Sunday, April 1, 2012

take it from here

Spent this whole weekend hooked on Taiwan dramas,
what a good escape from reality :)))))
been shopping like crazy this month, starting from shoes,
to gadgets, to clothes (not counting those from MP, erp)
and then went to speak to interior designers for my new home
so BAH, feel so freaking poor now :(

anyway, damn hardworking at gym these days..

went gym with Sharmie as company gym day. WAHHAHAHAHA.

wore white&black on the next day, cos couldnt find new clothes inspiration.

our new lace dress sample, brilliant for upcoming weddings :)

ooooohhhhh, gimme one gimme one pleeassseeee.

wore SOLANGE BLACK on meeting day, and oh gosh,
the cut is amazingly good!

we specially asked for the metallic accent at the neckline.

i feel so proud of us, cos we predicted this trend right before Zara
did their metallic neck accents. hahahhahhaaha.

Wore one of my hardest to wear outfits for the sake of fashion.

my polka romper with a skirt over it. HAHA.
all to maximise my outfits (cos seriously, who has unlimited shopping budget?)
its perfect cos i will never upskirt,
but it takes forever to pee. -.-

detail shots are best taken with instagram :)
find me @passionade if you wish to follow!

and the dessert bug struck this week.

Probably gained one kg from those alone :(
Thankfully, one of the yummy perks of blogging -
we went to Yogurt Place to review their healthy, low-fat offerings :)

you can't really see the colour scheme here
but i really love the pink&white, so MP!

You see, Yogurt Place is different from other froyo outlets
because they specialise in fresh Greek Yogurt.
Yup, those really healthy kind.
Higher in protein, lower in lactose, lower in carbs (YES!!!)
and it is...97% fat free!
No longer worried about fatty desserts :)
And because its made using all natural ingredients,
there are no added preservatives, no addictives or gelatine.
So if you are like me, (i don't drink milk)
having one daily can fulfil your daily calcium requirements,
which is terribly important for females.
(damn, feeling guilty cos i am not taking care of my body)

and if you think Greek Yogurt is too healthy to taste good,
you are oh-so-wrong.
Yogurt Place has a range of flavours (including Peppermint Chocolate Chip!)
for the fruity to the sweet :)

if you are not a yogurt purist, they also have a range of toppings
you can choose to make your own yogurt dessert.

we were lucky to try a range of their treats,
starting with the pretty Strawberry Parfait.

Greek Yogurt with fruity pebbles toppings.
So photogenic, haha.

green tea Greek Yogurt with nata de coco toppings
(Eliss's fav!)

and this wonderful mix of green apple froyo (my new craving)
with piping hot waffles, drizzled with chocolate syrup.

i kept attacking the Strawberry Parfait, haha.

Sharmie and her fruity pebbles!

Here is Eliss, owner of Yogurt Place,
who trashed us in the 'don't-look-your-age' category. -.-

we had a great time chatting Eliss!
and thank you for having us, I am going to steal your colour combi
for MP stores in the future, haha.

Now, it won't be nice to leave you readers hanging after all these yummy pics,
so here is the deal!
we are giving away free yogurt to the top 30 spenders this week
click HERE for a surprise from Yogurt Place!

much love,


Anonymous said...

the black dress is really pretty, but you've got to admit it looks small at the shoulders and chest even on you, and that's when you're already so skinny!

make clothes to fit normal sized people please :(

Anonymous said...

may I know where you got the white blouse in the 2nd pic?

Anonymous said...

the red skirt that you wore with the romper, is it going to be up at missypixie? :)

missypixie said...

Anon1: oh I actually like the fit, cos we asked for small cap sleeves, haha. But yup, maybe the caps are a bit too small!

anon2, anon3: the blouse was from MP previously, as for the red skirt, we already sold it and would not be bringing it back again :)

Anonymous said...

Hi dear, may I know where u get those peep toes pump?

Anonymous said...

Hello, may I know where Sharon got her outfit? The one she wore for the yogurt outing?

Anonymous said...

I didn't know Solange is a Willow piece! It didn't state on the website, and doesn't show on the Willow page as well. heh (: I agree with anon1! the small capsleeves are fine, but it's the shoulder width looks too small, unflattering for broader shoulders. perhaps in future pieces take into consideration the shoulder fitting as well? (:

missypixie said...

anon4: the black ones? from bkk!

anon5: think its from dorothy perkins last time?

anon6: oops, forgot to add it into the WILLOW category. hahahaaha. yup, missed out the shoulder this time round :(

Anonymous said...

hey there, what is the name of the white blouse (the name you gave it when you sell it) you wore in the second pic? love it!

missypixie said...

anon7: oh dear, this one i really cant remember le :(

Anonymous said...

Hi Kelly! Were you at Suntec's New Look yesterday (Sat)? Saw someone who resembles you! Really pretty and slim. :)

missypixie said...

oh sadddddd.. that wasn't me. hahahahhaa.

Anonymous said...

will you consider making smaller sizing for XS or UK4? the ptp, waist, hips and length are always too big :(

Anonymous said...

hi where did you get the nude bag in the first outfit shot? -n

missypixie said...

anon9: oh dear, its really hard to make sizes that small! cos if its bigger, there is an option to alter but if its smaller, a lot of people can't fit into it :( we will try our best but this is tough!

anon10: got it from bkk ages back!

Anonymous said...

will it be possible for BOs for the mullet dress in black or grey? =/

Anonymous said...

What do u think of the blusish sleeve dress in the latest collection? Good cutting ? Is it fitting at waist on the model or too big?

Anonymous said...

hey babe, mp packages take kinda long to get mailed out? compared to other blogshops, mp is extremely slowwww :(

missypixie said...

hi, no backorders for LIANE mullet hem dress :)

i have yet to try on HAZEL so i am not sure about the cutting! i also cant remember how it fits on becks!

hi, we actually mail them out the very next working day after payment verification (unless payment was made on Friday evening, then the parcel gets mailed out on Monday) however, do note that delivery speed is largely dependent on Singpost. We already do our mails at their HQ to reduce sorting time but they can be slow still!

dot said...

hi kelly, what eyeliner do u wear in this post? it looks really nice on u. do u usually wear eyeshadow too?

missypixie said...

Hi! I use Maybelline Impact Express Smooth Felt Liner :) and nope, i don't use eyeshadow!

Anonymous said...

hii. im superrr sad tt i missed out on the crochet shorts the last time u guys launched. any chance of it coming back? rly rly wanttttt it ):

missypixie said...

as luck would have it, we ARE bringing it back! prob launching within this month!

Anonymous said...

omggg!!! AWESOMEEE (w regards to the crochet shorts)!!! YOU JUST MADE MY NIGHT!!! <3<3 thank youuu!!!

Anonymous said...

the pic of polkadot romper & red skirt -are you wearing jelly flats? where from may i ask? :)

missypixie said...

Bkk! Haha