Friday, May 25, 2012


People above the age of 25
should get immunity from falling down in public -.-
I was happily walking around some wet pebbled walkway that day
when i did a spectacular sideways sliding tackle
and landed heavily on my hip.
And I am ashamed to say....
i checked my bag first when i peeled myself off the floor.

had the most horrible of nails the last week
then finally did a french gelish manicure.
Everytime i do a french, i keep telling myself i really should do it more often.

I got in the 'wear-all-my-new-clothes' mode.

floral shorts for 933 interview - must keep with the theme!

my first purchase ever since Europe.
Sad to say, definitely not my last.

wore DELLA MINT on Sunday.
New resolution - need to look decent on weekends as well.

mint on white, my fav fresh combi.

wearing BAILEY mustard pleated swing skirt.
chose yellow cos i secretly have this obsession with maxi skirts -
and this crazy idea of owing them in a myriad of colours.

black&yellow, black&yellow, black&yellow

yup, i like to do detail shots with Instagram,
it looks cuter :)
you can find me @passionade !

went for family dining at Rakuzen at Tampines Junction.
I apologise for the bad pics. Its hard to take photos
when you have 2 yelling kids and 4 frantic adults.

some char-grilled mackerel.
its really juicy, i can't wait to go back for more!

super special beef rolls. yums.

and then, the rest of the food arrived,
my nephews increased their volume and....
everything just bypassed the camera and went straight into tummies.

YC is off for his friend's stag night
and I am stuck in SG for the weekend
with plenty of girlie company. Haha.
Can't wait to shop and eat my way through town tomorrow with Mella!

much love,


Anonymous said...

Are you still selling Ruth? In any colour, white or black. Willing to pay, even of its second hand!

missypixie said...

andrea: nope babe, not selling this!

Anonymous said...


ve been wanting to comment since ages ago!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi! Whr did you get your white shirt? =)

Anonymous said...

hey where did you get the oversized white top in the first pic? thks!!:)

missypixie said...

Anon1: haha thanks babe, that has to be the cutest comment ever. :))))

Anon2, anon3: it was from BYSI !

Anonymous said...

hey, the white top from BYSI, was it a recent buy? thks!!:)

Anonymous said...

Hi babe, i got the hem of my Lydia white skirt stained with some unknown black substance and I've tried bleaching it but it doesn't work :( do you have any suggestions?

missypixie said...

anon4:nope, got it way back last year actually :)

anon5: oh dear, thats probably oil? I stained my TYAN mint maxi skirt as well and its a lost cause. You can't remove it :(

Anonymous said...

where did u get ur lace top?

missypixie said...


Anonymous said...

where did u get ur french gelish done at? or where do u recommend?

Anonymous said...

hey dear,
may i know where did you get your shoes from? they're gorgeous!:)

missypixie said...

did my french gelish in BKK, i am sorry but i don't usually do my nails in Singapore :(

shoes are from charles&keith and MNG TOUCH!

Anonymous said...

May I know where you got your white skirt?

missypixie said...

got it from missypixie a while back :)