Wednesday, April 25, 2012

sunshine through my window.

i... have nothing much to show for this week.

funny how this blog is like a weekly "show and tell" session for me - i'd get all excited when i have good news to announce, stories to share, but when i have nothing much to say, i feel like i've disappointed everyone and should find a hole to hide and repent :(

so to make up for it, i'll be previewing some pieces that'll be up for launch soon!

before that, just some pictures of my mundane life.

the boy and i get our mondays off and its the only day we actually have each other for the entire day - to run our errands, do stuff together, so days like these are really precious to me. 
woke up last monday morning feeling like i realllyyyy needed breakfast food and was itching to check out somewhere new and DANG, most bakeries/cafes are either closed on mondays (can someone tell me why?!) or have already stopped their brunch menus by the time we are ready to get outta the house ;(

so imagine my elation when i found out that Food for Thought served breakfast till 530pm!
its not a new place but i haven't been there before so there - mission accomplished. 

we seriously OD-ed on sugar that day - didn't even finish half of the milkshake and the pancakes were more like flat french toasts? the red velvet cake wasn't as fluffy as i liked it to be as well so nope, don't think i'll be returning to this place anytime soon.. gotta find another alternative for all-day breakfast places that operate on Mondays ;(
any suggestions??

the weather's been really cranky these days - it pours like mad on one and then its sunny like crazy on another. been donning shorts quite a bit lately due to the heat but i'll admit i've been a little lazy to dress up. wellllll, everyone's entitled to their nua days right! haha.
haven't even been putting much makeup these days and i must say it is actually doing wonders for my skin :)

anyhoooo, outfit photo bomb ahead:

in Fran lace bib top - now available at both KissJane outlets!

abit siao over printed bottoms lately.

floral highwaist shorts - launching this weekend!
in two sizes and im wearing the M.

upcoming ZARA-lookalike printed mullet skirt!
lovelovelove it.

lastly, another dipped hem piece in cotton, with lace overlay front. YUMS.

that's all for now!

and if you've checked out our Facebook fan page here,
you'd be delighted to know we brought in some paisley scarf-print skirts for the weekend!

stocks are extremely limited for this piece so be sure to camp for our launch if you're liking what you see :)

off for some teevee before doing up the pictures for this weekend - 
ciao bella!



Anonymous said...

Is the scarf print skirt high waisted?

Anonymous said...

Eating places usually close on Mondays cos they slogged away for Friday evening and the weekend!!

Will the lace front dress fit a UK12?

Anonymous said...

hello babe!!

may i know where's the first printed shorts from? thanks :D

love your blog post! (:

missypixie said...

anon1: hi dear yes i think it should be? depends on how high you wanna wear it 'cos i think it fits a uk6/8 best!

anon2: oh yeaaa i didn't think of that, hehe. but so sad because monday's the only day i actually go out and play :( and yes, lace front dress should fit a uk12 max!

anon3: printed shorts are from newlook! and glad you liked the post! :')

Anonymous said...


You can consider Wild Honey @ Mandarin Gallery/Scotts or Hatched @ Evans Road for all day breakfast!

The scarf prints look good! Are you all considering to come up with more scarf print items like scarf print tops or dresses? Would really look forward to it! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Sharon. Where is the place you had your breakfast? Looks yummy!!

missypixie said...

anon4: yea i like wild honey! but hatched is closed on mondays too :(

and yes, we'll source for more scarf-printed stuff for our trip next week!

anon5: its Food for Thought near the Singapore Art Museum! they have a new branch at Botanical Gardens i think :)

Anonymous said...

Hey can I ask what lumix model you're using? Looks good! :) Would you reccomend it? Thanks!!

Anonymous said...

Hihi would like to ask if there's shorts underneath the scarf printed skirt! Cos it looks like it'll be blown up by the wind easily. Thanks :)

Anonymous said...

hello dear, do the scarf-print skirts have elastic bands?? material wise, is it silk-like?:)

missypixie said...

anon6: hi its the LX5! its not too bad; you can check out reviews online before deciding :)

anon7: nope there isn't!

anon8: nope its not elastic banded and its more like crepe-chiffon :)

Anonymous said...

hi missypixie :)
could you set up a forum on your facebook page pretty please! so that we can find back items we've missed or to swop with others for sizes , colors etc please!!!!!!!!!

missypixie said...

anon9: hi dear, would love to but i have no idea how to set up! will get tips but in the meantime, you can always trawl through our wall posts - people do buy and sell our stuff there too! :)

Anonymous said...

hi may i know where u got ur sandals from the last 3rd and 4th pic? (:

missypixie said...

anon10: hi! sandals from 3rd last pic are from Vincci and 4th pic is from Aldo!