Tuesday, May 8, 2012

flower power

In case you are not on our FB and have yet to see this...

we have TONS of floral prints prepared for you girls! :)
super happy shopping for florals last week, haha.

Also, we have created a new Forum tab on our FB fan page,
so you can look for or sell your MP items there easily.
Do note that posts in the main wall would now be deleted
so do pop over to the Forum page to do it now!

I don't have the energy to do my London post just yet
so here are some pics of the week!

this is easily the cutest dustbag ever.

printed inside.

yes i have been baaaaaad.

a wallet from YC!

upcoming pixie cut floral dress!

we have got more crochet skirts coming up this Sunday so look out for it!

went to Canopy at Bishan Park (which is located in AMK -_-)
the food is really pretty good!

pancakes for brunch the next day at Marmalade at the Stables.
i have had better ones :(

in my hawaiian floral print dress!

gotta love these easy-slip-on-and-go outfits.

and to end this post abruptly...
i am currently lovin' the colour pale yellow..
and i think i do need a pair of white shorts.

much love,


Anonymous said...

what size is your hawaiian floral print dress in? it seems fitting on you! i got the exact same dress in size S and it's still pretty loose. =( i didnt see an XS though...

missypixie said...

It's XS!

Anonymous said...

oh noooo..... i searched the entire rack and didnt see an XS so i thought there wasn't any and settled for S instead! =( guess i shall take the dress back and ask if there will be a possible restock or something... thanks kelly!

Anonymous said...

hi, may i ask how tall are you? thanks! (:

missypixie said...

Anon1: oh babe, I got mine from Paris so there were more sizes I guess :(

Anon2: I'm 162cm!

Anonymous said...

Did u get your chanel bag from Europe? How much does it cost after tax rebate?

Thank You =)

lisa said...

where is your necklace from in your crochet skirt outfit shot? been wanting to get one necklace like that

Anonymous said...

hi, was wondering if in future when you gals post up the preview pictures in facebook, able to input the dimensions and prices as well? As

As often when we comment to ask for measurements, there isn't any revert on it. And don't wish to camp for the launch only to realise that the outfit may not fit us. thanks! (:

missypixie said...

anon3: yes its from Europe, i got it for approx 4700sgd.

Lisa: hi, i got it from miss selfridge in UK, not sure if its from them or an independent brand that they stock!

anon4: hello babe, thats why they are called previews! :) usually we do not have the measurements on hand when the pics are up but we do try to reply comments asap if we see them!

Anonymous said...

Will that black crochet skirt u wore be launched this week?

Anonymous said...

you all have a new design for the willow tag? it's so pretty! any plans to manufacture offsie tee in new colours? they are so versatile and comfy! ive it in 3 colours alr :D

missypixie said...

anon5: nope, that was a previous design, but we have another one in white and cream coming up this week!

anon6: yup, its new! pretty right, whahahha. i am checking with my supplier to see if she has got more exciting colours! lemme know what you want to see?

Anonymous said...

wine, forest, mint or pastel yellow for the offsie tees would be nice :D

Anonymous said...

Hello Kelly! Would like to check if Sharon will be able to fit in Dakota Mint? (:

Alethea Tan said...

I don't think you've mentioned where you got your hawaiian print dress from but I can venture a guess... Is it from Zara?

I am absolutely in love with it and am going to hunt it down tomorrow!

Gorgeous Chanel bag and colour btw. So jealous.

missypixie said...

Anon6: Ooh, good choices! We will look into that!

Anon7: yes she can!

Alethea: nope! It's more affordable! H&M actually :))))

Anonymous said...

how much is the chanel wallet Kelly?

looks pretty <3

would love to save up to buy it one day too...

Anonymous said...

Kelly, Pixie Cut floral dress will be launch this Sunday not ?(:

missypixie said...

Anon8: I think it's around 800plus sgd!

Anon9: yup, launching this Sunday :)