Saturday, June 30, 2012

lose yourself tonight.

i've been reaaalllly lazy to blog. well, also because there's nothing much to write about, other than the fact that the weather has turned me into a shades-wearing, sunscreen-slapping monster, and that i've lost all will to dress up this week, choosing to pair every single thing with my new favourite blue satchel, eeeps.

its been a quiet month.

can't wait for july to come - there's the boy's birthday to look forward to, the mega-event at zouk (details here!), takeouts from our upcoming lookbook shoot, and tonnes of willow stuff to be launched. whee!

til then, i think its gonna be comfort dressing all the way for me.
i could live in tops and jeans forever! 

oh, and rompers too.

couldn't decide on these floral pants - yay or nay?

and perhaps one of my favourite willow designs to date - neon zipper bustiers.
am wearing the M and it fits like a glove :)

we also made one in full black; a wardrobe staple! 

probably the most exciting things i've done to date this week:

baked hello kitty muffins, complete with chaotar ears,

and painted my nails yellow.

story of my life.



Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Just when I was feeling Smug and Saintly for not succumbing
to the GSS sale happening everywhere,
my first foray into town mid-week and...
i bought stuff.
I recently developed another (new!) obsession with coloured jeans.
I feel like wearing mint ones.
Or maybe baby yellow.
But everyone keeps looking at me like its a baaaaad idea.

I have also been religiously snapping outfit shots and
keeping them for a massive photo-bomb.

top: Primark//white shorts: BYSI
super dressed down outfit for a buffet dinner.
Buffets are tricky occasions.
You have to wear something presentable,
yet loose enough so you can eat til you blow up,
and no one would even guess.

wearing my cheapo Primark top.
It gives me a cheap thrill to find pretty stuff under 10pounds. Heh.

my sister - so do we look alike or what?

And then I did something seriously not me
and wore head to toe black.

bustier: Primark//maxi skirt: missypixie
chose different shades of black to break up my look
but the best part would be the half-sheer black maxi skirt.

yay to incredibly cheap 5pounds bustier.

also got this delicate bangle on my recent trip to BKK

Attended a friend's wedding a week back
and i really do love weddings.
there is just something amazing in the air
that makes everything pink and fluffy and wonderfully pretty :)

the bride&groom's footwear.

en-route to the dinner.

It was held at Timbre @ Old School.

they had all these retro-looking stuff!

the treats table was the best :)

those were the days....

every single table was decorated with fresh flowers,
paper doilies and had party favours like paper planes or sparklers.

all the leftover flowers of the night.
so gorgeous.

Inspired by the very floral decorations,
i went on a floral binge last week.

florals with rose-gold metallic tips.

top:missypixie//textured skirt:topshop

no florals but i chose darker accessories instead of nude ones.

our crazy hawker feast at ECP.

hmm, more florals.

look Ma! birdy!

super happy with this top cos..
my mum bought it for me and
it has been AGES since mummy bought me clothes.

more florals today again! geesh!

stole YC's watch and it worked fine with the outfit :)

lastly, cupcake for the sweet tooth.

I update more often on Instagram @passionade
so you can follow if you wish!
And lastly, most importantly,
we are having a GSS promo on our site
so pop by if you haven't checked it out :)

much love,

Saturday, June 16, 2012

i'll bleed just to know i'm alive.

so this is it - three more years to the big 3-0. 
not like it hasn't hit me yet but y'know, sometimes i feel nary a day beyond 24. HAHA.

feel like i've grown throughout the years. i mean, besides sideways, i think my outlook on life has changed quite abit. call it jaded, call me cynical, but there are certain things i no longer believe in, certain issues i no longer feel a need to take a stand in, certain values i feel strongly than ever before.
i must say i'm also becoming more curt and short-tempered towards bad service standards (this really comes with age, i tell ya) and generally more open to start conversations with strangers (must be the PR experience), but i'm also getting a 'lil more insistent on having me-time - and actually enjoying it very much.
well i guess that's what growing up does to you, eh? 

i've come up with a list of things to accomplish before i hit 30, amongst which are to:

- travel solo
- volunteer
- pick up a new skill/sport
- have my own place (getting there!)
- to take the tibet railway trip / trek in nepal / visit north korea

list isn't exhaustive nor set in stone so i'll make more things (or cancel 'em) as i go along, heh.

anyhow, pictures of the belated birthday, spent away from the hustle and bustle of the city. 
well, almost.

checked in to amara sanctuary sentosa after having my fave blueberry pancakes at antoinette :)

thank you for the lovely day, even though plans to chill by the beach were foiled by the rain :(

in my birthday best for dinner!

it was too dark to take any pictures of the food but the dessert was the bomb, woohoo!
only managed a photo of my customised menu, haha.

checking out!

then it was dinner with the fam at The Seafood International Market and Restaurant -
this place's fast becoming our new fave choice for seafood!

wore Davis Black (M) for the occasion :)

looking at this picture of the bamboo clams has gotten me drooling all over my keyboard.

one more thing about getting older - i'm really starting to appreciate chinese cuisine more than western. 
hmmm. wonder why?

butter crayfish - the first time the boy and i had it, we were SOLD.

here's me and van looking spookily like twins.

and with the boy who cannot figure out where to look when using the front-facing camera, tee hee.

random candles on random cakes.


on a sidenote, baby K has been rather hiao lately and keeps asking for pictures of him to be taken.

and guess what? he might be starring on a poster soon with mumsie, haha! 
he looks like a complete toot here with his bowl-like hair but me thinks my mum looks swell ;)

on to random happenings on @druggedreams and other outfit shots - 

now now, off to crash my parents' staycation over at Studio M!

till then, be sure to check out the preview of our new collection on our Facebook page, and do be noted of our GSS special - details up on our main site! happy shopping! ;)