Wednesday, May 30, 2012

the way i am

I know this is super super belated but here are the pics
from my London trip! :)))
super miss London and its high street shopping places,
lounging in bed watching reality tv shows,
spending long evenings in the apartment reading,
waking up everyday worrying about...
what to buy and eat. heh.

caught WICKED and it was ah-meh-zingggg.

brunch at Bill's - a more charming cousin of Jones the Grocer :)

they must really love their tea.

had the wonderful opportunity to visit the Harry Potter Studio :)))

they had all kinds of merchandise,
it took tons of willpower not to buy everything!


And there was this hilarious Father & son conversation i overheard:
A: hmm, this one feels right in my hand.
-waves Harry's wand-
A: oh, but I don't know! I want Voldermort's one too!
-waves Voldermort's wand-
B: Hmmm, so which is good?
-nods wisely-
A: erm, erm, I don't know!
-weighs both wands in his hands, slightly frantic-

Can you already guess?
A was the Father and B was the son. -.-

super tempted to get this, but it was approx SGD$300?

remember the Cupboard under the Stairs? hahaa.

the Grand Hall

the Yule Ball :)

ermm, Ron Weasley's bed. Haha.

Potions Room. The pot's ladle stirs by itself. Cool.

super excessively pink Dolores Umbridge's room. -.-

Butterbeer - it tasted EXACTLY how i imagined it would be :)))))

Hogwarts. Really.

miss furry booties :(

miss my apartment!!!

we walked to all the main London attractions in one day.
took us hours, haha.

this is what i mean by crazy London weather -
one bright sunny sky, meeting dark stormy clouds.
It rained and became sunny and rained and became sunny
like 10 times in 4hours?

gotta have a classic english tea!

we also tried one of Lynnie's recommendation - Ledbury
and it was totally worth every penny.

i still have no idea what this is, but it was probably the best appetizer i ever had.

fulfilled our lifelong dream of visiting Old Trafford :)
the atmosphere was...i can't even describe it.
Its as if the whole air is charged with anticipation
and you can just taste the excitement zinging around.

damn, couldn't get myself onto a Van Der Sar chair.

Match Day - and all you see are truckloads of Man Utd fans walking around

super excited, pity the score killed our mood :(

and that pretty much summed up my London experience.
Came back with plenty of wonderful memories, tons of new clothes,
and a plan to visit Old Trafford again.

much love,