Monday, April 30, 2012

Oui, s'il vous plait

Jetlag is no fun.
I slept for 15hours on the first night,
and couldn't get to sleep til 5am last night.
o.O (big,small eyes) indeed.
And since I am up and about and missing in action for the past 2 weeks,
here are pics of my travel!!
(for those who are already on my instagram @passionade,
i am sorry you are seeing some repeats!)

First, to Paris :)

finally broke out my furry booties!

First stop - Shopping.
I dragged YC to Printemps and Galeries Lafayette almost immediately.

what a pretty display of Repetto flats :)

then we settled down to our first meal in Paris
where coke costs 4Euros each.

having pasta at 2am SG time - surreal.

plenty of such buildings in Paris.
Every corner you turn, you see something majestic, no kidding.

you can't miss it cos its just diagonal from Printemps!

gotta give Paul another chance!!

I am not too sure what was what,
so i picked the one that said "poulet" and "fromage"
which roughly translates into chicken & cheese,
you can't go wrong right?

macaroons the size of tarts. Wow.

yums. definitely different from SG.
must be the air in Paris.

stopped at Pierre Hermé at Lafayette for macaroons.
Quote YC's friend: "This is the Chanel of macaroons." Haha.
I thought they were a-okay (partly cos they got crushed in my bag
and cos I am not really a macaroons girl)
The service staff can't really speak English and there was no description
so you gotta use loads of imagination to figure out which is which.
I thought this pretty orange one was..well, orange.
Turns out to be..CARROT. Erps.

did more tourist-y things and drank hot choco at Angelina.
you can find it at Lafayette as well!
i suggest you share this cos its really really really thick.

finished off with a Mont Blanc and it was the end of all sweet stuff
for the whole trip.
(strawberry tart from PAUL excluded, i had quite a few more)

lastly, when you step into Lafayette, please look up at the ceiling.
its gorgeous beyond words :)

So I spent Day 1 shopping and eating everything I think i should eat.
Thus Day 2 was just...crazy spending of money.

yeessssss baby! i found you!

Chanel - land of all trouble.

to complement the visit, i had a Chanel-themed outfit.

this is the view out of my window!

Paris - land of super neat trees.
Really, most trees were nicely trimmed in squares.

we were too late that day but managed to pop by on our last day :)
they do late opening hours on Wednesdays and Fridays I think
(please double check this!)
so you might want to drop by on evenings where there are much lesser people.

Day 3 - Versailles.
We didn't sign up for any particular tour,
just bought the train tickets to there, got off,
walked where everyone was heading to,
bought the entry tickets at the town's tourism office
(this is important! cos if not, you gotta queue at Versailles itself,
and that takes forever.)
then wandered in!

can I capture how pretty it was? nope, unfortunately not.
Plus EVERYONE was taking pictures so its impossible to get a good shot.

they have these amazing drawings on all the ceilings.
its simply breath-taking.

i was bundled up was waaaay cold that day.

It is really a wonderful place, and maybe its just me,
but I got bored of it pretty soon.
Maybe its the huge crowd
(you are being squeezed from a room to another)
or maybe its just that every room looks the same after a while,
and you can't really get up-close for details cos there were too many people :(
I would budget half a day for it and you can plan more things after that!

I spent Day 4 at Eiffel!!!

I am biased but hot choc at Paris Starbucks are the nicest ever.

See what I mean? Everything looks nice in Paris.
Even random patches of grass.

Ladurée - famed macaroons.
we only had them on our last day but i find them nicer!
(yaaay, they are inside transit at the Paris CDG airport)

tourist shot - tick!
(sorry, ignore ugly white metal thingamy)

you see that one tiny bit of the tower at the left. Hahahahaha.

gorgeous right? :)

scallop lace edges! haha.

we skipped the ride up cos...the Eiffel Tower is the prettiest thing there
and if I am inside it, how am I supposed to take a photo of it?
plus the queues were out of the world long.

me and my sad emo shot of walking.
we walked ALL OVER PARIS. Like an hour a day, minimum.

We went over to London from Day 5 onwards and popped back to Paris
for our last 2 days :(

they have cafes everywhere!
do spare time to just stop what you are doing,
drop by for a hot choc or wine (do what the Parisians do!)
and sit outside a cafe to enjoy the cool air.

someone's wedding shots! so cute!

the Parisians really like to just sit out in the open nothing.
Feed birds probably.

when in Paris, eat snails. (oops, escargots I mean)

pretty Eiffel arm candy.
A pity the shop was closed so I couldn't get any :(

we walked along some river to the Eiffel to see it at night
and caught this beautiful sunset.

right after it lit up.

so we went opposite the tower to some Marine Musuem,
climbed up the stairs, and munched on chocolates while staring at this :)

all the way til it got dark and ta daaaa,
au revoir Paris.
We will be back :)

here is a shot of an excited me cos we were on Eurostar
heading to London and I can't wait for Bond Street!!!
Will blog about London another time :)

Here are some helpful tips for Paris!
1. Tube fares are standard for single travel along the lines (1.70Euros)
You can purchase from the ticketing counter, or work their ticketing machines
(pick the ones that sell tickets, not only top-ups)
You can select the English translation and all would be fine :)
However, you can actually walk around to most of the main attractions
so you don't need a 5 day pass or such!

2. All shops are pretty much closed on Sundays.
That includes all main shopping belts (Printemps, Lafayette, St Honore etc.)
So plan something else for that day!

3. Its really hard to find Chinese food in Paris
(or any other non-cafe like food for that matter)
so if you just want a kick, pop by Lafayette Hommes.
They have this food hall that serves noodles and such.
Temporary gratification.
We also ate at this Jap place along St Honore.
Unfortunately, I can't remember its name!
I only know its beside another Jap place,
has lunch and dinner deals and bowls of fake ramen in the display window.
(okay, yes, thats pathetic description)

4. You can't really find toilets in Paris either.
(I almost died, me small bladder girl)
So if you do see one, JUST GO.
some places charge. train station do not have toilets.
Fastfood restaurants are a good bet.
(fun fact: I queue at Versailles Macs for 20 mins. Just. To. Pee.)

much love,