Tuesday, May 22, 2012

and all i can taste is this moment.

howdy all!

hope your week is treating you well - better than mine, at least.
slipped and fell in the bathroom in the morning and landed on one bended knee... and now that knee hurts whenever i move. let's just hope its a bruise and nothing more - wouldn't want to party with the girls in hongkong with a limp! 

overdue pics from mothers' day!
brought mumsie out for brunch :)

took almost an hour for the mains to be served; we almost died from heat and hunger. 
well, mostly hunger.

i have never had such thick pancakes in my life. gulps.

happy mumsie!

y'know, sometimes people mistake her as our eldest sister when we go out together.
i know she looks young but i really do wonder if they actually mean it?!

missing the dajie who had to bring baby K for phonics class.
otherwise, a perfect picture of the most important women in dad's life. hurhur.

they had this full length mirror outside the ladies,

so i couldn't resist.

gave mum the card i made and this was her SMS to us:

"Thank you for the card and am happy to have you gals as my daughters. Hope you gals can take care of your health so in future, you can take care of your family like how I do now. 
Good night and sweet dreams, my dearest angels!"

best mum in the whole wide world - i wouldn't have it any way else, really.
 : ' )

random images of the week.
lone shopping at H&M;

donning florals for the second installment of the 933FM interview;

and florals again with short shorts to combat the sweltering heat.

the boy's been hooked on diablo 3 lately and i have been relegated to second seed. TMD.
so as if to diminish his guilt, he got me this:

hahaha seriously wasn't expecting him to get me this 'cause i only wanted the ronald mcdonald one but this one looks silly enough too.. and its now baby K's new plaything -.-

am sensing an awesome week ahead - meeting an old buddy tomorrow, out with the sisters on wednesday, last installment of our 933FM interview on thursday, possibly out with kel on friday, then its packety packety pack for the girlie trip to HK! been a long while since i had a trip with friends so am really bery bery excited about it :D

in other news, i'm now an android user and am finally on instagram. haha!
have only one miserable picture now (just got my phone working today) but follow me if you wish at @druggedreams 

counting down to sunday!



Anonymous said...

Hi babe, I really like the cream romper and floral bustier that u wore. Are these upcoming missypixie items?

Anonymous said...

Hi! Is the Tube romper you wore for Mothers' Day an upcoming piece of MP? :)

Anonymous said...

Your mum looks so young!!! Very pretty! And your sister and you look alike! ^^

Anonymous said...

OMG your mom really looks very young and can definitely pass off as the eldest sib.

missypixie said...

anon1: sorry to disappoint but they aren't! the romper is from forever new.. got it quite some time ago. we have a similar piece in rayon coming up real soon! floral bustier's my sister's and she got it from forever21 a long time ago too!

anon2: sorry it isn't! but we have a similar piece in rayon coming up real soon!

anon3: yes people used to think we were twins, haha! i'll let my mum know you said she's pretty; she'd be over the moon. hehe! thank u :)

anon4: really? you think so? she'd be so damn flattered, hehe. thanks for the kind words!

Anonymous said...

hey, i love the miu miu bag you carried! is it still retailing at the stores? how much was it and what is the exact colour and size(if you dont mind revealing)? thks alot dear!!:)

oh and i am planning to get a new wallet/purse. Any recommendation of brands? am not the girly type of girl btw! anything simple and classy? tia love!!

Anonymous said...

Are the foral top which the model pair up with the accordion pleat midi skirt in the latest lauch an upcoming piece?

Anonymous said...

Hey Sharon! Seems like you've lose weight! Hee. Would like to check if you are able to fit Bailey? Izzit small at the hip area?

Anonymous said...

Hi there's smth that I'm a lil puzzled about. We signed up for notification to be informed of BO or restocks about the piece/(s) we missed. But why is it that for Meyson Romper, no orders can be accepted through before the 2nd launch of the romper? Isn't it supposed to be more like a restock than a newly-launched piece so shouldn't those on the notification list be allowed to place an order for it?

C said...

where is the watch you're wearing under at lone shooping at H&M from?

missypixie said...

anon5: hi! im really unsure as to the bag's colour and size.. so so sorry!! cos it was a gift to me. am unable to help out here, yikes. but i think it shouldn't be in the stores already as i got it about two years ago!

as for getting a wallet/purse that's not too girly, i think prada would be a good bet :) the saffiano leather can last pretty well and its always in classic colours!

anon6: yes the floral corset will be launched this weekend :) look out for the preview on Saturday!

anon7: hmm i don't think i have leh. sad. haha! yes i can fit into Bailey and the hip area is okay for me :)

anon8: hi dear, the notification list serves to "notify" customers of the restocks only :) we do not allow items to be ordered first as we typically launch the restocks together with the new collection so that customers can combine their items and save on postage as they can opt for a one-time registered mail - we do that in the interests of customers! also, sometimes measurements differ slightly during the restocked/backordered batch so we have to wait for the shipment to be in before we can do the needful and put the item up for sale during the launch. we don't wish to mislead customers in the event that this happens. hope that explains :)

C: its from tag heuer!

Anonymous said...

Appreciated your reply for Bailey Skirt! But, I honestly think that you've lose weight! Hee. Have a fabulous weekend ahead to you & sharon!