Saturday, March 10, 2012

minty me

Dear Zara, you are simply brilliant this season.

Its getting almost painful to step into Zara stores these days
cos there are just too many stuff I want to get :(
and weirdly enough, I am highly consistent.
Every item is approximately $89.90 and above.
Oh wow whee.


Come on, even the scarf is $89.90.

(no, don't worry, I didn't get any of the above. Yet.)
Because, I am spending money elsewhere.

Like my Manchester United club membership. -.-

and new cream skirt up for launch tomorrow.

its cascading can???

my Freja white lace top
(which we are restocking in 2 weeks, so look out for it!)

bright pops of summer-y colours.

a romper which i got just for its cutting.

our upcoming WILLOW mint dress.
(you are sensing a pattern right? an unhealthy obsession with mint perhaps?)

and LINDSAY PEACH to town today.

And finally stepped outta my comfort zone,
all cos of my new motto for the year
(more on that in another post)

went for cooking class with Sharmie :)

our eggs, waiting to be poached! muahahahah.

freshly baked handmade scones.

cinnamon french toast with ice cream.

Someone give me an award pls, I made eggs ben.
(ok la, the chef made the sauce but i LEARNT ok?)


More photos with Sharmie so we shall just wait for her post!

Lastly, this is what YC drew for me on Draw Something...
A balenciaga bag, complete with handle stitching.

Much love,


Anonymous said...

Mind sharing where your beige sandals and cream flats with ribbons are from? Thanks :)

Anonymous said...

Wow the dessert looks great! Do u have the recipe to share? :)

missypixie said...

Anon1: the beige sandals and shoes are from Charles & keith :)

Anon2; oh that's the easiest to make! U can drop me a mail at and I will pass it to you from there!

Anonymous said...

Hi where did you get the romper from? :) the mint frock is super nice!! Launching soon? :)

missypixie said...

Anon3: romper is up for launch end march! So should be the mint dress!

Shannen said...

hey babe,
how did you join the membership?

Anonymous said...

that white chiffon cascading skirt omgomgomg *_*
do you intend to bring in more colors for it? :D peach or wine red would be gorgeous!!

Anonymous said...

Is the clutch still selling at zara now?

fl said...

Is that burnt orange dress a coming piece on misspixie? Love it!

Anonymous said...

where did you get the orange dress from? :)

missypixie said...

Shannen: you can do so on the man utd website but they renew it every season so this one expires in May, not so worth it to join now!

anon4: hmmm, i haven thought of other colours for that skirt yet so we only have 2 for now, haha.

anon5: I have yet to see the clutch in zara stores so think it hasn't been launched yet!

missypixie said...

fl, anon6: that burnt orange dress would be launched in end March as well! :)))

Anonymous said...
consider manufacturing this with more lace! thanks!:D

Anonymous said...

Hi dear!! Would u be kind enough to share where you bought the grey bandage skirt that you matched with Freja?

missypixie said...

anon7: yup, we are modifying that design to make it easier to wear in SG's weather!

anon8: got it from BKK :)

Anonymous said...


I pls manufacture your items in sizes. I'm a size L and I don't think I can fit into missypixie the deign though.
Sorry for posting this here.


Anonymous said...

i look weird in the skater dress i got. they seem to emphasis a lot on my the area above my knees :((( do you know what can i do? like exercise wise or dressing wise? thanks

missypixie said...

anon9: no worries, we are doing sizes for WILLOW items this year :)

anon10: hmmm, without knowing your body shape, I am unable to offer more advice, but if you are uncomfortable with how your thighs looks, maybe you would like to try a midi or maxi length skirt/dress to avoid showing that area!

Anonymous said...

Hi, love your bag? where you got it from? :)

missypixie said...

Which bag babe? :)

Anonymous said...

I think my lower body is like your model, becks. but i'm ard 1.58. Haha

Sarah said...

What eyeliner/mascara do u use? do u use false eyelashes too? i like your eye makeup!

missypixie said...

anon10: hmm, maybe you can try more lower body targeted exercises?

Sarah: i use Maybelline's impact express smooth felt liner, its really easy to use! i don't use mascara, just false demi lashes, just at the outer corners of my eyes :)

Anonymous said...

Hi dear!! Are you able to bring in the grey bandage skirt to sell in Missypixie?? Love the skirt a lot!!

missypixie said...

hmmm i doubt so but u can get affordable coloured bandage skirts from cotton on as well!

Anonymous said...

Can lydia cream skirt be ironed? i just received mine in the mail and tried it on, but the pleats don't fall as prettily as the ones in yours and on the online shop's pictures. :( i tried arranging it with my fingers but it just didn't really work

missypixie said...

hi, i didnt use an iron, just a steamer for both the photoshoot piece and my personal piece, there was no problem once i steamed it :)

Anonymous said...

i saw ur wedding video on Shiwei's vimeo! so niceeeeee! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi, may i know how much are the cooking lessons and is it a one off lesson or on a weekly or regular basis?

missypixie said...

its approx 95 per pax and its one-off :)

Anonymous said...

hi kelly,

could you tell me where you found the high collar lace dress below? Is it out at Zara stores yet, cos i couldnt find it when i went down yesterday. Need it urgently for an important event!(:


missypixie said...

yup, its already out! i believe its in the TRF section, i saw it both at vivo and ion outlets!

Anonymous said...

Oh i was at the Vivo outlet but couldn't find it): Do you by any chance, remember how much it is?

missypixie said...

Not really, i didn't check the price tag! Haha