Thursday, April 12, 2012

young, foolish, happy

Apologies for the lack of updates.
My week has been crammed with I-dunno-whats and I can never seem to find time to blog :(
But diligent (or rather guilty) blogger is back!
Cos I'm leaving for a looooong trip tonight (my longest, ever)
and leaving everything in the good, capable hands of Sharmie :)
Anyway, some stuff happened this week that made me question my management abilities.
Should I have been less affected and dealt with it in a more mature, calm manner?
I know I should. But momentarily, I was incapable of doing so.
And I felt that given my age and experience, I should have done better.
So the toughest thing is not to just live up to others' expectations of yourself.
It's living up to your self expectations.
I seem to find that harder as I get older :(

Finally went out for brunch one fine Sunday,
and it was super packed at Hatched, so we hopped over to Jones instead.

super Sunday slack in a printed top and denim.

why are there such cute yummies in the world!

the sausages were just....really strange.


and slimy oozing eggs. love.

Celebrated Ber's birthday only just last week.
Super belated cos all 3 of us were literally flying in and out of the country
and the best date was... Saturday Dimsum. Feel so taitai. Haha.

chewy bouncy fried XO carrot cake. oooommm.

wore TARA black cos its forgiving cut allows more dimsum!! hahahaha.

on instagram @passionade

and because I won't be around for the next few launches,
i already pre-booked all my items before Sharmie sells them away.

Feather print flutter romper.

definitely the season for prints.

and loads of zara-esque items coming up!

a floral skirt.

my zara swish maxi skirt that i almost got (at 89.90 pls)
and thank god, i found it!! MUAHAHAHAHHA.

more happy florals.

and this delicious lace panel peplum top.

Lastly, spent yesterday having high tea at Carousel with mum & sis
before i jet off somewhere and miss mum's bday :((

wore another upcoming piece - soft pleated maxi in blue.
seriously, i need to stop buying new clothes every week.
the cut is really simple but it falls oh-so-nicely.

it was a mish-mash of local food and jap stuff
but the food was really quite good.
If you don't mind paying $33 for laksa that is.

and in case you peeps miss me,
here is a huge ass pic of myself. HAHA.

if not, then oh wells,
there are other random food shots.

fav ol'school snack.

and our OMG-lets-take-pic-and-show-ber siewmais.
why are BKK siew mais a gazillion times tastier than SG's ones???
one of life's unexplainable mysteries.

my luggage is half packed and i just can't wait!!!!

much love,


Anonymous said...

Hello is the swishy skirt elastic banded? I love it!! And the happy florals :)

Have a good time on your honeymoon!! :)

missypixie said...

yup, it has an elastic band :) thank you!

Anonymous said...

Can the elastic band stretch very much? When is it launching? So excited!

missypixie said...

i am not sure about the measurements, but we are launching it this Sunday!

Anonymous said...


oh and about the swishy skirt, it's a zara replica?

missypixie said...

I think so. It's like 99% identical!

berlinda said...

Hi there! Are all those pieces that u have posted in the launch this Sunday? :)

Anonymous said...

hello! :) just asking! when will the backorders for the zoey split sleeve cotton tee be out? :)

Anonymous said...

Can't wait for the blue maxi! What other colors is there? It doesn't look long for a maxi though!

Anonymous said...

hi kelly where are you scooting off to? have a fun trip! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi! Just wondering if the black and white stripey printed top will be launched product or did you buy it from somewhere? :)

Anonymous said...

:( i don't see the floral skirt/ skorts in the upcoming collection!

missypixie said...

hi all, kelly's tasked me to reply all your queries if i can so here goes!

berlinda: nope not all! a few of them are - the preview's out on our FB fan page already so you can check it out :)

anon4: backorder for ZOEY will be up this weekend as well!

anon5: it falls just nice - at the ankles! available in this blue and a pretty shade of rose :)

anon6: she's off to london and paris!

anon7: this top was launched some time back and its all sold out!

anon8: hmm not everything in this post is gonna be launched this weekend :) floral skirt will be up next weekend or the following! stay tuned!

Fel T. said...

Loving the florals items!:)

Anonymous said...

Pls BO Jolie!!!! PLSS!!!! :D

Anonymous said...

hi! possible or consider to do a MP's willow collection of this prettay jumpsuit?

modify with 3 buttons on the side and a split-sleeves, probably?

its super pretty:)

xoxo, A~

missypixie said...

Fel: glad to hear that! :)

anon9: can't BO that :( so sorry!

anon10: thanks for your suggestion dear! will look into it! :)

Anonymous said...

no Jolie BO?! :(
anything similar coming up again?
plssss!!! Hahha.

missypixie said...

something similar comin' up this weekend :) stay tuned!