Sunday, May 27, 2012


leaving for the airport in less than five hours but i can't get to sleep - the body clock's so attuned to sleeping at the wee hours of the morn, shucks.
so here i am, photo bombing, before these pictures get too outdated.

terribly in love with my new phone and the awesomely clear images; microblogging has never been this easy!

so here it is, my week in pics.

dinner and drinks with the other sis.

my mid-week outfit,

and a terrible obsession with pretty sleepwear.

fab friday - dinner, launch event, drinks, radio interview, and drinks again. woohoo!

finally checked out maison ikkoku!
can't wait to get my ass back there for the latte again, and to try out their food menu.

and then, that's us!
one of those rare moments where we actually hang out on a friday together. 

tonnes of other silly photos of us which im not putting up, muahahaha.

diediedie, gotta try get some shuteye before getting up in four hours..
why are flight timings always so darn horrible?!

in other words, kel will be handling most of the stuff alone this week so do be more patient with the replies and such alright? thank you all! <3

have an awesome week yourself!



Anonymous said...

Is the upcoming floral maxi dress sheer? The one i bought from the previous collection is very sheer! Quite disappointed with the quality..

Anonymous said...

Hi may I know which web developer you used to create website?:)

Anonymous said...

Hello! Just a suggestion, could you guys manufacture plain rompers? Or are there any coming up? I love the cutting of MEYSON floral romper! But sadly its too loud for me. Looking forward to plain ones! <:

Anonymous said...

Hi there! I'm like uk4 size.. Do I tink I can fit into most of ur clothes in ur online shop?

Anonymous said...

Hey babe, would like to ask if u know where did ur fren get her printed dress from? The girl on the left in the pic against the poster! Thanks! :)

Anonymous said...

where did you get the denim vest?

missypixie said...

anon1: hi dear! most of the maxi dresses are chiffon but they are lined! might be a lil sheer at times but nude undies usually do the trick! :) you can drop us an email at the next time if you are dissatisfied with your purchase ya :)

anon2: a friend helped us with it! ;)

anon3: yup we do have plain rompers coming up but not in MEYSON's cutting though.. will consider that! thanks for the suggestions!

anon4: most of the apparel might be too big for you :( but some might fit you though! do use the measurements provided for a better gauge k!

anon5: we will be launching that dress this weekend!!

anon6: its from MANGO some time ago!

jenn said...

hi can i knw where u got ur necklace?:)