Friday, June 8, 2012

pieces of me

yes, its my beloved Sharon's birthday today
and this is like my third birthday shout-out to her
but who's counting? :)))
gotta love that girl and her sensible head,
her unflappable attitude to work, love and life
and her gross sense of humour. Haha.
Solid friend, i like :)

Speaking of things I like,
I have a love-hate relationship with going to gym.
Okay, who am I kidding..Hate more like it.
On the rare occasions that I am actually excited about gym,
I think it's because I was ....
actually they are so rare I can't really remember them :(
Most of the time, going to gym ranks along my hobbies list
together with visiting the dentist and watching grass grow.
Not exactly my top fav activity.
Yet I faithfully drag myself there at least once a week.
Literally drag.
Like throw all my gym stuff together, hurl myself out of the house,
plant one feet in front of the other til voila!
Miraculously I am standing in front of multiple treadmills
and I just. Have. To. Run.
I'm terribly envious of natural runners.
And naturally skinny people. (stares pointedly at Mella)
It's too bad my love for food and my undying hope that one day,
I might actually possess skinny thighs outweighs all other factors
and there I find myself, returning to the treadmills week after week :(

anyway, what i have been up to in pics:

eating plenty of Vit C cos there is a flu bug running about.

clobbed an outfit together from limited resources left at my old house

hello partner :)

our last Y.E.S 933FM outing!

outing with Mella when YC was not around.
Look at how different we are!

my very cool and edgy friend.

and then thats me in DAVIS Navy.
I wear Small for reference!

and good friends kneel on floors in public places to help take pic
of the mullet dip hem cos i couldn't.
Despite being very cool and edgy. Haha

close-up of its prints :)

and then, there is something about sitting in a hairstylist's chair
that makes me reckless.
I intended to go for a trim and nothing else,
and look what happened.

i grew bangs.

wearing RANDY BLACK that for some weird reason,
all hairstylists like. Cos they kept asking me where i got it from.
Maybe its easier to cut hair with cut-outs on your arms.
(OMG, i am so lame i know.)

and my new fav UP the bird skirt!
Seen the bird Kevin in UP the cartoon? I feel like her :)

took the train one fine saturday.
And decided we really like the car.

wore OLYN white, last few pieces are stocked only at Kissjane outlets!

my husband - so no love.

above-mentioned Ferra flats at a steal!
Good things come to those who wait cos I have been wanting this pair since xmas.

and lastly, pastel hues from WILLOW this weekend :)

You can find me on Instagram @passionade.
And feel free to #missypixie if you are wearing one of ours,
would love to see how you girls work them :)

much love,


Anonymous said...

Hey babe did u get ur hair permed? Its so pretty! Can advise the type of perm u did and the salon ? Thanks!

missypixie said...

Anon1- oh I didn't perm my hair! The stylist curled it with her hand and a hair dryer, incredible I know. Haha. But I previously curled my hair at NEX supercuts.. I go to Angeline and asked for soft curls :)

Anonymous said...

Hi babe,

Is the floral skirt an upcoming Missypixie piece? If not, mind sharing where you got it from?


Anonymous said...

hello there,
i was thinking of going europe for my honeymoon next april. would u mind sharing ur itenary with me? thanks you!

Anonymous said...

Hey Kelly, you look so pretty with your bangs! '& happy birthday to sharon! (:

Anonymous said...

hi kelly! love the you mind sharing how much they are after discount? thank u! - bea

Rika Nuestro said...

I think Mela should have a blog too :)

missypixie said...

Anon2: got it from Mango!

XInni: will mail you later!

missypixie said...

Anon3: thank you!!

Bea: they are 470 :)

Rika: I think she should too! Haha but she is shy.

Anonymous said...

kelly you look so cute with bangs!

btw could yall do up a post of how MP came about? would really like to know the story behind the scene!

and are sizes coming to MP soon? i'd love to have longer lengths! (: thank you!

from a new MP fan :D

Anonymous said...

hello! which outlet did you get the ferra flats from? (:

Anonymous said...

hi babe, I love the hair! reminds me of 2010 when you still had bangs and straight hair

Anonymous said...

when is Randy black launching! :) i can't wait to get my hands on it! :)

Anonymous said...

Hello there! Where did u get ur high waisted shorts fr? The one u wore w randy black? Thanks in adv :)

missypixie said...

MP fan: thank you! You are so nice, haha. Omg we have a super long story but when I have time, I will do it up! Yup, all our new WILLOW items comes in sizes and longer lengths as well :)

Anon4: I got them from DFS terminal one!

missypixie said...

Anon5: omg, your memory is superb. You remember?! I had to look through my old pics to determine when I last looked like this! Haha

Anon6: babe, RANDY black is already launched! You can find it on the site :)

Anon7: got it from a store at NEX, but prob 6months ago?

Anonymous said...

hi kelly,

would you mind sharing your europe itinerary with me too? thank u so much!!! :)

Anonymous said...

did you keep rumi white? is the material good??

missypixie said...

anon8: hello dear, its a normal chiffon dress with lining and erm, the quality is normal? haha, i don't really know how to describe it cos everyone has such different expectations of quality :) you can check it out at our KISSJANE outlets from mid-week onwards though!

Anonymous said...

hi there! please bring in more open-sleeved tops like Randy Black that aren't sheer! :)thank you!!

Anonymous said...

hi mp! just a suggestion, maybe you could manufacture midi/maxi dresses similar to the ones in this video? the pink maxi at 1.06 falls so nicely!

missypixie said...

Anon9 & anon10: thank you for the feedback!

Anonymous said...


Would love it if randy black would require an inner piece and avoid that band at hem. Would be perfect.

Lin said...

Helllo can u recommend a place good for facial? Thanks in advance :)

missypixie said...

Anon11: we have one that's coming up with no band at the hem BUT it's still chiffon. Haha.

Lin: I do mine at AMORE spa :)