Wednesday, March 14, 2012

a cookyn' we will go!

remember me sayin' i think i can do much more with my life?
well, got my lazy ass movin' and signed up for a cooking class, and dragged kel along with me!

i recall getting up at 830am last saturday and thinking to myself, this is insane; i must be insane - this waking up at  an ungodly hour on a weekend and taking a long lone train ride to commonwealth to COOK when i could well be sleeping at home till lunchtime?! 

oh well, lets just say i thank my insanity for that.
proud that i've taken my first step to getting more outta my life! 

bright and early at cookyn inc!

gettin' started.

making our raisin scones!

here's teacher mervyn with our creations. heh.

my scone! 

alil too crumbly for me 'cos i like them slightly moist in the centre... mental note to knead the dough much more the next time i attempt this. 

mrs goh in action, wahaha.

our cinnamon toast drizzled with maple and garnished with fresh strawberries and cream :)

wrapping egg yolks in clingwrap - definitely a first for me!

wheeee my eggs ben!

kel forgot to take a stylo pic of me with the gas torch as i torched the aioli :(
am so tempted to get a gas torch for home use!

lastly, berry trifle for dessert,

and some champagne to wash it all down. yums!

then it was daddy's birthday dinner at cherry garden.

got him cupcakes from twelve cupcakes - must say they're pretty good!
guowang's his pet name at home 'cos he's the emperor and we all must listen to him or face beheading, hahaha. 

and this is what i get when i ask for a photo with him, pfffffft.

adjourned to cityspace after dinner with the boy :)
after all these years, still one of my favourite places to chill out and take in the city.

Best Saturday in a long while.

randomly, only managed one outfit shot this week.

lovin' this peterpan collared sheer lace tee!
launching it this weekend so do look out for it if you like what you're seeing kay? 

one more day to taiwan and i haven't planned anything but the accommodation, yikessss.
any recommendations of what to do in kaohsiung/kenting?! hit me please!! TIA!

have a good week ahead y'all! :)



Anonymous said...

what class is this? breakfast?

missypixie said...

yep its a "Breakfast in Bed" class :)

Anonymous said...

The peterpan lace tee, does the lace fur easily? Cause the lorraine lace top i bought from you furs like crazy. I am tempted to get this one but worry that the lace is the same kind as lorraine

Anonymous said...

just wondering.... do u have any idea whether guys can join the cooking class? haha. i would love to attend it with my bf. we have nothing to do during the weekends!! =(

Anonymous said...

Is that shorts you're wearing a leather shorts? Where did you get it from! So gonna get that peterpan collar on sunday! Wheeeee!:D

missypixie said...

anon2: nope dear definitely not! the lorraine one is stretchy lace - we did it so as it could accommodate more sizes. this lace is non-stretchy and hence will not fur!

anon3: of course!! guys are most welcome! you can check out for their class schedules and such :) have fun with your boy!

anon4: yup pleather shorts! got them from cotton on about a year ago i think :) yeaa do wait for our launch time to be announced on FB ok!

D said...

Only 1 colOur for that lace top for this week's launch?

missypixie said...

D: yep it only came in one colour!

Anonymous said...

Hi Sharon !

Where is the cityscape place at ?
Could you give the address? Is it a cafe or ?

Lisa said...

Helloo! Just wondering if there's any item you guys are keeping from this week's launch? :D

missypixie said...

anon5: hi dear! cityspace is at the 70th floor of swissotel! :)

lisa: so sorry dear i just came back from a short vacay, think i missed out on keeping anything other than the lace peterpan tee!