Thursday, May 10, 2012

and everything in between.

i, hath sinned.

sooo much good food these days and just three visits to the gym since last week.
i ought to be tied to the treadmill and run non-stop for 10 hours to redeem myself :(

anyhow, food porn ahead. be warned!

ramen at marutama - still one of my favourites in sg!

desserts at coastal settlement.
the bread pudding's pretty yums!

weekend dinner at grand shanghai with the folks.

the boy's favourite western food stall at AMK.
i finally got to eat one set by myself! yay.

wanted to bring him to coco ichibanya but was too lazy to walk all the way to 313 so we settled for good ol' japanese food at sushi tei instead.

and Hatched's finally opened at a more convenient location!

desserts at old skool NYDC thereafter.

got invited by pamtan to watch A Chorus Line earlier this week -
the set was seriously low-budget, solos a tad too long, singing and dancing a-okay... nothing like the grandeur of Les Mis or the excitement of Chicago on Broadway, but it was passable.

drinks at the bay after the show.

thanks for the tickets ah tan! :)

random outfits of the week...
sense a trend?

now, off to wash my brushes with my new purchase from the makeup store,

finish up my mothers' day card,

then its off to mediacorp for a radio interview with YES933FM!

catch us on air with DJ 钟坤华 at 11pm, during 牛顿给点力 tonight!
we'll be speaking in mandarin (in the best we can!) and of course, in a smattering of english, as we answer his questions on this season's favourite trends, how we can work them, as well as bits and bobs on fashion and of course, missypixie :)

we'll be guest-speaking every thursday from today till 24 may so do tune in in you can!

crossing my fingers everything will go well later...



Anonymous said...

hey babe, is that floral bralet from newlook? :D thanks!!

Anonymous said...

Tuning in now!! Though my Chinese is so bad I can't follow half of what you girls are saying, but so happy for you girls!!

And yay for bralets!!

Anonymous said...

are the bralets adorned by you coming up on missypixie?

Anonymous said...

Will there be stocks for Roann black soon? I remembered you girls blogging about it!

missypixie said...

anon1: yes it is! :)

anon2: o gosh our mandarin is just as baaaaad! haha thanks for tuning in!!

anon3: nope these are my personal purchases! we'll be stocking more bralets soon ;)

anon4: yes probably launching Roann Black next week!

Anonymous said...

Where you skirts from babe? Especially from the last photo!

Anonymous said...

Ohhh I love the newlook polka dotted bralet! Do bring in something like that ;)

Anonymous said...

where is your gold flats from?

missypixie said...

anon5: first skirt's from BYSI, second's from FNT, and the last one's from MISSYPIXIE :) launched a few weeks ago!

anon6: its from forever new! will look out for similar ones during our sourcing trip ;)

anon7: ZARA!

Anonymous said...

Hihi, may I know where the white bralet is from? It's really pretty!

missypixie said...

anon8: its from forevernew :)