out there but i think i might be one of those who still get menstrual cramps on the first days of my period :(

 this is taking into account the fact that i'm already in my late twenties.. anyone around my age still getting bad cramps?! it used to be so much worse when i was younger though - i remember not being able to get out of bed, getting pink slips so i could drag myself and my horrible cramp out of school and to the doctor's, curling up in bed and sleeping for hours on end only to wake up and find the nagging pain still there -.-

i've tried several ways but nothing seems to be able to make the pain completely go away.
but of all the stuff that i've experimented with, i swear hot showers, hot compresses, and drinking hot stuff usually alleviates my discomfort the fastest.

so when the kind folks at Hi-Beau passed me a box of ChocoMarvel to try out, i jumped at the chance.
afterall, i was indeed having my time of the month and needless to say, i was feeling very uncomfortable :(

in case you didn't already know, ChocoMarvel is the first natural menstrual relief product - i personally hate the idea of eating painkillers so this is a super plus point for me.
besides, a woman can lose up to 50% of their daily requirement of iron during each menstrual cycle, and ChocoMarvel helps to replenish this iron loss too.
(no more forcing myself to eat pig's liver during my cycle, yay!!)

introducing ChocoMarvel -
super girly and cute packaging!

simply push the lady to the right of the window cutout to reveal 8 sachets of choco drinks - made from plant extracts and and 100% natural ingredients!

convenient sachets you can bring to school, work, or travel.

instructions on the back of every sachet!

simply prepare 150ml of hot water in a cup,

empty the sachet into the water,

stir it well and you'll get something that looks like hot chocolate!

it smelt really good as i was mixing the drink, no kidding! the result is a rich choco flavour with a hint of ginger. afterall, the drink contains vitalising extracts such as Chasteberry, Angelica and Ginger, which all help to improve blood circulation and relieve bloating, tension and pain. 
best of all, its low fat, so don't worry about piling on the calories with this drink!

slurping it up!

totally no make-up on and in my pyjamas 'cos i was really having cramps and resting at home the day before my trip to taiwan.

according to a consumer survey done on 300 respondents, 69.67% of them state that their menstrual cramps and discomfort were relieved within 30minutes - do note that results vary with each individual though!
as for me, the hot drink was very comforting and it definitely soothed and helped alleviate the pain.
fyi, my cramps were gone about two hours after :)

cheers to my newfound friend!

for more information about ChocoMarvel, visit their website here and check out their Facebook page here!

want to bid farewell to your monthly discomfort too?
simply make a purchase in our upcoming Sunday collection and be the first 200 to receive ChocoMarvel samples and a $2 discount voucher for ChocoMarvel -  sold islandwide in Guardian, NTUC Unity, Watsons, John Little, OG, Robinsons and SASA.
plus, top 10 spenders of the collection will walk away with one box of ChocoMarvel each (worth $19.90)!

do give it a try and let me know how ChocoMarvel works for you! :)



Anonymous said...

Hi Sharon I tried chocomarvel before but i dindt really like the chocolate taste. it wasnt rich and tasty enough to cover the original powder flavor though :(

missypixie said...

anon1: hi dear! hmm if its too diluted, perhaps you can add lesser water? there's some herbal taste that maybe not everyone likes but it was okay for me though! thank you so much for sharing anyway! :)

Anonymous said...

Love your nails! What shade is it?

missypixie said...

anon2: i love it too! but i can't remember what it is :( chose it amongst the nail polishes at a salon.. i think its from China Glaze?

Anonymous said...

i can understand how u feel! i have e exact kind of pain and lateness and its totally terrible (in fact im feeling it now)! =((( wonder how well chocomarvel wld work but im abit doubtful of e ginger taste thou..hmm.

Anonymous said...

may i know where did you get the shoes the model wore with the daisy lace dress? :)

Anonymous said...

hi will you be able to bring in a dress like this seen here?


Anonymous said...

thank you SOOO much for reviewing this!!! finally, an alternative to painkillers :D

missypixie said...

anon3: anything's worth a try when the cramps are horrid! :( try taking warm showers and rubbing your tummy while at it, it works for me!

anon4: its from charles&keith but its many many many seasons ago! doubt you can find it already :(

anon5: hmm not too sure if we can find these sorta dresses but we'll try!

anon6: yes! i don't touch painkillers unless i am forced to because i believe it harms the system - nothing beats natural remedies so this is worth a try ;) hope it will work wonders on you too!