Monday, June 4, 2012

all that lovin'.

back from the land of dimsum - and my dear travelling mates are already complaining of withdrawal symptoms, haha! 

i think travelling with girlfriends are baaaaad. bad in the sense that we egg each other on to buy silly stuff, bad that we lose all sense of time while shopping in the mall, bad that we probably look like idiots taking photos of anything and everything - food, drinks, signboards, shoes, cute guys, and of course, of ourselves.

don't think i would have splurged as much if i went on the trip with my family or the boy but nevertheless, i really had a ball of a time with the girls. weird lingo aplenty, the non-stop popping in and out of dispensaries and beauty stores, unglam photos galore, blow-drying each others' hair after our showers, whatsapp convos and photobombs at night, laughing and talking at our loudest in the hotel, in trains and perhaps everywhere else, irreverent pictures with the buddha, clubbing at lan kwai fong (finally!), and supper at 4am thereafter.

#likeagollumgan, #turningintopyjamas, #toomucheggwhite, #whatsyourbreed, #nocharsiewmeinhuhhh, #antishakefunction, #nodancewithugly, #bewareyourbelongings;
stuff i'll always remember.
thanks for the wonderful memories babes <3

now now, time for pictures.

first meal, mido cafe.

then it was shopping at ladies' market, argyle street and temple street.

my faveeeeeee!

macau the next day, where we caught the house of dancing water, and where someone lost a quarter of her shopping budget at the casino, hahaha.

the only photo group shot we had - 
you have no idea how hard it is to squeeze four of us in the same frame as the ruins of st. pauls -.-

fried fish balls and har zai mein, yums.

traditional Portuguese food for dinner, where the owner was super hurt that we couldn't finish our food, eeeeks. 

romantic walk in the dark with the girls to get ourselves some serradura.

instant mee for brekkie!

first to lantau,

then to disneyland!

thats me feeling extremely nauseous on the carousel.

stayed to catch the fireworks at night, which were no less awesome than national day's.
and with this, my mission to visit all disneylands in the world are complete :)

xiaofeiyang steamboat for dinner. 
im not a huge fan of steamboat but this was da bomb!

dim ho wan at IFC.

i hereby crown this the best charsiew polo bun in the world.

off to the peak!

hongkong by night. 
we spent a few quiet moments just revelling in its beauty, before taking the last tram back.

then it was partying at LKF! another tick off my bucket list, woohoo.

getting inked at club beijing.

final day of the trip :(

where the girls sprang a surprise on me!
(well, sort of, because i guessed as much already, heheh)

thank you all for the wonderful company :')

work trip again tomorrow - hopefully we'll be able to get more pretty pieces for you girls!
if you have suggestions, ideas, or feedback on what you'd like to see more of, what kind of designs you generally prefer, what kind of contests you'd like us to hold, or generally on our website/service standards, feel free to drop us a mail at!

who knows, you might get a surprise gift from us ;) so shoot away!

in the meantime, hang in there - four more days to the weekend!
im counting too :)



Anonymous said...

Hey Sharon, will be nice if your are able to manufacture Blazer in sizes? Something like what Love, Bonito have. Would love to support missypixie thou!

Anonymous said...

Hmm...maybe ur can bring in the metal tip flat hard to find cheap ones outside :(

missypixie said...

anon1: hi! we'll take that into account - thank you for your suggestion! :)

anon2: hmmm we'll try to source and see!! but might not be cheap though 'cos of the workmanship for shoes :(

Anonymous said...

Hi babes, i am planning a trip to Bangkok and see that you girls have been visiting the place quite often. Any hotels to recommend and things to do?

Anonymous said...

kelly you look so cute with bangs!

btw could yall do up a post of how MP came about? would really like to know the story behind the scene!

and are sizes coming to MP soon? i'd love to have longer lengths! (: thank you!

from a new MP fan :D

missypixie said...

anon3: hi dear! i think there are many convenient hotels in bangkok - really depends on your budget? we'd recommend Amari Watergate or Novotel Platinum or Grand Diamond, as its in the heart of the shopping area! :)

anon4: think kelly will blog about our story some day! haha!