Friday, April 6, 2012

wherefore art thou, prints charming?

going a 'lil ga-ga over prints lately.
time to bring out all my printed stuff and wear 'em like there's no tomorrow! muahahahaha.

got introduced to a gem in the east - food there's really really good i'm so gonna bring my parents there someday!
oyster night on wednesdays!

not a huge fan but it was fresh nonetheless, and this entire portion only cost us 10bucks, woohoo!

Best. Pasta. Ever.

headed to The Cheesecake Cafe for desserts thereafter :)

in my new favourite shorts! 

unlike kel, i don't clear my wardrobe on a regular basis :[
not that im lazy (well okay maybe a bit? haha) but i believe that i can outlive a few fashion cycles so i can always recycle my clothes, haha!

case in point - peplum's back!!

to show off my peplum, there's no avoiding a picture of my ass, im sorry!

yong siak street with the girls last friday night. 
there's nothing like the streets of tiong bahru to bring back my childhood memories :')

then drinks at orgo on saturday with the boy.

aaaah, so in love with all my new purchases.
gonna spend the day tomorrow digging my wardrobe and doing up the pictures for the launch on Sunday ;)

have a happy Easter weekend ladies! 



Anonymous said...

where did u get the blazer u wore with the floral shorts?? - phyllis

SL said...

I am like you!! I hoard all my clothes and my mom nags at me for cluttering her home wahhh :(

Anyway may I know where did you get the peplum dress and the floral bustier top? I love love love prints too!!

Anonymous said...

please manufacture or bring in bustier tops like the one you wore in this post!! :) they're great for pairing with jeans, maxi skirts and almost anything.

missypixie said...

phyllis: got it from my sister's closet, haha! its a gift from her friends so she doesn't know as well :( sorry!!

SL: haha high five! peplum dress was from dorothy perkins a long time ago and the floral bustier is from forever new!

anon1: yes we are in the midst of doing that! just having some difficulty finding nice prints! :(

Anonymous said...

May I know where u bought the red shoes and floral shorts?

Anonymous said...

hey! mind sharing what skincare products(sunscreen, moisturiser..)you use? you look great dear!! TIA!

Anonymous said...

Hi! Where did you get the beige pumps that you wore with the floral shorts?

missypixie said...

anon2: red shoes are from bangkok and floral shorts are from zara! still retailing now i think! :)

anon3: you're too kind! i don't have great skin though 'cos i have sensitive skin so i tend to have blemishes easily :( think my makeup hides most of these, hehe. anyhow,
i use clarins UV plus sunscreen, decleor's ultra soothing cream as moisturiser, and slap on Neutrogena hydro boost/SKII masks every week or so ;)

anon4: i got these beige loafers from bangkok!

Anonymous said...

I like how you use SUNBLOCK - clarins UV plus sunscreen! I can stop nagging.

Your one and only BAMBI.

Gina said...

Where did you get the black maxi skirt matched with the floral bustier (pink)?

Anonymous said...

Hello Sharon :)

Just wondering did you try/buy the ZOEY split sleeve cotton tee by willow?

Is the lower part of the shirt slim fit?


missypixie said...

BAMBI: yes my therapist said my forehead looks DARK ok!!! now slap SPF many many on my forehead! LOL. xoxoxoxoxo!

gina: hi dear i got the maxi skirt a long time ago from Frontieer!

anon5: i tried the sample a long time ago and it wasn't tight fit at the bottom! but i haven't tried it since so i can't really guarantee :( perhaps you can drop me an email at and i will be able to reply you when i try it on Monday? :)

Eileen said...

Hi Sharon, this is totally random but do you have any Taiwan itinerary to share with me? I'm going for the first time in May! Thanks in advance!

Anonymous said...

hello sharon. are you able to fit ISOBEL? Is it too tight fitting? (:

Anonymous said...

Hello ladies i jsut received liane in black the mullet dress.i just want to say it is amazing i love it and is just so gorgeous.thank u so much for such designs!

Anonymous said...

Hi babe,

Any hotels in Taipei that you and kelly can recommend? Was New Stay Inn good?

missypixie said...

eileen: hi dear perhaps you can email me at and i can share with you? :)

anon6: yup i can fit ISOBEL no probs! hmm its body-hugging but it isn't too tight - i'd wear it out!

anon7: thank you, thank you so much! your encouragement means alot to us! :')

anon8: i didn't stay at New Stay! I stayed at SWIIO at Ximending and the room's very new but pretty small - if you only have one huge luggage its fine! i had two luggages and one had to sit at the corridor, haha. other than that its quite a nice place to stay :)