Saturday, June 16, 2012

i'll bleed just to know i'm alive.

so this is it - three more years to the big 3-0. 
not like it hasn't hit me yet but y'know, sometimes i feel nary a day beyond 24. HAHA.

feel like i've grown throughout the years. i mean, besides sideways, i think my outlook on life has changed quite abit. call it jaded, call me cynical, but there are certain things i no longer believe in, certain issues i no longer feel a need to take a stand in, certain values i feel strongly than ever before.
i must say i'm also becoming more curt and short-tempered towards bad service standards (this really comes with age, i tell ya) and generally more open to start conversations with strangers (must be the PR experience), but i'm also getting a 'lil more insistent on having me-time - and actually enjoying it very much.
well i guess that's what growing up does to you, eh? 

i've come up with a list of things to accomplish before i hit 30, amongst which are to:

- travel solo
- volunteer
- pick up a new skill/sport
- have my own place (getting there!)
- to take the tibet railway trip / trek in nepal / visit north korea

list isn't exhaustive nor set in stone so i'll make more things (or cancel 'em) as i go along, heh.

anyhow, pictures of the belated birthday, spent away from the hustle and bustle of the city. 
well, almost.

checked in to amara sanctuary sentosa after having my fave blueberry pancakes at antoinette :)

thank you for the lovely day, even though plans to chill by the beach were foiled by the rain :(

in my birthday best for dinner!

it was too dark to take any pictures of the food but the dessert was the bomb, woohoo!
only managed a photo of my customised menu, haha.

checking out!

then it was dinner with the fam at The Seafood International Market and Restaurant -
this place's fast becoming our new fave choice for seafood!

wore Davis Black (M) for the occasion :)

looking at this picture of the bamboo clams has gotten me drooling all over my keyboard.

one more thing about getting older - i'm really starting to appreciate chinese cuisine more than western. 
hmmm. wonder why?

butter crayfish - the first time the boy and i had it, we were SOLD.

here's me and van looking spookily like twins.

and with the boy who cannot figure out where to look when using the front-facing camera, tee hee.

random candles on random cakes.


on a sidenote, baby K has been rather hiao lately and keeps asking for pictures of him to be taken.

and guess what? he might be starring on a poster soon with mumsie, haha! 
he looks like a complete toot here with his bowl-like hair but me thinks my mum looks swell ;)

on to random happenings on @druggedreams and other outfit shots - 

now now, off to crash my parents' staycation over at Studio M!

till then, be sure to check out the preview of our new collection on our Facebook page, and do be noted of our GSS special - details up on our main site! happy shopping! ;)



Anonymous said...

- to take the tibet railway trip / trek in nepal / visit north korea

YAY TO TIBET AND NORTH KOREA!!! Grad trip on repeat.


Anonymous said...

Hey dear!
Loving ur blOg!
May I know where u get ur white dress from?
Thanks! :))

missypixie said...


anon1: thank you! glad you like reading :) white dress is from Mango!

Katheryn said...

Hi may I know where you get ur blue bag? :)

missypixie said...

katheryn: hi back! i got the bag from Rabeanco! :)

Anonymous said...


Where is it from? Oh and does the piece Calyn Floral Padded Bralet on MP fits a UK 10?

Thanks! ; )

missypixie said...

anon2: floral corset top's from topshop! :) and Calyn's fitting on my model who's a uk8 so i think it'll be too small for 10! :(

Anonymous said...

where you get your sandals in the last pic from? tia!

kim said...

Hi .. any scarf/tribal/aztec print flare skirt coming up? :)


Anonymous said...

Where did u get your brown sandals from? :)

missypixie said...

anon3/anon5: brown sandals are from aldo!

kim: not that we know of! will keep sourcing for nice ones! :)

Anonymous said...

hey, where you get the yellow neon bracelet from? and where's the white sleevless top from too? :)

missypixie said...

anon6: neon yellow bracelet is from bangkok! and so is white shirt :)