Thursday, April 19, 2012

some kinda wonderful.

whirlwind week, but im coping.

and in the midst of all of it, i still managed to find some time for hot yoga (been going religiously these days 'cos i love how my sweat trickles down my forehead/nose/chin just by staying in a pose) and catch up on tv at night - can't remember the last time i actually sat down in front of the telly and finished an entire programme!
been hooked to the history channel these days... what can i say?
 imma true blue Arts student, haha!

random happenings of the week that passed.

korean bbq with the boy!

dae bak at amoy street.

reminds me so much of all the meals we had in seoul!
probably heading back there again with the folks next year :)

valleygirl top that the sis got for me from her trip down under :)

friday night dinner and drinks with the JC peeps.

la cantina at changi village hotel.

according to my friend above, a crabmeat linguine connoisseur (hahaha), 
la cantina serves the best crabmeat linguine in SG.

the same couldn't be said about my main though - my mushroom risotto was so bad that i refuse to post a picture of it here lest i look at it and feel like barfing.

so to make things better, we headed off to The Coastal Settlement!


truffle fries make everything so much better.

super duper anyhow mishmash of retro stuff in the establishment.

love the bar counter!

got acquainted with a new korean friend, who reminded me so much of my korean lecturer in CS108.
maybe all koreans have that kinda deadpan humour?

group shot for the night!

more outfits to share:

upcoming peplum romper which i'm loving to bits 'cos no one can see my tummy in this! HAHAHA!

unlikely we can get backorders for Roann swish skirt but we'll try to restock it if we can.
it'll come in black as well but stocks have yet to arrive - stay tuned for our updates!

didn't manage to do backorders for JOLIE summer top too :(
but i did manage to source for something that's pretty similar in cute psychedelic heart prints! :)
will be launching it this weekend so be sure to catch the preview on our FB fan page k?

time to crash; goodnight world!



Anonymous said...

may i know the length of the upcoming romper? it looks kinda short!:/ im abt 1.67m:/

Anonymous said...

love the shorts in the first pic! is that an upcoming MP piece! :))) -ts

Anonymous said...

Hi dear,

May I know where you bought the shorts in your first outfit and the floral corset?

They look so lovely! :)

Anonymous said...

Are the floral shorts and printed skirt upcoming? If not, where are they from? :)

missypixie said...

anon1: hi dear not too sure of the length but its just nice for me and im like 159cm! :(

anon2: sorry dear this piece is from BYSI! we're on the lookout for printed shorts for MP too!!

anon3: thank you! shorts are from BYSI :) and floral corset from Valleygirl, only available in Australia i think!

anon4: shorts are from BYSI but we'll source for similar ones! printed skirt is from Newlook :)

Anonymous said...

I want Jolie! Sigh!

Anonymous said...

How i miss Valleygirl... =(

Anonymous said...

The Coastal Settlement,
Is the food there expensive?

Anonymous said...

Will the maxi Kelly previewed in her post be launched this week or next? :)

Anonymous said...

Hi may I know where do you go for hot yoga? Have been looking for a place for ages. Thanks so much!

missypixie said...

anon5: we want it too! double sigh!

anon6: yeaa aussie has some great shopping haunts!

anon7: hmm i guess its normal cafe pricing but the mains are on the higher side! perhaps like ps cafe?

anon8: the pleated maxi will be launched next weekend!

anon9: hi! im with true fitness :) they have hot yoga classes almost everyday!

Alice said...

which Newlook outlet did you get the printed skirt is from? do you remember the price? i dont see it ):

Anonymous said...

Hey pretty, when is "peplum romper" launch ? And what other color available ? (:

Anonymous said...

hey babe, is the BYSI shorts a recent new arrival? thanks :D

Anonymous said...

hey, what's the ptp of the upcmg relaxed fit cotton shirt? thks dear!:)

Anonymous said...

hello sharon, are you able to fit Serena Floral Midi? I'm UK12.

Anonymous said...

Missed out on Ruuuuuuuuummiiiii T-T Any chances of BO or maybe something similar coming up? :(

But anyway could you maybe think about manufacturing a bustier skater dress with cutout details at the waistline like this? (

I think that shade of mint is very pretty. Or maybe have dresses that are in a shade of robin egg blue! :D

missypixie said...

alice: i got it from the tampines one outlet!

anon10: peplum romper likely to be launched next week! stay tuned!

anon11: yup i think so? it was still there when i went last week :)

anon12: measurements are up on the site already!

anon13: im not too sure i haven't tried it yet! do use the measurements to gauge?? if you need me to try it for you let me know :)

anon14: can't BO this but we'll try to restock if we can! also, thank you for your suggestion! :)

Anonymous said...

hey, do you mind sharing where did you get the camel bag that you carried when you visited "Yogurt Place" for a review? TIA!!!:)

missypixie said...

anon15: hi! that bag's from miumiu :)