Tuesday, May 15, 2012

aircon is my best friend

i am sorry for such a lame blog title
but the reason why I am blogging at this ungodly hour
(and flying off 3 hours later)
is cos the weather is simply unbearable.
need aircon. NOOOOOWWWWW.

Looking through at what happened last week,
and the highlights were...

I wore the same top as Sharmie.
Yes, really.
Despite our vastly different wardrobe
and 1001 outfits, we ended up wearing the SAME top
on the SAME day, in almost the SAME way.
Really scary.

yes, i know this top looks familiar.
Just look at below post for confirmation. -.-

you can catch me @passionade on Instagram :)

We were invited on Y.E.S FM 93.3!!!
Realised that my Chinese is cannot-make-it limited
(even though I came from a cheena school :( )
and i know i know, i sounded really soft.
I was worried i might set off some screeching if i spoke too loud.

its really not a simple job to be a DJ.
Loads of stuff goes on backend and you thought
they just needed to play nice songs right?

excited with the mike. (okay, i was)

if we look damn tired, hello, it was 11pm. zzzzzzz.

Chen Ning in our FREJA lace top combi :)

and we both turned up in lace/crochet that day,
in accordance to our theme.
It was totally unplanned I swear!

If you are free, do tune in this Thursday
with DJ 钟坤华 at 11pm, during 牛顿给点力.
We will be discussing the latest trends (like florals!)
and how to work it easily into your everday wear.
In chinese of course, so bear with me. Haha.

Met up with the girls on Friday, like FINALLY.

lovveeee the scallop hems. so cute.

must be outta my mind cos i wore a blazer that day.

and doing my good ol' romper as a top thingy
while trying on upcoming pleated swing midi :)
it really moves when you walk, so pretty.

I really don't see you all as often as I would like :(

and went for a lunch/movie date with the fav peeps :)

love this colour combi of red + mint

and thus, this is the end of my post
cos i only have got about 2 hours left to sleep :(


much love,


Anonymous said...


The grey skirt u wearing in your last pic is it upcoming piece? If it is not, may i know where u get it? Wanted to get skirt like that but couldnt find it.


Anonymous said...

Hi Kelly, how much you bought for the ferragamo flats for?

Anonymous said...

hi, when launchin the pleated midi? wat colours does it come in? launchin the black bustier as well? thanks!

Anonymous said...

How much did u get the romper for. So sweeeet on you!

missypixie said...

Shandy: sorry, that was a previous MP piece, we are no longer selling it!

Anon1: approx 400plus sgd :)

purple-pisces: it comes in navy, forest and mustard. the black bustier is from New Look. We should be launching it this weekend!

anon2: ermmm, i cant really remember cos i got it from London. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Hi can the midi skirt fit up to a UK12? Is the elastic band (I am assuming it is elastic at the waist) able to stretch all around? Cos I realized pieces with only elastic banding at the back are quite tight :(

Anonymous said...

hi your romper from newlook? what size are you wearing? thanks!

Dawn said...

I like the upcoming pleated swing midi you wore. Are you wearing the forest coloured one? :)

Anonymous said...

Dear pixies,

Just curious. Is manning MP a full time job? Or you do have your own careers? Kelly seems like a stewardess :)

Anonymous said...

the pleated midi doesnt come in wine colour? :(

Anonymous said...

Hi, sorry for asking but do you rembr the name of the last skirt ur wearing, hoping to try my luck googling if anyone is letting go ;p


missypixie said...

anon3: hello dear, we have yet to do the measurements so I am not too sure :( but yup, it could be a little tight!

missypixie said...

anon4: yes its from New Look! hmmm, i usually wear S or UK8.

Dawn: haha I am actually wearing navy. how come it looks like forest?!

missypixie said...

anon5: yup, MP is our full-time job! (takes up loads of time i tell ya) i am not a stewardess, i fly for work trips! haha.

anon6: nope, not in wine, we are doing maxis in wine for year end though!

missypixie said...

Ju: yes i do, its called SHERRY :)

Anonymous said...

hi wondering if Feather print flutter romper is too big on kelly? is the waist area too big? how abt thigh area too?

Xinyi said...

The is blazer a upcoming piece? If not, where did u get it?

Anonymous said...

Hi where did you get the black flats with gold tips? Thank you :)

missypixie said...

anon7: nope, it fits me perfectly fine for every part!

Xinyi: its from BYSI!

anon8: got it from MANGO TOUCH.

Anonymous said...

do you know if the newlook here still stock the romper you got from london?

Anonymous said...

How much did you pay for your black bustier from

missypixie said...

Anon9: hmmm, I doubt so! Don't see it around!

Anon10: can't remember :( u can check it out at the stores :)

Anonymous said...

heya! nice food pics! care to share where's that place? thanks!

missypixie said...

anon11: thanks! its at House@Dempsey :)

Anonymous said...

to Kelly: Feather print flutter romper or floral romper you just restocked? which u prefer? which has a better fit for uk 6-8 and which has a btr material?

missypixie said...

anon12: i prefer MEYSON, the one we just restocked :)

Sarah said...

is the redwine skirt a upcoming piece? if it is not, where is it from?


D said...

hello i wanted to get the mustard skirt which is just launched but i realised the pleats falls differently compared to the blue one in the picture. is it different?

missypixie said...

Sarah: I got it from Cineleisure :)

D: nope, they are exactly the same!

Anonymous said...

please bring in jodi in other colours! the material is great and comfy! i bought similar tops from other online shops & my hair always get caught in the back zip :( pls pls pls consider bringing in other colours. thanks!

missypixie said...

anon13: thanks!! :)))

Anonymous said...

what do you think of KENZIE? this is to kelly!

missypixie said...

anon14: i like it very much actually! love the split thigh detail :)